Dele Alli shows off glorious cricket skills in Tottenham training

If Spurs were cricket team, recent evidence from Hotspur Way suggests Dele Alli would be the first name on the sheet.

Unfortunately for the Englishman, they are not as he continues to be on the sidelines for Spurs under Jose Mourinho.

But it was still some piece of skill by Alli as he took an insane catch.

Fresh from their impressive 2-0 win against Manchester City on the weekend, some members of the Tottenham squad (including Gareth Bale and Harry Kane) indulged in a game of cricket in training.


It’s unclear who the batsman (Harvey White?) and the bowler (Jack Clarke?) are because of the quality of the video but Alli could be seen fielding in what could be called as the mid-on area.

The Spurs outcast shows off glorious reflexes as he flicks the ball up using his right leg and catches it using his left hand.

Absolutely amazing, full points for the edit too –

By Surjit Patowary

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