Watch these cracking goals in the Norwegian Cup final between Molde and Rosenborg

Ole Gunnar Solskaer’s Molde clinched the Norwegian Cup for in a thrilling encounter against Rosenborg at Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo. Molde won 4-2 with the lead swinging from one end to another.

The best feature of the match was how at least 5 out of the 6 goals scored were top quality. So many superb goals in on single match, that too a cup final is a rarity.

Rosenborg’s Mikkel ‘Mix’ Diskerud will probably the take honors of being the best strike of the match.

Watch all the goals below.

Milan ultras Curva Sud blocked San Siro exits and demanded meeting with players after the 1-1 draw against Genoa

Vulgar scenes were seen as AC Milan drew 1-1 against 10 men Genoa with Mario Balotelli missing another penalty. AC Milan long time faithful Curva Sud got fed up of their side’s performance and the fact that they are  in the 11th position in the league table and blocked the exits of San Siro so the players and management could not leave before having a face to face meeting with them.

Kaka and Abbiati spoke with the Ultras, and they admitted that some players on the team were simply not cut out to be there, and that the team has no game plan. Balotelli also wanted to speak to the people at first. Very wise for management to not let that happen.

The tension between the fans and the players and management has been brewing for some time now. During the match a banner from Curva Sud read, ‘”Let’s meet by the exit you unworthy lot”.

Below you can see the pictures of Curva Sud blocking the exits and Kaka and Abbiati speaking with the members.

Scandalous! Julio Baptista (Cruzeiro) was caught on camera telling his opponent Cris ‘to score another’

Bizarre and a bit scandalous news is emerging from Brazil. Cruzeiro’s midfielder Júlio Baptista was caught on tape telling Cris (Vasco) ‘faz outro logo’ which when translated into English means to ‘score another goal soon’.

Vasco won the match 2-1.

Couple of scenarios are emerging which could be career threatening for Julio Baptista.

1)Saying things like these implies betting scandals

2) Cruzeiro (already the Brazilian champion) wants to hire Marlone, a player from Vasco, a team that is on the verge of getting relegated. So the accusations are that Cruzeiro eased the game for Vasco to ease a deal.

Julio Baptista, spoke about the incident after the game where he accepted that Cris (Vasco) wanted Cruzeiro to ‘make it easy’ for Vasco and then he replied ‘then score another goal soon’

Watch the controversial moment below.

Punto Pelota’s Francois Gallardo claims Lionel Messi will leave Barcelona next summer

Because he feels betrayed!

Punto Pelota’s Francois Gallardo has dropped a clanger as he claims that it is certain that Argentine Lionel Messi will leave the club this summer.

The news comes just days after Lionel Messi won the Golden Shoe award for scoring most goals in Europe.

If this news has any amount o truth in it, than the first club anyone could think of would be Bayern Munich, managed by an old acquaintance of Messi in  Pep Guardiola and then PSG perhaps.

Or, maybe Chelsea or Manchester City in the Premier League.

Watch rather outspoken FIFA agent claiming the unthinkable for some Barca fans in the video below. It is in Spanish.

Rough translation of what is being said in the video, “Ball Point François arrived announcing that give ” a bombshell that will paralyze the planet football ” and did not disappoint. ” What I do I possibly comment brutal receive great reviews but I have no problem. It worries me,” the officer began .

” In late September , just two months ago , a player and his advisers met with the club. Footballer wanted a review of your contract and the Catalan side promised to take her out . They agreed a raise. Nevertheless, the Within a month , the club made ​​contact with them and explained that I could not fulfill , “explained the famous Ball Point collaborator .

” A month ago , the relationship between advisors and the club is null . Player feels betrayed and decided to leave at the end of the season ,” he warned . Gallardo even claimed that ” the player has a verbal agreement other team ” and that ” for February or March, will begin preparing his move ” .

Gallardo : ” The decision is taken , Messi will leave at end of season ”

The set of Punto Pelota was startled when François was named the player. ” The decision is taken . Leo Messi will leave the club at the end of season.” Gallardo , sure of your information, even said his now famous … ” and if not, desmiéntemelo ” .

Josep asked our collaborator data. “Messi will leave a country very neighbor of ours because she feels betrayed . ‘s Situation is hardly traceable and their agents have already spoken to the possible destination club ,” he said .

Barca Messi can not pay what they charge in that other club.

Pedre : Neymar cobra 17 and he wants 18

“There is no doubt : his salary exceed 18 million. ‘s An outrage what they are getting. In football you can never say ‘ I will not drink of this water ,’ but in this case it is Real Madrid. The reviews I belie zero.

I know who makes the operation