Someone brought a lifesize Jurgen Klopp cutout to the wallside viewing party during Marine v Tottenham

Real ‘magic of the FA Cup’ moment on display as someone watching the game outside the Marine AFC ground held a cardboard cutout of Jurgen Klopp like it’s his dad.

The FA Cup has lost some of its stature in recent years but the buildup to Marine’s clash against Spurs has been nothing less than brilliant.

Similar brilliance continued as the game kicked off.

With the ground surrounded by houses off the pitch, television cameras picked up a lot of activity as people were seen watching the game from their gardens, air horns were heard going off frequently and the fella watching the game from a tree the whole time.

Though, we were absolutely not ready for the moment when the cameras panned at a fan holding a cardboard cutout of Jurgen Klopp overlooking the match.

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By Surjit Patowary

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