Messi wax statue looks more like his lookalike than Messi himself

Fair to say the sculptor has had a bit of a nightmare here.

The new Lionel Messi statue at the renovated Wax Museum of Barcelona has copped a fair bit of criticism since its reveal yesterday.

The museum, which opened today after being shut down due to the ongoing pandemic, features a new statue of the Barcelona legend which leaves much to be desired.

“This looks more like this Messi doppelganger more than Messi himself lol.” – said one fan as photos of the new wax statue made its way online.


The fan in question is Reza Parastesh, the Iranian national who reportedly slept with 23 women courtesy of his famous face.

Certainly not as bad as the infamous Cristiano Ronaldo plaque, the main bone of contention with the Messi wax statue seems to be the forced smile and the hairline, which look slightly out of place here.

Check out the statue in its entirety below –


By Surjit Patowary

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