Video: Pep Guardiola completely smitten by a journo’s moustache during his presser pre-Arsenal

It has been a good time to be Pep Guardiola of late. The Manchester City head coach is in the middle of a 18-game winning streak in all competitions and residing well on top of the Premier League table.

City have been in great form of late and look to reclaim the league title from their rivals Liverpool this May – and Guardiola looked to be in a very good mood while addressing journalists in the press conference leading up to his team’s 1-0 win over Arsenal tonight.


Guardiola was visibly in high spirits as he sat down to answer the questions thrown at him by journalists ahead of the Arsenal clash.

His mood showed when Brazilian journalist Fred Caldeira asked him about the importance of veteran Fernandinho as the club captain – but Guardiola’s attention was clearly on something else. Guardiola cut Caldeira short to comment on the journalist’s well-kept moustache – the Spanish manager said that he liked Caldeira’s moustache and thought that it was attractive to look at – even declaring Caldeira’s facial hair to be “sexy”.

The Brazilian journalist was very flustered by the praise coming from one of the greatest coaches of all time, as Guardiola looked delighted – a mood which reflects the kind of form Manchester City are in.

Caldeira made it a point to post the aforementioned excerpts from the press conference on his Twitter handle, captioning it by mentioning the date when his moustache was complimented by Josep Guardiola.

Guardiola’s high spirits are now certain to carry onto the next week after City emerged victorious against Arsenal thanks to an early strike from Raheem Sterling.

City are now 10 points clear of second-placed Leicester and 13 clear of rivals Manchester United on third, who have an extra game in hand – which will be played when they face Newcastle United tonight.


By Sagarneel Chakraborty

Living and breathing everything regarding the beautiful game for a decade. Avid follower of all things football, with a soft corner for the Blues.

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