Just how addicted football fans are to the Champions League anthem

European nights under the lights are an absolute spectacle to look forward to, for both fans and footballers.

Nothing exemplifies the glamour and diversity of European top tier football more than the UEFA Champions League, and admirers have associated the iconic and easily identifiable anthem to Europe’s premium club competition for years now.

It is perceived as the theme of high quality football action between Europe’s best clubs, and is successful in filling either fan or footballer with bubbling excitement.

The notion was recently confirmed when a hilarious video surfaced on Twitter, which involved female partners in a relationship playing the Champions League anthem to see if their opposite number comes running or not.

It went just as expected, as their husbands or boyfriends came out running to check the television the very moment that the much recognized anthem reached their ears: one poor soul even woke up from a nap right after the anthem was played to him.

The very amusing clip showcases the relevance of the iconic multilingual Champions League anthem to any football fan, and just how addicted that every football fan is to it.


Check it out below –

The Champions League theme, simply titled as the “Champions League”, was composed by English composer Tony Britten in 1992.

It involves three European languages namely English, French and German, and as every football fan would know, reaches a climax with the iconic lines “Die Meister! Die Basten! Les grandes équipes, the champions”.

The theme is just as iconic as the big-eared trophy now, and is truly successful at symbolizing the grand importance of the competition to the optimum.

Football fans have been addicted to it ever since its inception, and it is definitely going to be associated to the Champions League for as far in the future as we can possibly think of.


By Sagarneel Chakraborty

Living and breathing everything regarding the beautiful game for a decade. Avid follower of all things football, with a soft corner for the Blues.

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