‘Orchestra’ analogy shows Jurgen Klopp might be a lurker on the internet

Over the past season and the present one, Roberto Firmino has gathered a lot of criticism for his goalscoring numbers.

Flanked by notorious goalscorers in Sadio Mané and Mo Salah, Firmino has recently not had as many goals to back his right of being the starting striker in Jurgen Klopp’s self-proclaimed “heavy metal” footballing side.

The Brazilian forward had scored a total of 12 league goals in Liverpool’s victorious season in the Premier League, and has scored only two in nine leagues games so far this season: with his latest coming in the recent 3-0 home win against Leicester City.

Despite being on the end of a lot of criticism from rival fans, the Liverpool faithful have defended their player for his sheer versatility through thick and thin: quite like their manager.

Klopp has applauded the forward in his recent press conference by stating his importance to the team with an analogy that involves an orchestra.

A football team is like an orchestra. You need different people to play different instruments. Some of them are louder, some not so loud, but they’re all important for our rhythm. Bobby plays like 12 instruments in our orchestra!

Uncanny similarity to a popular meme


The orchestra analogy from Klopp following the win over Leicester feels quite similar to the famous Tom and Jerry GIF Liverpool fans have dedicated to their Brazilian forward.

The meme refers to an episode where Tom (referring to Firmino) is seen to be handling all the instruments of an orchestra at the same time, while Jerry (referring to Klopp) plays the role of the conductor.

Despite all the different instrumentalists of the orchestra losing their footing, Tom manages to keep the orchestra afloat by multi tasking beyond his optimum: drawing parallels to Firmino’s versatility and the overall importance he brings to the team even when his teammates might be underperforming.

For Klopp to have appeared with a quote so eerily similar to the meme, it really begs the question – Does Klopp lurk on the internet?

Reddit certainly thinks so, as it is the place where the meme achieved notoriety.

Check out the Tom & Jerry meme which first went online on Reddit 10 days ago –

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