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Arsenal fans tear into Josh Kroenke, the highlights

Arsenal board member and son of owner Stan Kroenke, Josh Kroenke along with CEO Vinai Venkatesham were involved in a virtual forum to address the concerns among fans regarding their decision to join the now-defunct European Super League.

Here’s a brief summary of what was discussed during the meeting –


Both Vinai and Josh apologised for the events that took place in the last few days and reiterated that their decision (to join the ESL) was simply made to make sure that Arsenal were not left behind with all other big clubs involved.

On penalties incurred due to withdrawal from ESL

On having more fan representation at the board level

On undoing the damage caused by ESL fiasco

On betraying fans’ trust

On the fractured relationship with 14 non-ESL clubs

On future plans for the club

The most explosive statement from an Arsenal fan


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