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Photo – Atletico fans unfurled an Everton flag to troll Liverpool at Anfield

Liverpool were in for a rude awakening as Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid were about to give the men from Merseyside a harsh lesson to learn.

It needed a big performance from Liverpool at home to turn around the first leg deficit, however, much for the talk of another ‘Anfield Miracle’ by Andy Robertson and co., the reigning UCL Champions took another daunting hit to their season in a month that has already seen them get knocked out of the FA Cup by Chelsea.

Llorente celebrates after scoring a goal against Liverpool

Although it has to be conceded that the Reds were rather unfortunate, as they saw their chances get thwarted by a magnificent Jan Oblak who turned out to be Atletico’s palisade in goal, followed by two goals in extra time from the substitute Marcos Llorente and the icing on the cake for the Spanish giants by Alvaro Morata, sending the Kop end at Anfield to a complete blackout.

The arrogance of Liverpool was thoroughly broken down on and off the pitch by Atletico Madrid and their fans as they brought in an Everton flag to troll the Reds at the stadium.

Amusingly, this has to be the first occasion in a long time that an Everton flag has witnessed a victory against Liverpool at Anfield.

The loss has spelled an atmosphere of frustration and embarrassment amongst the Liverpool faithful.

Jurgen Klopp now must help the boys keep their heads steady and react accordingly to the defeat in an attempt to hang on to the only title left to fight for, the Premier League.

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Ugly fight breaks out as Libertadores fixture between Gremio and Internacional ends with 8 red cards

Yes, you read the headline correctly. In a single match, the referee issued red cards to 8 players from Gremio and Internacional, two sides who have a history of intense rivalry amongst themselves. They compete in one of the fiercest derbies in South America, locally known as ‘Grenal’.

A minor scuffle between two opposing players in the 88th minute resulted in a major blowout between the two rivals, as players and substitutes and even the manager of Gremio, Renato Portaluppi, was involved.

The match was dramatic for the entire duration of the game as the failure to find a winner, led to a lot of frustration, drama and intensity from both sides, which boiled down to the raging fight between the two squads towards the end of the game.

Tempers were flaring and the fans in the stadium were raging as players of both the sides went at each other, as seen in the video below.

There were fistfights, kicks, and players grabbing each other’s throats. The four match officials were exasperated as they attempted to calm the situation.

It was like a battle being fought on various fronts as there were arguments and violence all over the pitch. What didn’t help the situation was the fact that the score line was 0-0 and thus, whichever team scored the goal, would have the bragging rights over their rivals.

This was Gremio and Internacional’s first meeting in the Copa Libertadores and you can understand why they wanted the victory so bad.

South American football is known for its passion and intensity, with a lot of the matches played in packed stadiums and noisy crowds. So, the tension of these matches can get to you, but this was completely against the spirit of the game.

The referee took strict action when all players were calmed as he sent off four players of Gremio and four players of Internacional. There have also been talks of strict action against both clubs for this completely blatant violation of the spirit of the game.

This was the second most number of red cards issued in a Copa Libertadores game and that stat conveys how serious of a fight it was.

Let’s hope the spirit and the beauty of the game can be maintained when the Copa Libertadores returns to action after all games were suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Check out the nasty fight below –

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Heavily rumored transfer target found glued to his TV set as Manchester United beat City at Old Trafford

Manchester United have had a prominent start to the second half of the season and continue to be on a roll with a ten match unbeaten streak, demonstrating some of the finest performances the club has seen this season.

The fans can be grateful of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who seems to have turned the tide for the United side, who were struggling quite a bit during the first half of the season.

However, even with their sluggish form, Manchester United still managed to churn out some decent results against some of the strongest sides as the draw against Liverpool and wins against the likes of Chelsea and Leicester City comes to mind.

This paradoxical nature of the club adds some extra spice of entertainment to the big Premier League clashes, gathering some of the most avid viewers around the globe.

But their exploits against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City caught the attention of one of the most heavily-rumored transfer targets for next season – Jack Grealish.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary with the player seemingly enjoying some good dosage of football entertainment.

However, the fact that the Aston Villa star is heavily linked with a move to the Red Devils provides some additional zest to the story.

The United boss mentioned after the derby win, “we know we lack one, two or three players and some experience, to be considered a title contender” and the manager seem to have already identified Grealish, Maddison and Sancho as one requirements for the summer, according to the reports.

The United fans are hot on the heels of the recent developments, especially after Dybala was caught with a similar escapade in his girlfriend’s TikTok video, a little more than a week ago.

Having steadied the ship at Manchester, Solskjaer would hope to have a few more stars up his rank going into the next season as a busy summer transfer window awaits the Red Devils.

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Erling Haaland’s arrogant Snapchat before the game might have been the reason PSG players mocked him all night long

As much as the fans enjoy and love the action on the pitch, it was the noise off the pitch that had the social media buzzing.

After defeating Dortmund by 2-0 and winning the tie by 3-2, and finally qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Champions league after losing at this stage in the last two seasons, surprisingly the talking point was the celebration of the PSG players.

PSG celebrated their win by doing Dortmund star Erling Haaland’s celebration from the first leg, which attracted some criticisms from fans and pundits alike.

Gary Lineker said that PSG players lacked class and some even called the behaviour childish. But what was the reason that prompted the PSG players to do this? Were they really childish? Was it just a celebration or a “response”?

Apparently Haaland had posted this on his Snapchat from his hotel room before the tie claiming, Paris- My city, not yours.

Naturally, this didn’t go down well with Neymar, Mbappe and stars of PSG as it reflected in the celebrations.

It didn’t just end there. There was more to come. As Mbappe went live on his Instagram and the players once again mocked Haaland by doing his celebration.

Neymar clapped back to Haaland’s Snapchat from his social media with a reply of his own.

Victory clearly meant a lot to the club and the players as they celebrated from the top tier of the Parc des Princes stadium with the thousands of fans waiting outside as the match was played in an empty stadium due to the threat of Coronavirus.

Haaland vs PSG surely had everyone divided, some feeling the celebrations was shithousery at its finest while others were of the view that it lacked professionalism, but I suppose we could all agree that this whole saga surely did present entertainment on and as well as off the pitch.

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On Repeat: Mason Mount unleashed a pass of the season contender with this long-range dipping effort during Everton win

The 2019/20 season has been nothing short of a revelation for Chelsea. The Blues, renowned for their money-backed approach in building their squad, had to reassess their transfer strategy given the recent two-window transfer ban.

Going into the season with a young manager in charge, and having to rely on the young guns raised quite a bit of concern among the fans.

However, the trust put into the young team by the management has certainly paid dividends as Chelsea currently stand 4th in the Premier League table and have cemented their place in the FA Cup Quarters, beating Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool on the way.

The performance of their academy graduates, such as Tammy Abraham, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Fikayo Tomori and more recently Billy Gilmour has been immensely fruitful for the London club. However, the player that seems to come of his age the most is the number 19, Mason Mount.

Following a productive loan spell at the Championship side Derby County, the 22-year-old has quickly established himself as a starter in the Chelsea squad and with each matchday, the young prospect seems to be growing more and more into his game.

The midfielder brings to the table a perfect blend of creativity and work-rate and with his incisive passing and silky feet, the player has earned himself a huge admirer in Frank Lampard.

Mount’s potential was on full display in Chelsea’s recent showdown against Everton as the Englishman pulled off a delightful 60-yard pass across the field that seemed to get stuck in the air as it travelled towards the feet of the Chelsea full-back with great precision.

Definitely one of the ‘pass of the season’ contenders and absolute beaut to say the least –

Mount also broke his 18-game goal drought as he opened the scoring for Chelsea, thanks to a smooth turn and finish to the bottom left corner that gave his England team-mate Jordan Pickford no chance.

A sign of great things to come for the Blues as they look to hold on to the Champions League spots and hopefully get their hands on the FA Cup to show for their exploits.

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Photo – Look at Marcelo Bielsa in the background as Luke Ayling celebrated his stunning goal with the Leeds United squad

After all of the turbulence that they endured, this is looking to be Leeds United’s year after all.

After a fantastic start to their Championship season, the Peacocks endured some anxious moments in the middle of their campaign as they kept losing match after match from a winning position, partly due to a lack of defensive application and mostly due to keeper Kiko Casilla’s piss poor performances.

All of this, however, is firmly in the past now. Leeds have begun to look a formidable side once more, notching up comprehensive victories in five successive league games.

In fact, their most recent win, a score of 2-0 against Huddersfield, brought them back the coveted top spot that they had lost midway through.

In the midst of all of this, of course, is manager extraordinaire Marcelo Bielsa.

The gaffer has a glowing reputation of making sure the club he works in punches far above its weight, as he showed with the Peacocks in the latter half of last season.

This time around, his tactics did come under heavy scrutiny after Leeds United went through a nightmarish run of form through December and January. However, his pedigree has shone through and he is now back to being revered by the fans and has surely earned the begrudging respect of his detractors.

Of course, a glance at his expression would give a person absolutely no indication as to what he is feeling; the Argentinian is famous for his reticence in displaying any sort of emotion on or off the pitch.

His stonewalling, however, has only endeared him to both the players and the fans, who delight in finding instances of him doing exactly that. And, on Saturday, they got a perfect example of this behaviour.

The incident happened during Leeds’ win over Huddersfield, when a clinical show of passing and an incredible cross led to a fantastic acrobatic goal from right back and man-in-form Luke Ayling.

It was a goal that broke the deadlock between the two teams and Ayling naturally went to the dugout to celebrate with the rest of the squad.

All of them there were equally as jubilant and rushed forward to celebrate with Ayling, with the exception of one man. Of course, it was Bielsa, who was instead apparently looking at replays of the goal to see if it worked out properly: it emerged later that Ayling’s aerial display was no fluke but a result of intensely practicing that very same scenario a day before the match, on Bielsa’s behest.

It is most certainly undeniable at this point that it is this unassuming Argentinian that has brought about a sea change in the Peacocks; from the rag-tag bunch of also-rans from years past to the fighting unit with dreams of the Premier League it is now.

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(Video) Leeds United fans hit back Hull City with their own miserable chant during 4-0 win

The Hull City game against Leeds United from a few days ago has become quite notorious for the many moments of banter that it produced.

Of course, Peacock fans will regaled for a long time to come by Luke Ayling mocking Hull City’s Kevin Stewart after the match got over.

His display of showing where the teams stood in the points table of the EFL Championship (Leeds are second, Hull are all the way down in eighteen) perfectly summed up the general mood of shithousery directed towards the losing team and its fans.

That Hull City suffered a 4-0 ‘mauling’ at their hands was an irony not lost on the Leeds faithful, as another shithouse moment came after the game, when the Peacocks fans, in full attendance at Hull’s KC stadium, decided to give Hull a taste of their own medicine.

It is generally considered as an axiom that Hull City have one of the more pathetic fan chants in recent times.

Hull City were ‘mauled’ by Tyler Roberts on the day

The combination “You’re getting mauled by the tigers” while fans simultaneously claw the air (indicative of the tiger on the crest) is derided by other clubs as being cringeworthy, to say the least.

In fact, this sentiment is said to be shared by the general public as well, with even the Metropolitan Police having called out the Tigers fans’ drab routine in the past.

On the day, however, Leeds fans decided to take matters into their own hands and mocked the chant with a brilliant version of their own.

Every person in the visiting fans’ stand stood up in unison and started chanting the infamous song, all the while clawing the air much to the misery of the home team.

In fact, despite only being a parody, the modified chant ended up being much better than the original as it could also be interpreted as “You’ve been mauled by Tyler”, a tongue-in-cheek reference to Leeds striker Tyler Roberts’ fantastic brace on the day.

With even fans being resigned to enduring such blatant derision, it is safe to say that Hull are currently undergoing one of their worst seasons on record, and rivals Leeds could not possibly be any happier.

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(Video) Peak shithousery as Liverpool fan Sean McGurk holds up ‘six fingers’ after scoring a goal against Man Utd U18

If you think rivalries would be any less heated in a youth game, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

Manchester United youngsters made history against Wigan Athletic U-18s as they qualified for the FA Youth Cup semi-finals for the first time since 2012.

The topsy-turvy nature of the match saw some decent performances from the goalscorers Shola Shoretire, Ajodeji Sotona and the defender Teden Mengi.

However, it was the Liverpool born Sean McGurk who managed to occupy the heads of the United supporters.

Following an excellent strike in the first half which brought the Latics level, the 16-year-old had the audacity to run straight and shove six fingers at United fans, representing Liverpool’s six UCL titles.

Needless to say, this got the Old Trafford boiling with anger.

Later, with the things heating up, the Wigan striker was met with shrewd chants from the United faithful after his night on the pitch ended with an injury.

Peak shithousery from both parties involved.

In the end the United boys claimed the victory via Sotona’s winner.

Nonetheless, this will be the moment from the game the Liverpool fans will be taking note of and who knows, Sean McGurk, who clearly seems to be a Liverpool fan, might become one for the future for the Reds.

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(Video) Olympiakos defender was every Arsenal fan after Aubameyang missed an absolute sitter from point-blank range

The Europa League tie against Olympiakos Piraeus marks the end of Arsenal’s European adventure as Mikel Arteta’s men were sent crashing out of the competition by a 119th minute winner from Youssef El-Arabi in disheartening fashion.

The Greek side came to the Emirates with a plan and duly frustrated the home team by sitting deep inside their own half, disrupting the free flowing game that Arteta would’ve wished to see. They even got a goal to show for their efforts which came via Cisse’s header in the 53rd minute.

Meanwhile, Arsenal were complacent in their defending, particularly on set pieces, and were limited to 0 shots on target all way way up till the 77th minute.

As the match went to extra time, Aubameyang emerged with a sumptuous bicycle kick goal to put the Gunners ahead in the tie.

However, the joy was short-lived, as Youssef El-Arabi capitalized on yet another defensive lapse from the Arsenal defence, this time on a half-cleared corner.

But the contest was far from over, and still had one last moment of action as the Gabonese striker found himself with a gilt-edged opportunity, six-yards out from the goal in the very last minute of the game.

It wasn’t to be though for Auba and Arsenal as, with the goal at his mercy, he dragged the shot wide.

No one in the stadium, including the Olympiakos defender Ousseynou Ba, could quite apprehend how the striker failed to put the ball in the back of the net.

The number 24, stood in disbelief, with hands on his head, summing up the reaction from the Gooners.

Although it was relief that followed the defender, for Aubameyang and the home fans, it was sheer agony.

It hurts“, said the Arsenal boss after the match and it indeed does, in more ways than one.

Fingers are now being pointed out at Arteta for the lack of rotation in the team and other in-game decisions as Arsenal might have just lost their best shot at the Champions League spot for the next season.

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New boy Martin Braithwaite scores Messi-esque goal in training before Real Madrid clash

Martin Braithwaite’s entire perspective of the football world is sure to have shaken up significantly over the past fortnight or so.

Not a year ago he was branded with harsh, hateful words like flop and an absolute failure after not being able to win over fans at Championship club Middlesbrough for two seasons.

The lad had been mediocre, yes, but he received near-universal condemnation from the media that nearly derailed his career.

After his exit from English football, Martin, however, found a new lease of life with bottom-of-the-table Leganes in the La Liga.

Apparently, his somewhat improved form was good enough for a club as big as Barcelona to consider him as a backup striker.

And, while his inclusion into the squad was only to cover for an injured Luis Suarez, the Danish forward has quickly found fans for what is, basically, a quintessential underdog tale.

The striker, bought by the Blaugrana for roughly £18 million, failed to impress anyone in the stadium during his unveiling, performing and failing at some tepid shows of skill.

However, since that day, reports have constantly emerged of his hard working ways in training and his desire to learn.

The culmination of this effort was seen in his debut against Eibar, where he nearly bagged a goal and provided an assist to none other than Lionel Messi.

Safe to say, his detractors are definitely sitting up and taking notice of his determination to prove them dead wrong.

An aspect of his training that is especially noteworthy is his ability to constantly absorb knowledge imparted by the best in the business who he regularly works with.

Of them, Braithwaite clearly looks up to Messi and has been spotted trying to implement more of the Argentinian’s game in his.

A video that surfaced on Twitter recently showcased exactly how successful Martin has been in his efforts. In the clip, Braithwaite can be seen going over some attack scenarios with his squad mates who’ve been divided into two teams.

Martin, after a touch of passing the ball around with Arthur, goes on a pacey run all of a sudden, taking the opposition by surprise.

The lad then takes the ball, dribbles it comfortably past three defenders and calmly slots it into the net. The resemblance to Messi’s famous displays of skill was uncanny.

With the El Clasico right around the corner, Barça will consider themselves very fortunate to have a solid back up striker at their disposal in the form of Martin Braithwaite.

The Dane almost certainly has a hunger to succeed with the chance that he’s gotten, and Real Madrid would do well to watch out for him.

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Photo – Snapshot from Chelsea clash shows just how much of a shithouser Jose Mourinho really is

While it has been controversial ever since it was implemented back in the 2018 World Cup, VAR has caused some major acrimony in the past few months, with players openly protesting it’s shoddy usage.

One such incident occurred the last Saturday, during the match between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

While the Blues managed to beat their London rivals 2-1 despite some tense moments in the end following a Rüdiger own goal, the match overall was riddled with controversy.

One of the most shocking decisions came in the 52nd minute.

Tottenham’s Giovani Lo Celso, who was in possession, was shielding it from the opposition when Azpilicueta came sliding in to get the ball. He missed, however, and was instead stamped on by Lo Celso.

The referee, who did not have the best view of the incident, referred it to VAR. However, even in this situation, with the decision being so easy to make, Lo Celso got away with nothing more than a yellow card.

This, when players with lesser offences usually get sent off with a direct booking. Even the Premier League admitted later on that the VAR had gotten it horribly wrong in that particular incident.

What’s interesting about this incident, however, was Jose Mourinho’s opinion about the situation.

The man was seen, by millions that too, on live television being directly in front of Lo Celso and Azpilicueta when the challenge happened, less than a metre away at the sideline.

Yet, when asked about it in a post match interview, all the Tottenham manager had to say was this:

“I didn’t watch it. I didn’t watch on TV and in the game. I don’t know.”

Good lord, that is some clowing of the highest order. And it is, by no means, the first or even the fifth incident of ‘The Special One’ having disparaged teams and their managers before: here’s a decent quiz on Mourinho’s many shithouse moments.

There’s no denying that Jose is certainly world class when it comes to both managerial tactics and shithouse antics.

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What Ter Stegen did in the 95th minute of Napoli draw shows how Liverpool still haunt Barcelona

It’s been about about ten months since that special night at Anfield when Liverpool crushed Barcelona 4-0 to qualify for the Champions League final in Madrid last season.

The task for Jurgen Klopp’s men seemed to be a huge mountain to climb after a 3 goal deficit from the first leg, however, the spirit, passion, work-rate and a moment of genius between Trent Alexander-Arnold & Divock Origi saw the Reds pull off a miracle.

The nature of the loss was the most daunting to take for the Culés.

With the game tied on aggregate, Alexander-Arnold came up with the goods for Liverpool on the 79th minute.

The right-back was on the money with his quickly taken corner as Origi finished off the move to put the Reds through to the final.

A season after, the Origi winner still seems to haunt the minds of the Barcelona defence.

Goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen must have got a surge of those memories pouring in during Barcelona’s recent Champions League tie as he screamed at Nelson Semedo for switching off while facing a last-minute corner against Napoli, with the right-back immediately making amends.

Knocked out of Europe’s most prestigious club competition for 4 seasons running, one can understand why Barcelona players would be especially careful to avoid another ‘corner taken quickly’ moment.

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Current and former Arsenal players loved what Serge Gnabry wrote on social media after Chelsea win

It’s no secret how Arsenal fans would cherish the return of their former prodigy, Serge Gnabry.

The German ace has experienced a meteoric rise in his career ever since his move to the Bundesliga after a disappointing loan spell at West Bromwich Albion.

Following a stellar season at Werder Bremen, German Champions, Bayern Munich pounced upon the talent to replace the ageing Robben and Ribéry.

Those were big shoes to fill in, however, Gnabry stood up to the task brilliantly, scoring 13 goals and providing 9 assists in his first season at the club.

Although he hasn’t looked back since, London still seems to play a role in his career.

With a brace in the 3-0 win at Stamford Bridge last night, the German has now amassed 6 goals in two tantalizing displays against London clubs in the Champions League this season, which includes the famous four-goal haul against Spurs back in October last year.

Arsenal faithful were delighted to see their PL rival get thrashed in Europe by one of their academy products.

And it wasn’t just the fans who celebrated, as current and former Arsenal players thronged to Serge Gnabry’s Instagram post which simply read, “London still red..” –

Needless to say fans loved how Wilshere, Bellerin, Chambers, Ox and Jeff Reine-Adelaide reunited to represent one big Arsenal family at the expense of Chelsea.

As they say, once a Gooner always a Gooner!

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Saka and Nketiah ‘connect’ fabulously on social media after linking up for Arsenal in win against Everton

Arsenal maintained their unbeaten run in 2020 as the fans at the Emirates stadium witnessed their team put up a scintillating display in the 3-2 comeback win against Everton.

The Gunners saw themselves fall behind in the very first minute of the game. However, the belief in the team did not diminish as academy product Edward Nketiah brought them level just before Aubameyang momentarily put Arsenal ahead.

Despite conceding a late first half equalizer, the home team came roaring back into the lead as Aubameyang again slotted the ball in the back of the net just after the restart, which proved to be the winning goal.

Besides amassing 3 points in a bid to secure the Champions League spot for next season, another reason for the fans to be euphoric is the growing partnership between Eddie Nketiah and Bukayo Saka, who linked up together to score Arsenal’s first goal in the game.

The connection between the two was evident on the field and off of it as well as both Saka and Nketiah went pun-crazy in their celebrations after the win on social media.

Arsenal fans would have loved how both the players used jargons one generally uses while talking about mobile phones connectivity as they celebrated combining for the goal and the overall win against Everton.

Check out this to & fro between Saka and Nketiah below –

The goal also saw them break Arsenal’s 12-year old record of a Premier League goal being scored and assisted by two under-21 players, previously held by Nicklas Bendtner and Denilson.

Saka & Nketiah have known each other from their time in the academy and the duo could prove vital as Arteta’s men hope to see the rest of the season off by providing the fans with some beautiful football and hopefully a Champions League spot in the process.

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Footage of a steward soaking in the atmosphere inside Ibrox goes viral after Rangers v Braga

Scottish Premier League club Rangers truly seem to be on a roll this season.

Apart from the top flight points table, where they currently trail leaders and bitter rivals Celtic by ten points with a game in hand, the Steven Gerrard led team has been solid in all of the various competitions it has participated in this season.

Today, however, it is just one victory in particular that will most certainly be playing in their minds. This would be the incredible comeback win that Rangers just somehow managed to snatch from Portuguese outfit Braga in a round of sixteen Europa League match last Thursday.

Playing at home in Glasgow, Rangers got off to the worst possible start, falling behind to Brazilian Fransergio’s goal in the eleventh minute of the game. After an otherwise dull first half, their miseries were compounded when Barcelona youth export Abel Ruiz made it 2-0 for the away side just before the hour mark.

What followed next, however, simply took away the fans’ breath away as Rangers launched a scintillating comeback.

Having been absent for large parts of the match, their attack burst into life at the most opportune moment, capitalizing on a tired Braga defence.

Winger Ianis Hagi, son of Romanian legend Gheorghe Hagi, was the first to strike, his goal bringing back some hope for the Rangers faithful. Eight minutes after that, substitute Joseph Aribo’s wonderful strike restored parity.

It was another strike, eight minutes from full time, from budding star Hagi that finally landed a death blow on Braga’s hopes of snatching an away victory from the fixture, and the Bears capped off an improbable win of epic proportions.

As expected, the packed stands at Ibrox stadium, completely taken aback and delighted by the turnaround, simply went bonkers when the final whistle sounded. They raucously sang chants praising the players and their voices filled the air and brought about a goosebumps-inducing atmosphere in the arena.

The experience was so greatly inspiring, in fact, that one of the stewards was completely overawed by the fans’ tremendously synchronized display.

He was seen looking around the stadium, breath clearly taken away by the thunderous chanting and clapping that he was witnessing.

If that monumental moment wasn’t enough to make him a Rangers fan (if he wasn’t already), then perhaps nothing will be.

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Photo – Eden Hazard caught wearing Chelsea shin pads in Real Madrid’s game against Levante

The football gods have been cruel towards former Chelsea star Eden Hazard.

The Belgian international has been a shadow of his former self ever since his move to Real Madrid with fitness issues and injury problems plaguing the start of his career in Spain.

Hazard was considered one of the best players in Europe during his time in London, having won the Premier League and the Europa League twice with Chelsea while scoring a whopping 110 goals and providing 92 assists in the process.

Hazard duly established himself as a darling and a legend amongst the Blues faithful.

And he still continues to rep the London side despite his move to the Los Blancos as the Belgian was captured wearing his custom-made Chelsea shin pads during Real Madrid’s defeat against Levante.

However, things are going from bad to worse for Hazard at his dream club.

After what was only his second appearance since returning from a 16-match absence due to an ankle injury, he suffered another fracture to the same ankle.

It’s still early days with respect to Eden Hazard’s Madrid career but his current situation begs us to ask the question, if a return to Chelsea is still on the cards for the Belgian.

Stamford Bridge certainly wouldn’t mind watching their beloved son back in the blue kit again.

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Photo – Liverpool fans are in awe of this away kit concept in purple/gold

The month of March dawns upon the football world as various Premier League clubs buckle up for the final stretch of the season.

This also spells the time when the fans get to have an exclusive look at their team’s future kits as leaks of various club’s 20/21 outfits have popped up online.

Many designers, as well as the fans themselves, take this opportunity to showcase their own talent, resulting in some of the most eye-catching displays we’ve seen, as already demonstrated in the recent Spurs and Arsenal concept kits.

Now, it’s time for Liverpool fans to relish as Twitter user @_ZieDaen decided to inject his creativity to present them with a rejuvenated away concept kit for the 20/21 season, photoshopped over Mohamed Salah.

With an interesting choice of design palette, the kit comprises a neat midnight purple base along with contrasting golden templates over the sleeves, collars and logos to provide an overall alluring look.

Needless to say, Liverpool fans were duly mesmerized by the new design-

The overall outfit certainly packs a punch as the visualization has been a reason for genuine enthusiasm amongst LFC fans and they’d expect Nike to present an equivalent, if not a better model for the Reds next season.