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Video: Martin Tyler calls out Josh Kroenke live on air for ‘cold nights in Stoke’ comment

Martin Tyler branded Josh Kroenke ‘patronising and stupid’ as the veteran commentator did not take lightly to the Arsenal board member’s comments during a virtual forum with the Gunners fans a couple of days.

Son of owner Stan Kroenke, Josh, revealed how their decision to join the now-dismantled Super League was based on the perception that fans would have been more interested in experiencing big match-ups like ‘Arsenal v Barcelona’ rather than a ‘cold night in Stoke’.

“I think the global fan wants to see Arsenal vs Barcelona regularly, as much as possible. I think the European fan wants to see more big matches between top clubs because their domestic league is so predictable,” said Josh when asked to explain their decision to join Super League.

He continued, “the global fan wants Arsenal vs Barcelona as often as possible. English fans, too, want big matches, but you still want cold nights in Stoke.”

His comments clearly didn’t sit right with Martin Tyler, who called him out while covering Arsenal v Everton on Sky Sports –


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