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Photo – Memphis Depay spotted rocking remake of the classic Manchester United 83-84 home kit

Despite having all the talent in the world, current Lyon forward Memphis Depay failed miserably in his 18-month stint at Manchester United.

Fingers could be pointed at his work ethic during his time, the club’s fans’ gigantic expectations or the burden brought on him by the No.7 shirt, a shirt whose previous holders were stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Eric Cantona among others.

Depay had a torrid time at United, yet even three years after leaving the club, he still has a place in his heart for the Red Devils.

This season was going particularly well for Memphis, as he registered 9 goals and 2 assists in 13 games for Lyon in Ligue 1 until he tore his ACL in December. He was also instrumental in their Champions League campaign registering 5 goals in 5 UCL matches.

From being a Manchester United reject to consistently performing for club and country since making the switch to Lyon, it’s safe to say he is one of the hottest properties in Europe.

Manchester United had a buy-back clause inserted in his sale, so Depay could still move back to United.

To keep the rumors churning, he recently posted a picture of him rocking the classic Manchester United 83-84 retro home kit –

Despite having a bitter end to his stint at Manchester United, both the fans and Depay himself would wish to turn back the clock a bit and hope to have done things a bit differently.

However, given the recent resurgence in form, a return to Manchester might still be on the cards for Memphis owing to the buy-back clause in his contract.

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New Chelsea boy Hakim Ziyech spotted repping Liverpool on FIFA

Hakim Ziyech has a lot of things going right for him at the moment. The Moroccan attacking forward, who recently turned 27, will be arriving at Stamford Bridge for a reported fee of 40 million Euros, and is seen as a player who will massively impact the club’s fortunes with his clinical ability to score goals and provide assists.

Don’t take our word for it – consider what Blues legend and current gaffer Frank Lampard had to say about him.

Fans who have followed Ziyech’s exploits over the last year and a half in the Champions League are rightfully buzzed about signing him.

Ziyech ‘s transfer has, surprisingly enough, ruffled very few feathers among the Chelsea faithful, with it being a universal consensus that he will play a big role in helping the Blues consolidate this season’s progress.

The high regard in which he has been held by the fans so far, however, might have suffered a little setback after a photo of his setup on FIFA that emerged yesterday on Reddit.

The picture by itself seems innocuous – it shows Ziyech’s TV screen and his squad on Ultimate Team of the latest iteration of Electronic Arts’ football game, FIFA 20.

It’s only natural that he’s playing the game, considering all the major football leagues have been shut down owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, what will certainly bug Chelsea fans a great deal is that while Ziyech has used his own card in the position of striker, he’s inexplicably decided to opt for the playing kit of Chelsea’s arch nemesis Liverpool for the entire team.

It is no secret that this year the Merseyside club has been heavily favoured, with many of its players being highly rated on the game.

In fact, a record five players from the same club featured in the game’s highly coveted Team of The Year promotion.

Adding insult to injury, however, was Ziyech’s decision to add Reds’ manager Jürgen Klopp into the side.

While it was probably done to strengthen Virgil van Dijk’s card, Liverpool fans will have lost no time in proclaiming how even a future Blues player chooses to have Klopp in his team over his own manager.

One may, of course be reading too much into a situation that amounts to nothing. After all, the lad has proclaimed time and again his joy and appreciation for the Blues.

However, it is worth noting that in-game, at the very least, Ziyech prefers repping the Reds rather than his soon-to-be club.

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Arsenal fans slam ‘ridiculous’ rumor linking Burnley striker Chris Wood to replace Aubameyang

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been an indispensable figure up front for Arsenal since his arrival at the Emirates from the Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund back in January 2018.

The Gabonese striker coming up clutch in difficult phases of the game has been a recurring theme in Arsenal’s season. 

The stats provide further evidence of Arsenal’s reliance on the African star with over 30% goals coming from him in the Gunners’ sum in the Premier League. Aubameyang has increased his tally up to 49 goals in the Premier League while registering 10 assists to date. 

He’s our most important player.

Stats wise, there’s no question about the impact that he has on this team. 

Mikel Arteta on Aubameyang

However, the Arsenal boss admitted that a star with such potential and stats would look to demand more from his team and the club. 

With the emergence of new rumours linking Auba with a move away from Arsenal, the Gunners faithful are slowly grasping the fact that they might have to let go their beloved striker come the start of next season.

However, this recent report stating the possibility of the Gunners replacing the Gabonese ace with the Burnley striker Chris Wood has had Arsenal fans convulsed with laughter given the absurdity of the rumour.

On paper, this seems quite a mismatch in stature, or at least that’s what the fans think given their reaction on social media.

But is the rumor as ridiculous as it seems?

Let’s get real for a second, and try to go behind the scenes to see if this rumour is really that ludicrous as it seems in the first look.

Woods has scored 11 goals in 26 games this season in the Premier league, of which, five goals came from set plays which are more than any other player this season.

Meanwhile, Arsenal are one of the worst if not the worst team in the air in the whole Premier league, only Newcastle United have conceded more attempts from dead ball situations than the Gunners. He’s got a decent chance conversion rate of 1 in every 4.8 [chances] compared 1 in every 6.5 for Lacazette.

Woods plays for a Burnley side, whose playing style was branded as “anti-football” by David Luiz back when he played for Chelsea. Burnley play by far the highest percentage of long passes of any team in the Premier League – 23.5 per cent in total, so it’s safe to say Woods plays a crucial role in this. 

He may allow Arsenal to play a different style, to be that serious option in the opposition area, maybe perform the role that Giroud used to play.

Many people will scoff while listening to these rumours, surely Chris Wood isn’t “The” replacement if Aubameyang is to say goodbye to the Gunners. While Chris Woods being the direct replacement of Aubameyang certainly raises some questions, the Clarets star surely can prove to be a handy option to bring in from the bench given his proven track record in the Premier league.

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(Video) How Harry Kane is spending his time in quarantine

When everything around you is in a lockdown, and the world is going through a pandemic it has never experienced before, surely a simple video of a man training on a bike in his home wouldn’t be the source of much excitement, would it?

Perhaps, but not if you were a Tottenham Hotspur fan as star striker Harry Kane recently posted a video of him making progress in his recovery from the ruptured tendon he suffered in January.

Kane has been out since January 1st, after suffering the injury against Southampton. He underwent surgery since then, after which he took some time off to give himself some rest.

He was initially ruled out for the season by Jose Mourinho. But, the optimism of his return grew, after he responded positively during rehabilitation.

This was good news for Gareth Southgate as well, as he would have recovered in time for Euro 2020. All that changed, when all football action was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This meant that Euro 2020 was postponed for a year, while Premier League football was suspended until April 30th.

The break has been a blessing in disguise for many injured players, and Kane is no different.

The Spurs talisman was seen putting his time in self-quarantine to good use as he posted a story on Instagram to provide fans with an update on what he was up to –

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Photo – Liverpool away kit for next season with YNWA lyrics looks stunning

It’s still early days to talk about the new season amid the suspension of the current campaign because of the coronavirus outbreak. However, a recent Liverpool kit leak has the fans enthralled as they can’t wait to see the team rocking the mint design from their new sponsors Nike next season.

This will be the first time that the Reds don a green template since the 2008/09 season.

The emergence of the leaks soon followed the concept kits from various designers on the internet.

One that seems to stand out is this re-imagination from Twitter user @HarrisCreativ3 which combines the kit with the highlights of the lyrics of the famous YNWA chant –

The lyrics engraved in the background were the winner, as many fans unanimously agreed that the kit was definitely better than the leaked kit.

The other significant changes included the shifting of Liverpool’s logo and Nike’s iconic Swoosh symbol to the center of the kit.

Given the possibility that the FA pushes the current campaign even further, the Liverpool faithful might not have to wait for the next season to see their favourite players rock the new mint away kit and even witness the team lifting the Premier League trophy in the very same outfit.

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Photo – Arsene Wenger rocks Arsenal merchandise while taking a walk in London amid COVID-19 outbreak

Arsene Wenger is one of the most respected men in the world of Football. He has been instrumental in revolutionizing English football, and his Arsenal teams of the 1990’s and 2000’s were the teams to beat. He is Arsenal’s most successful manager and he remained at the North London club for the best part of last two decades.

Recently, he was pictured strolling in London, during the coronavirus pandemic. He was wearing the navy blue shorts from Arsenal’s 2016-17 kit, which was the last time they won a trophy.

Wenger’s fashion sense has never been in question, as he has been one of the sharpest dressed men in Football. After retirement, and despite currently being aged 70, he can still rock a pair of shorts, while also showing where his allegiance lies. 

And to top it off, he had also worn a cap, which had “Take It Easier” written on it. This was a message that could be effectively used in the current, coronavirus-hit world. It is important to note that Arsene Wenger is 70 years old, which makes him a part of the demographic that is the most affected by coronavirus.

He recently appeared in an educational video, alongside former Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino and other stars. The video was released by FIFA, regarding the precautionary measures that need to be taken in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

On Feb 19th, in an interview with Talksport, Wenger said that “I believe that the priority for the Premier League is to finish the season. That could mean pushing the fixtures back until the end of June, but they have to do that”.

Arsenal remains in contention to win the FA Cup this season. Wenger, even in his new role as FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development, would be rooting for the Gunners to bring their first piece of silverware post his retirement. Gunners fans would definitely be pleased to know that their former manager still has their back.

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“Every Liverpool player” – LeBron James’ reply when asked about his favorite soccer player during a Q&A on Instagram

LeBron James is one of the greatest sportspersons in the history of all sports. He is a legend in the NBA and one of the few players who could go toe-to-toe with various athletes in different sports. So when he has favorite players in any sport, you can bet that he knows the quality of those players.

He might be aging like fine-wine on the court and he is yet to meet his match. Off the court though, James has met his match: Technology. He was baffled by the technology he was using. It was hilarious to see him fail to understand the concept of screen recording.

But, he pulled through and handled it like a boss. James went live on Instagram while he was in self-isolation. He covered various topics while answering questions posed by his fans.

Football fans in particular were interested to know whether LeBron James had any favorite football players (not the NFL ones). He had a few football players, whom he liked, namely every player in Liverpool’s squad.

The other names he mentioned were Neymar Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe. What was surprising was that he never mentioned Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, until somebody prompted it to him.

There might be a hint of partiality in his affinity for all Liverpool players, owing to the NBA star’s stake in Liverpool. However, when you consider the season they are enjoying under Jurgen Klopp, can you really blame him? They have been excellent all season long and are in line to hoist the league title at Anfield, for the first time in 30 years.

LeBron James and Ronaldo share a mutual admiration, owing to their status in their respective sports. He is also good friends with both Neymar and Mbappe, due to their interest in the NBA.

They have been seen at basketball games when they are not fulfilling professional commitments. What’s oddly common between the trio and him, is that they are all sponsored by Nike.

James has a 2% stake in Liverpool since 2011, and he has been a keen follower of their achievements. He famously celebrated on Twitter, when Liverpool lifted their sixth European crown last summer.

James is certainly going to savor every bit of Liverpool’s title win, when the league resumes after April 30th.  

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Video of Bruno Fernandes training in full kit with his daughter wins hearts of Man United fans

Bruno Fernandes has won the hearts of fans and pundits alike after taking the Premier league by storm, along with steadying the United ship as soon as he got there.

Manchester United look a completely different side now with him in the squad.

He recently uploaded a video in which he can be seen playing with his daughter in his garden wearing the full United kit.

Not to forget his daughter, who was also suited up in the home kit for the action that was about to pursue.

As if another cute video was necessary to prove what is already true – Man United fans truly love Bruno. 

Interestingly this clip came just a day after Pogba was criticized by some section of United fans when he uploaded a video of himself training in a Juventus kit.

He clearly stated that it was in support of his French teammate Blaise Matuidi who recently tested positive for COVID-19.

But some fans believed he could have worn the French national kit to support him as he is heavily linked with a summer switch to the Old Lady this summer.

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(Video) Lionel Messi destroys the 10-touch toilet paper challenge after being nominated by ex-Barca teammate Xavi

Leo Messi shows how good his ball control skills are, with a roll of toilet paper!

There have been a variety of ways by which the famous football personalities are spending their time off the pitch in isolation at home currently.

The toilet roll challenge has been the new thing amongst the footballers under the new #StayAtHome hashtag trending on social media, amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The rules of toilet paper challenge are simple, one has to try to juggle the toilet paper like a football trying to get 10 touches in a row before the roll touches the ground.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi joined the fun as he took on the challenge himself and boy, did he do it.

Showing a telepathic communication with the roll at his feet, Messi swiftly broke the 10-touch barrier and looked as if he could continue for ages if he wanted to –

Barcelona’s Riqui Puig appears to have started this craze, which some people even called the ’10-touch toilet paper challenge’. He uploaded a video of himself juggling a roll of toilet paper on his Instagram and quickly the video did crazy numbers.

From there on this soon became a trend as this challenge was not only tried by footballers but also by other professional athletes and fans as well.

Having already smashed the toilet roll challenge with a bang, Messi has nominated his Barcelona and Argentina team-mates Jordi Alba, Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero to join in, although, we doubt they would be able to do any better than the best in the world himself.


Photo – Man Utd star Victor Lindelof dons ladies’ garments to celebrate wife’s new dress collection

In the modern world, as both husbands and wives look to be more successful in their professional careers, it has become paramount for them to support each other. Nowadays, it is more and more important for men to support their spouses as they achieve greater heights, and that is exactly what Victor Lindelof did.

The Manchester United centre-back did what could possibly be one of the most supportive and adorable gestures of all-time. His wife, Maja Nilsson, is a blogger and she hosts her own podcast. She was recently launching her own clothing line.

To support his wife, Lindelof celebrated the launch of the clothing line by pouring champagne and bringing her flowers, while wearing one of the dresses from her clothing line.

Maja was in awe of the gesture and you cannot blame her for it. It was a sweet way of celebrating the woman he loves and simultaneously, breaking a few stereotypes along the way.

This was the perfect beginning for her clothing line and even she couldn’t have written the script any better.

In these testing times, it is nice to see everyone cherishing their families and this break may be a reminder for all to continue to love and support their loved ones, like Lindelof.


Robertson and Van Dijk issue hilarious claims when asked about their photo from Dundee United and Celtic days

Andy Robertson recently held a Q&A session on Twitter to make self isolation a bit more fun.

From revealing his choice of 3 players he did want to be quarantined with, which were one of the best left backs the game has ever seen, Brazilian Roberto Carlos, Celtic legend Henrik Larsson, and of course his current teammate James Milner.

He also had many interesting answers in store like claiming he has a better left foot than even his Liverpool  teammate Mohamed Salah (claiming even Salah would agree with this, hmmm I want to believe you Robbo but it’s kinda hard ), revealing Henrik Larsson to be his favourite player, and also revealing Thierry Henry and Steven Gerrard to be his PL idols growing up.

Interestingly one fan had a blast from the past pic of Robertson from his Dundee United days trying to win the ball against Celtic centre back and now current partner in defence Virgil van Dijk.

The fan asked if he and Virgil remembered this shot and who won the ball in that moment. To which Robbo claimed not only he won that ball, he had Virgil in his back pocket the whole game.

Interestingly Virgil replied and safe to say he clearly didn’t agree with his response. Check out how the Dutchman reacted below –


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Jerome Boateng answers brilliantly when asked about his embarrassing moment with Lionel Messi

During any other season, a professional footballer at the highest level would be preparing himself to face the business end of the top competitions, but this has not turned out to be any other season, has it ?

So to keep himself busy, recently Bayern’s centre-back Boateng held a Q&A session on Twitter. From revealing the other 4 teammates in his 5-a-side dream team consisting of Ronaldo (Brazilian), Patrick Vieira, Messi and Zidane to praising Bayern’s upcoming sensation Alphonso Davies as a Tik Tok star, to revealing Ribery as the funniest teammate.

Q&A took an interesting turn when one fan tried to clown Boateng by reminding him when Messi produced a moment of magic to turn him inside out to leave him dusted and then chipped the ball over Neuer to give Barca the lead against Bayern in the crucial 1st leg of UCL 14-15 season.

That moment has been struck with Boateng forever and to his credit, he replied brilliantly –

Well to be fair, you really can’t fault the German in that moment as when the little magician is in the mood and decides to razzle-dazzle, what really can you do? 

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Christian Pulisic makes a surprise appearance as Chelsea star releases coronavirus awareness video for football fans

As the coronavirus pandemic has taken over Europe, with many countries in shutdown and several more taking precautionary measures to control the spread of the virus, everything has come to a standstill.

This has especially impacted European football, as most of the leagues across Europe have been suspended in the past three weeks.

The Premier League was one of the final leagues to be suspended as the threat of the virus was not deemed to be as serious as it was made to be. But, it was a serious concern and there were fears among a lot of people, politicians and many more, that the lack of action could lead to a large increase in cases of the virus.

Those fears were true, as some players and staff were reported to have cases of the virus and Callum Hudson-Odoi was one of the first, who was confirmed to be infected with coronavirus.

Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, was soon confirmed to be infected, as more and more cases trickled. These cases finally were enough proof for the Premier League, to suspend the league, so as to not endanger the lives of any more of the players or the staff.

With the virus affecting all parts of the globe, many footballers used their reach on social media, to warn their fans about the dangers of this virus and spread awareness as to how to keep themselves safe.

For players such as Chelsea winger, Christian Pulisic, this break was a welcome piece of news. Pulisic has missed the last eight Premier League matches with an adductor injury and has not featured in a Premier League game for them since New Year’s Day.

Since Chelsea’s Cobham Training Ground has been closed, Pulisic has been in self-quarantine and he recently posted a video, showing him doing keepie-uppies in his garden, as he was working on his return to fitness. The video was accompanied by the caption ‘Stay home and stay safe my people! At least I have my ball.’

This video was among many others from various footballers, asking people to stay safe and to stay at home, as many people have been asked to self-quarantine.

This is a welcome break for most footballers and let’s hope they make full use of it to spend time with their families, while also keeping themselves in shape, so that they will be ready to play football, when the Premier League inevitably returns.

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Chelsea admin savages Liverpool as Premier League clubs play a game of Goal Chain on Twitter

The suspension of leagues all over Europe has been a blow for all football fans. These leagues were a source of entertainment, passion, joy and ecstasy. People could relax watching football during the weekend, after working hard all week.

That routine changed once the coronavirus pandemic entered Europe, with country after country suffering due to the nature of the virus. This has led to the suspension of football and there have been more measures adopted to ensure the safety of all the people. People have been requested to self-quarantine and to not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

The clubs, especially in the Premier League, have taken it upon themselves to keep the fans entertained during these terrible times. They have been flooding their social media pages with throwback goals, highlights, interviews, podcasts, and whatnot.

They have also been keeping up the banter amongst themselves.

Case in point, this recent Twitter trend created by Burnley FC, wherein other clubs were asked to post one of the best goals ever scored by one of their players while also tagging the side against whom the goal was scored.

Burnley started the goal chain with a screamer from Jeff Hendrick against Bournemouth.

Bournemouth continued the chain with a Harry Wilson free-kick against Man City.

Man City tagged Arsenal, courtesy of de Bruyne’s wonder goal against them this season.

Arsenal decided to troll Spurs by uploading the goal Patrick Vieira’s goal against them during their Invincibles season of 2003-04, which won them the league at White Hart Lane.

Spurs went all the way back to the 1992-93 season for Nayim’s stunning volley against Liverpool

The biggest troll of the evening was yet to come, as when Liverpool uploaded Mohamed Salah’s wonder goal against Chelsea in front of the Kop last season, and Chelsea decided to exact revenge in the most ultimate piece of shithousery ever seen.

The Blues’ official account re-tagged Liverpool in Demba Ba’s goal against them in the 2013-14 season.

A goal which became universally infamous after Steven Gerrard slipped to cost Liverpool their first title in 24 years.

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Rangers fans cite Klopp example before tearing into Celtic boss Neil Lennon for ‘classless’ behaviour

With all major footballing action coming to a standstill because of the spread of the COVID-19 disease across Europe, many famous personalities and clubs have come forward to communicate their stance on the situation.

The common expression amongst them was that the sport itself plays a subsidiary role given the circumstances and that health and safety of the people must be the priority for every nation.

In the midst of the words of consolation, Celtic Boss Neil Lennon recently came out in a press conference with a statement that has sparked outrage amongst football fans.

While responding to the possible scenario of an early conclusion of the SPFL, Lennon said – “If it was to stop now I would doubt very much that they would say it was null and void.”

“It could be death by a thousand cuts. We have played over 30 games, that’s well over two-thirds of the season so we should be declared champions.”

The Irish manager stressed again that Celtic, who are 13-points clear at the top, should be the worthy winners if the league is to end today.

“Certainly, if you are talking about the Armageddon of the league being cancelled or stopped, it should go on the average points total which would make us clear champions and rightly so.

“We are over 30 games into the season, they are not going to take that away from us.”

While from a sporting point of view, the statement might seem logical to some extent, however, considering the current environment of fear and concern in the public regarding the pandemic, this certainly was not the way or the time to express such views.

Interestingly, Liverpool manager Klopp issued a message on the same day striking a completely different chord than Lennon –

Liverpool last league title win came in the 1989-90 season, while Celtic were eyeing their 9th consecutive league title.

The words from the Celtic boss has provoked a strong reaction not just from the Rangers fans but from supporters of other Premiership clubs as well.

Many found Lennon’s comment lacked class while Klopp’s words struck home. Check out the reaction (be advised for the usage of strong words) below –

As football fans, none of us would be able to easily digest the fact that our favourite teams’ work and effort put into the season might go down in vain.

However, the current requirement for society is to stop the spread of the deadly virus. After all the health of the players and the fans is important if football, as we know, is to continue in future.

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Jordan Henderson and Liverpool players hailed for their fantastic gesture to tackle the foodbank shortage

Governments of many countries have issued notices to avoid mass gathering due to the outbreak of convid-19 or commonly known as coronavirus.

Due to it, sporting events around the world are either getting postponed, cancelled or being held without the fans. We had never witnessed anything like this in recent times.

Premier League spurred into action when Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta tested positive for coronavirus, as it postponed the games and is scheduled to return on 4th April but that’s highly unlikely. It has led to a trickle down effect that is felt by the clubs, staff, players, fans and even the community in general. 

Many people work behind the scenes during matchday and some of them work on contract basis, with matches being cancelled, they don’t know when is the next paycheck gonna come.

Also, fear of the virus has led to some people stockpiling supplies, leaving the less fortunate ones in the society even more exposed. Foodbanks, which are a non-profit, charitable organisation that distribute food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger, were heavily dependent on match going fans to donate money or food. With matches being cancelled, they are bound to struggle.

In such trying times, it is necessary for the whole community to take care of each other and come together. Liverpool players have set an shining example in this regard by donating £40K to Fans Supporting Foodbanks.

A member of Fans Supporting Foodbanks said that Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson contacted him as the players wanted to help and have committed to covering all of the shortfalls that we will incur as a result of not being able to hold our usual match day collections. Earlier Aston Villa donated 850 staffed packed lunches and hot food to support homeless charities. Newcastle United also followed suit. 

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(Video) Fan footage captures Jan Oblak’s incredible speed to join the celebrations after Atletico’s 2nd goal at Anfield

Oblak produced a heroic performance against Liverpool as he made some outstanding saves and was rightly awarded Man of the match in his 50th UEFA Champions league outing.

The Slovenian proved to be a wall in front of goal as he and Atletico withstood everything that Liverpool had to throw and proved everyone why he is among the best if not the best goalkeeper in the world.

While his performance against Liverpool made the headlines for all the right reasons but what surprised many about him came from a clip a fan posted on Twitter.

The moment came when Llorente scored the second goal for Atleti, which practically killed the tie.

Oblak can be seen running from his end to the other to celebrate with his teammates as he covered the entire length of the pitch in just a few seconds and showed everyone he has plenty of pace to burn too.

Oblak is the highest rated goalkeeper in FIFA20, but his speed is 51.

To put it into context, Bayern’s Centre back Boateng has acceleration and sprint speed of 64 and 67 respectively compared to Oblak’s 43 and 60. After this clip, surely this doesn’t add up, right EA Sports ??