Unsettled player turns up to training in rival colours in Belgium

Heavily unsettled players try their best in order to force a transfer to a club against the club’s apparent will. While some footballers would rely on their agents to crack an agreement, many players often go away without leave refusing to join training.

Even though going AWOL without any notice is truly disrespectful to the present employers, something even nastier popped up in Belgium when Didier Lamkel Zé showed up to team training in a rival’s shirt.

Didier Lamkel Zé made a statement to the Royal Antwerp hierarchy about his intentions of leaving the club in the most unsportsmanlike manner possible.

The reportedly unsettled attacker has been out of favour for a while, and has been training with the U21 squad (Nieuwsblad).

In order to force a free transfer to Greek club Panathinaikos, Lamkel Zé turned up for training in Anderlecht shirt, the winners of the Belgian first division who are Royal Antwerp’s long standing rivals.

As one would expect, Lamkel Zé was not let in by security (scroll down to see pics/tweet below) at the Royal Antwerp training facility.


The Cameroonian midfielder still has a contract running until 2023, and Royal Antwerp do not want him to let go of him for free.

Lamkel Zé’s antics has not amused the club’s following, as Royal Antwerp fans were left enraged after the distasteful incident despite a public apology issued by him on social media.

Time will decide whether Lamkel Zé will indeed be successful to get his wish granted by his employers, but the antics were distasteful and against the spirit of the game to say the very least.

However Antwerp will not want to keep a player who is not willing to feature, against his will for too long: as it does have an adverse effect on team morale.


By Sagarneel Chakraborty

Living and breathing everything regarding the beautiful game for a decade. Avid follower of all things football, with a soft corner for the Blues.

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