Latvian team lines up with just 8 players due to coronavirus crisis

Things are going down in the top tier of Latvian football today.

There’s a bizarre look to the starting lineups for a great number of sides as the Higher League has been thrown into chaos because of Covid-19 crisis.

With a plethora of senior squads being kept in isolation due to coronavirus outbreak, managers are forced to take drastic measures as BFC Daugavpils played their game with less than eleven players in the lineup.

There were only 8 players in their ‘starting XI’ when BFC Daugavpils took on Valmiera earlier today.

Now you might wonder why the Latvian federation has allowed the matches to go on despite such dreadful circumstances.


The reason being that there are only 2 matches left to be played in the season with the relegation battle and the fight for the European spots at play.

Update – The match between Valmiera and Daugavpils has been suspended as the away side were reduced to 6 men on the field with 2 players getting injured in the second half.

According to the laws of football, a match may not start or continue if either team has fewer than seven players.

Source – Reddit

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