Barcelona retain their status as world’s richest football club

Barcelona have retained their position at the top of the pile as accountancy firm Deloitte released the annual list of world’s most richest clubs.

The annual survey by the UK-based agency revealed how the leading football clubs fared financially during the coronavirus-hit 2019/20 season.

The top 20 football clubs in the world generated a combined revenue €8.2 billion, which was down 12% from the 2018/19 season where the same number of clubs made €9.3 billion.

Barcelona are top of the Deloitte Football Money League list after generating a revenue of €715.1 million, with Real Madrid coming a very close second with €714.9 million.

Champions League winners Bayern Munich are third, Manchester United fourth and Liverpool fifth in the list; check out the revenue generated by the top 20 clubs in the world below –

World’s richest club find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy

Not to claim that the two things are related but there is an irony here that is difficult to miss.

Despite being on top of the annual rich list, the Spanish giants are so badly run that there is a threat of insolvency looming at the club at the moment.

Barcelona could go bankrupt after the club was confirmed to be €1.173 billion in debt, with €196 million still owed in transfer fees.

Barcelona are yet to pay Liverpool close to €40 million for the purchase of Philippe Coutinho and about €48 million needs to be paid to Ajax for acquiring the services of Frenkie de Jong.

In news which should be very worrying for Barcelona fans, Spanish daily La Vanguardia had earlier reported that the Catalan giants must repay €420m in debt to survive insolvency.

That’s not all, in addition to money owed to banks and clubs, Barca are yet to pay their players as well.

Barcelona players (who are paid twice a year – December and June) did not get their full payment this December because the club said they did not have cash.


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