Footage of Marcelo Bielsa talking in English arrives and it’s glorious

The charismatic Marcelo Bielsa’s tenure at Yorkshire outfit Leeds United has been a fairly successful one from all aspects.

Taking over the club’s managerial duties in the summer of 2018, Bielsa has helped the Leeds squad transcend into a tireless unit who play an impressive brand of free flowing, attacking football. Results have followed, as Bielsa has since helped Leeds find their way up to the Premier League after an absence of 16 years.

Despite the highs, Bielsa has also been criticized over his tenure, most notably due to the infamous Spygate saga in January 2019.

The Argentine has also ruffled some feathers by not speaking the native language of English, despite residing in the country for over two years now (Sportslens).

Bielsa has always used an interpreter for his press duties ever since his arrival in England, mostly due to an inefficiency in his English speaking skills and his choice to not be misinterpreted by English media.

But a recently surfaced clip of Bielsa on social media, which features him speaking in English in front of the media has depicted a quite different story altogether: Bielsa turns out to be quite good when it comes to speaking the language.

Leeds fans have been left surprised at the clip (scroll down to watch the video below) which was filmed right before the official press conference for Leeds’ match against Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League.

Bielsa is not fluent at speaking English, but comes off as fairly understandable as opposed to someone who uses an interpreter regularly.

Marcelo Bielsa’s achievement in taking the fallen giants of English football back to the top division is truly commendable, and as the discussed footage suggests, so is his ability to speak English.


By Sagarneel Chakraborty

Living and breathing everything regarding the beautiful game for a decade. Avid follower of all things football, with a soft corner for the Blues.

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