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Thick Accent is looking for talented and passionate content writers to help us create engaging, informative articles on all things football. We are also looking for social media specialists to help us build relationships with our audience and promote our content.

If you have a love of the game of football and are interested in writing about it, we want you on our team! Our tone is exciting and we believe that by offering quality content, we can help bring the sport to a wider audience. Whether you have experience writing or not, we would be happy to teach you the ropes.

Please send your resume, writing samples, and any questions you may have about this position to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!

Current Openings

Content Writers

Content writers at Thick Accent are responsible for selecting topics and writing articles that match the company’s unique voice and ethos. 

The job requires you to scrutinize trends on Twitter and find exclusive topics/narratives that are not covered on any other site and write articles on them. 

How your typical workday would look like?

– Scrutinizing trends on Twitter.
– Selecting Twitter-popular topics.
– Writing articles every day.
– Creating easy-to-follow, SEO-based, catchy, non-generic titles/headlines.
– Make sure each article is at least 350 words long.
– Make sure articles are info-rich and not fluff pieces.
– Providing context and clarity on complex topics.
– Editing and proofreading text.
– Formatting content on WordPress.
– Making featured images on Canva.
– Adding relevant images.

What does an ideal candidate for this job look like?

– Should be able to find exclusive narratives on trending football news.
– Should be able to curate topics from social media (Twitter, Reddit etc).
– You have a deep understanding of UK football culture and its main characters.
– You have a great command of written English.
– You have the ability to explain complex subjects with ease.
– You possess the know-how of working on WordPress and Canva.

Remuneration: The salary offered will vary according to the quality of topics chosen and titles/headlines during the test phase. The salary will be based on the monthly quota of articles and not on a per-word basis.