Kuwait Premier League delivers the most hilarious passage of play in football this weekend

There are few better sights in football than a skillful winger at the top of his game running at an isolated defender one on one, with the unpredictability and skill set of the winger serving as a treat to the eyes.

The sight is equally traumatizing if you are the concerned defender, as a forward’s flair and dribbling ability can often get the better of you in a one on one situation: sometimes even in a largely hilarious, and embarrassing manner.

Such a hilarious passage of play occurred in the Kuwait Premier League this weekend, when some quick feet and piece of trickery from a forward on the flanks left a defender embarrassed on live television.

Kuwait SC’s home outing against Al Arabi in the Kuwait Premier League this weekend ended in a 1-3 win for the away side.

The match was deep into second half stoppage time when the leading Al Arabi outfit were trying to keep possession and see out the result while Kuwait SC were trying their best to force a turnover.


When the ball was shifted out wide to an Al Arabi winger, he floored his designated fullback out wide with a quick cut inside: and then nutmegged the defender, forcing him to end the passage of play by enforcing a foul.

The humiliated defender shoved the winger out of the pitch after being nutmegged, but it was all for a lost cause as he was neither successful in winning the ball back or progressing the ball for a counter attack.

The split second decisions matter the most at the top level of football, and though Kuwait SC defender will be ruing his judgment of the situation: the forward’s quick feet and skill set left him with no choice than to forcibly hack him down for the collective cause, and serve us the most hilarious football moment of this weekend.


By Sagarneel Chakraborty

Living and breathing everything regarding the beautiful game for a decade. Avid follower of all things football, with a soft corner for the Blues.

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