(Video) John Hartson nearly crying while analysing Celtic’s Europa League game on BT Sport

Loyalty is one of the most appreciated traits that any footballer can have in the modern game, and it is deemed truly heartwarming when ex-footballers still show a certain degree of loyalty and passion for their former club by having their best interests at heart.

Such a display of passion was reported when former Celtic footballer John Hartson nearly cried while analysing his former club’s UEFA Europa League game on BT Sport.

Hartson was part of the BT team covering Rangers’ Europa League game against Benfica at brox.

While Rangers managed a 2-2 draw against the Portuguese giants, it was a disappointing outing for Celtic who lost 4-1 away from home against Sparta Prague.

The former Welsh footballer shed his neutral demeanour asked from him as a pundit, when his voice almost broke down while analysing Sparta Prague’s fourth goal on the night scored by Srdjan Plavsic.


The passage of play was a horrific watch for anybody with Celtic’s best interests at heart, as Plavsic toyed with their last line of defence mercilessly only to put the ball into the back of the net with relative ease.

It would almost seem like Hartson was on the very brink of tears as the goal summed up an embarrassing display away from home by Celtic, adding to their multiple miseries this season. A very crestfallen Hartson was recorded ruefully commenting after the goal that it was truly, a “disappointing evening”.

Check out the video below –


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