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Opinion | Everything Maurizio Sarri was bashed for is now acceptable under Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard had huge voids to fill in when he walked in as the Chelsea manager. Arguably, Chelsea and Premier League’s best player Eden Hazard had just left the club for Real Madrid, there was a two window transfer ban in place and Maurizio Sarri had abandoned the ship to join Juventus.

Any manager in the world would have perhaps refused the job but Abramovich and his colleagues found the perfect man in Frank Lampard. Who else to lead Chelsea in their time of crisis other than their blue blooded legend and the top scorer in their club’s history.

Frank Lampard had his job cut out, from using academy players in the starting eleven to putting a strategy in place which by Lampard’s own admission is heavily reliant on off the ball movements.

It would be wrong to say that Frank Lampard has not had success with this current crop of young Chelsea players, however there seems to be a Maurizio Sarri sized shadow looming over Chelsea.

Some of Lampard’s ideas, mistakes and substitutions have stark similarity to the current Juventus manager. It is mildly surprising that Frank Lampard is not yet receiving flak from much of the media or the fans.

World class defensive midfielder being played out of position

Maurizio Sarri was primarily accused of being strategically very stubborn. A 4-3-3 with Jorginho at the base of the midfield, Kante in a more advanced position playing on the right hand side of Jorginho, is how Maurizio Sarri shaped his team during his tenure at Stamford Bridge.

Lampard’s appointment brought hope, it was expected of him to play Kante in his best position as a defensive midfielder. In all of Lampard’s game where Kante played, he either formed a double pivot with Jorginho or as the case was under Sarri, Kante played on the right of a three man midfield.

The English tabloids which once criticized the Italian coach for not returning to the basics with his Chelsea strategy have turned a blind eye to Frank Lampard’s similar use of N’Golo Kante.

Although Frank Lampard found success in a few matches with this formation, off late N’Golo Kante’s performance have been a reason of disgruntlement among the Stamford Bridge faithfuls.

Sarri – Jorginho = Lampard – Mount?

The first goal of the Frank Lampard era came through one of Chelsea’s academy graduate – 21 year old attacking midfielder Mason Mount.

Mason Mount’s work rate, goal scoring ability, late runs into the box and the capability to play in multiple positions makes him an absolute carbon copy of his manager.

All that being said, Mount has performed way below par in a few games, his inconsistency and his inability to turn up at moments when it matters has cost Chelsea a few points this season.

Lampard has time and again stuck with Mason Mount sacrificing Mateo Kovacic in the process – a proven box to box midfielder and an efficient dribbler.

Similar accusations were made against Maurizio Sarri after he chose to stick with Jorginho in spite of the playmakers quite evident inability to provide defensive cover to the back four. 

The curious case of Ross Barkley

The midweek London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal saw Frank Lampard substitute Mateo Kovacic at the 65th minute with Ross Barkley.

One of the popular substitutions during the Maurizio Sarri era was also the introduction of Ross Barkley in place of Mateo Kovacic around the 70th minute mark.

With 7 goals and 5 assists in 63 games in all competitions, the problem is not with the similarity but with the fact that Ross Barkley has failed to prove himself under either manager.

Similar strategies or long-lasting Sarriball effect

It would be oversimplifying a complex situation if one would say Maurizio Sarri and Frank Lampard has a similar style of management.

It would not be entirely wrong to say that there has been a change of culture at Chelsea since Lampard’s appointment with the highlight of the season being academy players coming through.

It would be almost criminal to say that Frank Lampard and Maurizio Sarri have similar ways of playing.

The outcome of their managerial tenures might have similarities, that is because those are the symptoms of a club underperforming.

The clock’s ticking for Lamps

Jose Mourinho, Rafa Benitez, Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Di Matteo, Antonio Conte – just a few world class managers who have had a taste of Chelsea’s revolving door policy when it comes to managers.

Only time will tell how long Frank Lampard will stay but if he has to secure his stay, he has to find the answers.

With 3 games against top 6 teams in the coming weeks and an UCL knockout fixture against Bayern Munich, Lampard has to find answers fast. It won’t be long before his get-out-of-jail free card of being a club legend expires.

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Opinion | How the rich weaponized football and the global fight to reclaim it

In spite of the rich trying to sell football as a method to control the masses, the marginalized have used the same weapon owned by the rich to voice their opinion.

How the rich weaponized football

Recently La Liga Chief Javier Tebas launched a scathing attack on the occasion of the Spanish federation organized Copa Del Rey being held in Saudi Arabia. Javier Tebas alleges the Saudi monarchy of using football as a means to “whitewash” their reputation of being a human right abusing nation.

It is not quite clear how much evidence Tebas’ allegations hold but it can be safely said that time and again history has remained witness to football and sports in general being used as a political tool.

Luis Rubiales immediately came in defence of the CDR being held in Saudi and claimed football is being used as a part of “social change” as for the first time men and women were allowed to sit together in a Saudi stadium.

Iraq’s historic Asia cup triumph turned into George Bush’s campaign weapon

The 2007 AFC Cup victory was landmark in Iraq’s history. Amidst ethnic factionalism and a military invasion by the US, the Iraqi national team did exceptionally well to win the biggest football tournament in Asia.

Iraqi national team with the AFC Asia Cup

The then US president George W. Bush didn’t shy away from shamelessly disguising the Iraqi voices to fit into his campaign narrative. George W. Bush not only turned football into his campaign weapon but he weaponized the success of Iraq’s Asia Cup campaign to give an idea of how American intervention is working for the betterment of the Iraqi people.

A tainted 2022 World Cup

130 million people – that’s how many people follow the FIFA World Cup. For fans and players all around the world, the FIFA world cup is the ultimate platform, it is a place which runs high on adrenaline and emotion. It is an absolute shame that FIFA has somehow managed to ruin the reputation and the significance of the coming 2022 world cup.

It was a massive shock when Qatar won the vote to host the 2022 World Cup, main concerns being the climate, huge cost of the world cup, Qatar’s almost nonexistent football history and glaring human rights concern.

Qatar’s horrific treatment of labourers, starting from keeping labourers in unsanitary camps to not paying them salary and destroying their contracts have time and again been reported by media houses.

In spite of FIFA’s inclusionary policies the 2022 World Cup is going to be hosted by a country where homosexuality is punishable by death. All these have already made life difficult for FIFA from a PR and marketing perspective, but then in 2019 banned UEFA president Michel Platini was detained by French officials on possible corruption charges. Quite naturally Platini denied any wrongdoing. 

Ex-UEFA chief Michel Platini leaves the Central Office for Combating Corruption and Financial and Tax CrimesCredit: AFP

He was detained at the Anti-Corruption Office of the Judicial Police outside Paris. The arrest represented the first substantial public move in an investigation into the 2022 world cup opened in 2017 by France’s Parquet National Financier, which is responsible for law enforcement against serious financial crime.  

On June 2014, The Sunday claimed to have obtained documents which shed light on further corrupt dealing between FIFA and Qatari officials to support the World Cup bid on Qatar’s behalf. It was claimed by TST that Mohammad Bin Hammam who was President of the Asian Football Confederation at the time had paid more than 5 million US Dollars to football officials to support Qatar’s bid.

The biggest event on Earth and its reputation has been successfully tainted by powerful and rich Qatari officials and FIFA senior office holders.

The fight to reclaim football

Most European and Latin American countries have football as a part of their cultural lives, and it is a redundant argument to say that football should not be involved with politics.

The beautiful game which has integrated so much into the lives of the masses that culturally it is a point of discussion and discourse in every salon, bar and coffee shop, such a phenomenon should not and cannot be kept apolitical.

However, question remains that is football a nice platform for rebellion, a political tool to keep the populace under control or is it just a sport that has been appropriated so much by popular culture that the rise of authoritarian governments all over the world automatically lead to football being a stage for outrage.

Football has been a stage for the longest time to voice one’s opinion, although that is not a popular opinion.

Racism in Italy

The Italian Serie A recently has seen numerous instances of racism. Their main victim being Mario Balotelli. In the game where Brescia played against Verona, Balotelli allegedly was subjected racial monkey chants, a disgusting thing to have happened.

Mario Balotelli threatened to walk off the pitch following racial abuses hurled towards him.

Subject to such unacceptable, Balotelli was ready to leave the playing field. Upon being stopped by players of both the team, Balotelli read a letter out to the fans of Verona which was greeted by immense whistling.

After the match, leader of Verona’s supporter group Luca Castellini later claimed that the Italian national can never be “completely Italian”. Alarming statements given Mario Balotelli’s parents are Ghanaian.

Popularly, Balotelli’s reaction is being considered as excessive in nature and that the Verona fans were just passionate about their teams. A country where casual racism is the norm and the far right government quite openly discriminates on racial grounds, Balotelli’s remarkable protest has already made its place in the pages of history books.

Strike after Ronaldo’s transfer

Ronaldo’s €112 million transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus sparked protests in Fiat Chrysler’s Melfi plant. Although two separate businesses, Fiat Chrysler and Juventus are both owned by the Agnelli family.

The hefty price tag of Cristiano Ronaldo in an inflated market meant Chrysler was set to miss out on crucial investments. Amidst economical hardships of the workers such a move was naturally unwelcome. The strike was proposed to be for more than one and a half days bringing Fiat’s Melfi plant to a standstill.

Xhaka and Shaqiri’s show of defiance

Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri’s double hand eagle gesture after celebrating a goal against Serbia in Euro 2018 also received backlash from the Serbian fans. Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri were fined 10,000 swiss francs whereas Stephan Lichtsteiner had to pay up 5000 swiss francs for joining in the celebration.

They themselves fleeing Kosovo and witnessing first hand Serbia inflicted genocide upon Kosovo, it is understandable why the two Swiss players would come up with a gesture that signifies their ethnic Albanian heritage. Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri will forever remain in the hearts of those 1.2 – 1.45 million Albanians displaced during the Kosovo war.

During the pre-season of the 2017-18 season in a friendly against French club Paris Saint Germain, Tunisia’s club Africain fans held up a tifo which read, “CREATED BY THE POOR STOLEN BY THE RICH”. A bold statement made by a club whose international fame is nonexistent.

India’s platform to express herself

India has been witnessing protests all over the country after their government introduced a draconian citizenship law. In India’s league football, the I-league, one of the biggest games is the Kolkata Derby played between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal.

The significance of the clubs lies in their supporter bases, Mohunbagan is traditionally supported by the Ghotis or the westerners who stayed over in India during the partition of India in 1947 and East Bengal supported by the Bangals or the refugees who came over to India during the partition.

The most recent Kolkata Derby held on 19th January saw tifos which were specifically designed to protest the citizenship law. Mohun Bagan is also a club whose 1911 IFA Shield victory was something that upheld the revolutionary that was already brewing in India to seek Independence from British colonialism.

A fight still to be won

“The bottom line is football has become a business and as a business it looks for income,” Ernesto Valverde, had said upon arriving in Riyadh for the semifinals of the Copa Del Rey. “That’s the reason we are all here” –  his words give us light of an unfortunate situation where football all over the world is being played to make the rich richer.

Football clubs have become a breeding ground for revenue generated through various marketing and sponsorship deals. The grossly inflated transfer market makes zero sense given economical conditions around the world. The fixture congestion is an automatic outcome of the broadcaster’s desire to profit from the unquenchable demand for endless football games.

The way players are demanded to play starting from midweek cup fixtures to weekend league games that it is a surprise that it does not break the labour laws in any country although the huge wages might compensate for the immense physical demands.

Amidst all these there is a trend to be noticed among all of the aforementioned incidents, that football has historically stood against the oppressors.

Football, the fans, the teams and the players through various means have stayed on an honest path, it has been a voice for the voiceless and especially it has disturbed those who thought football can be owned. Football has shown us time and again that in spite of the rich and powerful trying to weaponize and monetize it, football will remain a tool for the mass to express themselves and it will always let the unheard voice their opinions.

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Screenshots leaked as Man Utd fan accuses Luke Shaw of focusing more on his pro CoD career than football

Luke Shaw was the most expensive left-back of all-time when Manchester United spent close to £30 million to bring the England international to Old Trafford from Southampton back in 2014.

A promising player, Luke Shaw was touted to become one of the best left-backs in the world, by his manager and coaching staff at Southampton; and a move to the Premier League giants could only ensure his growth and progress.

 However, Shaw’s career has been marred with several, lengthy injuries and he never looked close to reaching his potential.

He was often criticized by Jose Mourinho, for being too lazy on the ball, unfit and slightly overweight.

He has enjoyed the backing of fans throughout his career at Manchester United, but after a recent tweet with screenshots, shared by one eagle-eyed user, several United fans took to social media to voice their frustration about the English international.

 One would expect Luke Shaw to work on his fitness and stamina levels by hitting the gym in his free time, but from the screenshots, we can see that Shaw spent almost all of his time on games like Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Shaw spent a total of 74,800 minutes on CoD and 18,780 minutes on Fortnite, compared to the meager 9,389 minutes for Manchester United.

This isn’t what any manager would expect from the world’s highest-paid left-back.

The Twitter user also accused Shaw, (who played under the name of Roasty) of paying others to play the game on his behalf to boost his ranking on the leaderboard.

 While Shaw is free to do whatever he wishes in his time-off, he isn’t expected to waste it playing games online, when he has his fitness and recovery concerns to address.

Shaw has been slammed by several fans on Twitter after the Old Trafford faithful found out about Shaw’s hobby and called him out on it furiously.

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(Video) Egyptian TV host absolutely ruins Manchester United after Liverpool win 2-0 at Anfield

It was a scintillating display by Liverpool as the Reds imposed a 2-0 defeat on their arch-rivals Manchester United at Anfield.

Virgil van Dijk scored a brilliant header following TAA’s cross, and from then on, there was pressure on the Red Devils for the entirety of the match.

Salah’s last-minute goal, following an assist from Alisson, twisted the dagger deeper into United, as Klopp and his team showed why they are the best team in the world.

Liverpool extended their unbeaten run at home to 51 games and Reds fans excited by the result would have loved how a TV presenter in Egypt responded to the win as he repeatedly yelled “Who’s your daddy” at Man United during a feature after the match.

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🔥 Klopp influence on display as Liverpool player spotted chasing the ball like a man possessed during an U23 game

One of the standout performers in that famous FA Cup win against Everton few days ago, Pedro Chirivella was right on the money again as the Spaniard provided a delightful assist in the Liverpool U23s 5-0 thrashing of Southampton in the Premier League 2 fixture last night.

Besides his pin-point long range pass before Harvey Elliot’s goal, Liverpool fans seem to be absolutely in love with another clip of the Spaniard from the game.

The footage shows Chirivella chasing the ball like a man possessed and it simply sums up the effort the Spaniard is putting in making a name for himself at Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp’s influence at Liverpool Football Club all too clear for everyone to see here –

Liverpool U23s starting lineup: Winterbottom, Williams, Van den Berg, Boyes, Larouci, Chirivella, Clarkson, Cain, Elliott, Jones, Hardy

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(Photo) Gorgeous-looking Liverpool concept kit with Nike Air Jordan logo arrives online

Graphic designers (especially with Liverpool affiliations) had their work cut out for them as soon as Liverpool announced their much-awaited multi-year partnership with Nike on Tuesday.

Taking over from New Balance, Nike will act as the official kit supplier for the Anfield side from 2020-21 season and it is fair to say that fans would expect big things from the sportswear giants next season.

Jurgen Klopp’s side have been on fire for quite a while now and their supreme form seems to have influenced the fans as well with graphic designer and LFC fan Hasan banging out an absolute peach of a concept kit for the Reds next season.

The home kit which features the Air Jordan logo instead of the traditional Nike swoosh has become an instant hit with the fans.

Check it out below –

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Expressions goes raw as famous Tottenham YouTuber records a lively segment on Sky Sports

Looking at Tottenham Hotspur you cannot discount 2019 out of their history.

After an year playing at Wembley, Spurs shifted to their new stadium on 3rd April, 2019 and since then they have played and lost a Champions League final, got their hands busy in the summer transfer window, sacked Mauricio Pochettino and roped in Jose Mourinho to change their dwindling fortunes on the field.

One would logically assume that Daniel Levy has done everything in his capability to fill in the rather scantily populated trophy cabinet at the newly built stadium. However, the outcome of Daniel Levy’s investment has not bore the fruit he would have wanted, with his club desperately fighting for a Champions League spot in the Premier League and his new signings not hitting it off at all.

Spurs finished 2019 with a 2-0 loss to Chelsea at home on 22nd December, winning 2-1 against Brighton on Boxing day and drawing the final game of the year against Norwich 2-2 at Carrow Road.

Their fortunes didn’t change much as they started the year with a 1-0 defeat against Southampton at St. Mary’s and could only manage a 1-1 draw against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup.

Spurs fan and a popular YouTuber Expressions Oozing recently went on Sky Sports to discuss the transfer possibilities for Spurs in the January window and with a little pinch of humor said on air what might resonate with entire Spurs fanbase at the moment.

Starting the show, the Youtuber clearly expressed his opinions on the ‘Christian Eriksen’ situation.

Expressions reiterated that even though he acknowledges and thanks Eriksen for his contribution, but his time is all but over at Spurs owing to his lack of energy and hunger on the field.

With a host of clubs pursuing Eriksen’s signature and Inter Milan chief Giuseppe Marotta confirming their interest in the Danish midfielder, it is set to be an interesting transfer window for Spurs fans as they wait to see how much they can earn from the star midfielder’s sale should he choose to go.

After having a detailed discussion about Christian Eriksen, Expressions quickly moved onto Jan Vertonghen and how the defenders contract situation is delicately poised.

Expressions opined that he believes that Jan Vertonghen is one of the best defenders in Spurs squad and he would quite like for the Belgian to stay as a squad player.

Expressions ended the segment with his opinions and wishes on the areas Tottenham need to strengthen and he suggested a host of areas including full backs on either wing, centre backs, a defensive midfielder and a forward.

To sum it up Expressions’ segment was highly entertaining, quite sensible from a footballing perspective and football fans loved the humorous way with which he explained and kept his opinions.

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(Photo) The insane speed Luka Modric notched up before scoring Real Madrid’s 3rd goal against Getafe

Real Madrid made a good start to the new year with a solid 3-0 win over Getafe to briefly climb to the top spot in La Liga ahead of Barcelona yesterday.

While the Catalans managed to regain the pole position with a draw later on, Zidane should still be impressed by the robust performance put in by his side.

While Thibaut Courtois earned most of the plaudits with a stellar performance between the sticks, fans did well not to miss out on the crazy speed Luca Modric notched up during the away fixture.

At 34-years of age the Croatian isn’t exactly considered a young man anymore but he seemed to turn back the clock with an insanely fast run during a Real counter and was clocked at a whooping 33.3 Km/h during the passage of play which led to his goal in the 96th minute.

Fans were quick to notice the midfielder’s pacy run during a post-match analysis and seemed to love the fact that the veteran is still being clocked at speeds that even many youngsters struggle to match.

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(Video) Another game, another otherworldly pass from Trent Alexander-Arnold

While Reds supporters are now surely beyond a point where they are surprised by Trent Alexander-Arnold’s abilities anymore, the youngster still manages to shock fans with his skill from time to time and whipped up another such magical moment against Sheffield United yesterday.

The defender put in another impressive performance at Anfield as Liverpool continued their match towards the Premier League crown with a 2-0 win which took their total tally to a whopping 58 points out of a possible 60.

The 21-year-old already caused a stir recently by closing in on the assists tally of Manchester United legend Paul Scholes and reminded everyone that he’s more than capable of getting his side out of a tricky situation at the other end of the field as well with a mind-boggling cross to switch the play.

After taking a throw-in in his own half the right-back probably stunned everyone on the pitch with a tremendous swirling cross to find Andy Robertson on the other flank as Sheffield players were closing in on him.

A clip of the moment soon made its way to Twitter and Reds have been singing praises about their defender’s ability on the social media platform since.

Out of this world! Check out a clip of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s crazy pass here:

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Mesut Ozil puts on a show as NBA legend visits Emirates to watch the Arsenal star in action against Man United

Arsenal turned on the style with a totally dominant first half display to stun Manchester United at the Emirates yesterday.

Mikel Arteta was understandably jubilant after the 2-0 win which marked his first victory in the Gunners dugout and also helped his side climb to the 10th spot in the league table.

While the Gunners were helped by a hapless display from their visitors during the first half, the tireless shift put in by some of the big names throughout the ninety minutes would have been a welcome treat for the home fans.

With the criticism surrounding his perceived ‘laziness’ not slowing down even after Arteta took over Mesut Ozil put on his work boots yesterday and put in a gritty performance that should quell some of the doubts regarding his workrate.

The crafty German looked like a man reborn against the Red Devils, covering more distance than any of his teammates and coincidentally the 11.53 KMs he ran yesterday was the most he has run in any match over the last two years for the club.

Ozil’s performance would have delighted his friend and NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki who was in the stands to support his compatriot and the titanic German baller would have surely got his money’s worth of football from watching his pal alone.

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(Video) Liverpool players involved in one of the most high-octane rondo sessions ever seen before Sheffield United clash

Liverpool will be hoping that they can start 2020 the same way they ended 2019 when they take on Sheffield United in the Premier League later today.

The Reds are the firm favourites to win the English crown come May after a breathtaking first half of the campaign during which they have blown away all those who came before them.

Liverpool’s form this year has been no fluke either with Jurgen Klopp known to be working his stars day and night to ensure optimum fitness levels ahead of matches.

The intensity of the training sessions at Melwood is also evident from a recent video that was posted by James Milner on Twitter which shows a group of Reds stars taking part in one of the most high-octane rondo drills you will ever see.

Some of the touches and quick passing from the players have left fans stunned and fans seemed convinced that it’s high intensity training drills like these that have enabled the Reds to remain unbeaten in the league so far.

Frighteningly good from Reds this! Check out the clip below:

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Bundesliga sensation shares Jorginho love on Instagram as Chelsea rumors surface online

When Maurizio Sarri left Stamford Bridge after a single year in London, most pundits were expecting Jorginho to follow his former manager out of the club just as he followed him from Napoli to Chelsea.

While the Italian was subjected to some harsh criticism last season he has since established himself as one of Frank Lampard’s go-to men and has been pivotal in the Blues’ chase for a top four spot so far this season.

The dynamic midfielder has also been turning heads with his signature ‘skip/hop’ penalty technique and has incredibly managed to convert 15 of his last 16 spot kicks.

While his technique is not everyone’s cup of tea, the unorthodox style has seemingly made a good impression on rumoured Chelsea target Timo Werner who recently uploaded a video clip (below) of him trying out the technique during a training session.

Timo Werner has been sensational so far this season

Blues fans were quick to notice the video on Instagram which mentioned Jorginho by name and will be hoping that the German’s admiration for the midfielder is a sign of an impending move to the Bridge with certain new reports suggesting that his transfer could be completed as soon as this January.

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Photos: Rosario local finds Leo Messi watching himself tormenting defences on TV while working out in a gym

Staying motivated when one is already at the pinnacle of one’s profession is a real challenge but like many challenges he has faced in his long and illustrious career Lionel Messi seems to have found a solution to that problem as well.

While the debate still rages on as to who is the best footballer of this generation it’s safe to say that the little Argentine has somewhat edged out Cristiano Ronaldo since the former Real superstar moved to Turin.

With individual accolades pouring in and milestones running out the 32-year-old seems to have found a real motivation to keep pushing forward – himself.

Messi’s fans look to be in a jubilant mood on Twitter after a Rosario local spotted the little wizard watching highlights of himself tormenting defences during a recent workout session and loved the attitude on display from the Barca superstar.

Only the best for the best! Check out the photos here:

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(Video) DoF Victor Orta went wild in the stands after Leeds United struck their 5th goal against Birmingham City

Leeds United went back to the top of the Championship in style after the club from Elland Road won a nine goal thriller 5-4 against Birmingham City.

Marcelo Bielsa’s men certainly didn’t make it easier for themselves against their hosts with Leeds relinquishing their lead 3 times before Wes Harding’s injury-time own goal handed them the win.

Leeds fans were absolutely over the moon after watching their side finally retake the lead after a topsy curvy game and even the club’s director of football Victor Orta seemed absolutely pumped after the 95th minute winner.

The 40-year-old could barely contain his excitement after watching the winner and was spotted having wildly passionate celebrations in the director’s box at St. Andrew’s.

A clip of his celebrations have since made its way to Twitter and fans loved to see the passion on display from the man in charge of handling transfers for Leeds.

Befitting scenes after a 9 goal thriller! Check out Victor Orta’s wild celebrations here :

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Shocking levels of modesty from Sadio Mane as Liverpool star spotted using iPhone with a broken screen protector before Leicester clash

With huge contracts and endorsement deals worth millions of pounds it’s safe to say that professional footballers earn considerably more than your average Joe.

Most footballers aren’t very modest about their exuberant wages either and with the advent of social media fans have often been left stunned by the extravagant lifestyles of their favourite stars.

But despite playing for one of the biggest clubs in Europe Sadio Mane seems to be made from a different mould and was spotted carrying around an iPhone with a broken screen guard before Liverpool dismantled Leicester City 4-0 yesterday.

The Senegalese international was absolutely pivotal to Liverpool’s success in the Champions League last year and has already notched up 11 goals and 10 assists this term as the Reds march towards their first league title since 1990.

Fans seemed utterly shocked to see Mane walk into the King Power stadium with a broken screen after a photo made its way to Twitter and the incident should serve as a true testament to the attacker’s modest nature.

Check out the photo below:


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Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane snapped hanging out with one of the hottest talents in the world currently

Real Madrid followed up on their 0-0 draw in the El Clasico with another goal-less draw against Athletic Club to go 2 points behind league leaders Barcelona.

After having a disastrous 2018/19 campaign Los Blancos were expected to challenge Barca for the La Liga title this time around but despite getting off to a bright start Zidane’s side are struggling for goals lately.

The French coach will surely be looking to add more firepower to his squad in the upcoming transfer windows and Zidane looks to be already on the case as he was spotted hanging out with one of the hottest talents in Europe right now.

Not many players have been called “incredible” by Pep Guardiola but that was the exact word the Spaniard used to describe Houssem Aouar after the youngster absolutely dominated City’s experienced midfield during City’s clash with Lyon in the UCL last year.

Since then the 21-year-old’s transfer value has skyrocketed and a host of top clubs around Europe including Zidane’s Madrid are said to be keeping tabs on the midfielder.

Zizou has already spoken about his admiration for the talented midfielder last summer and Houssem’s latest post with the French legend has got Real fans buzzing on Twitter.

The ‘Next Zidane’ hanging out with Zizou himself ! Check out Houssem’s latest photo here:

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Mikel Arteta caught on cam giving Reiss Nelson the ‘Pep Guardiola treatment’ after Bournemouth draw

After weeks of intense speculation Mikel Arteta was finally named Arsenal’s manager last week and oversaw his first game in charge during the 1-1 draw against Bournemouth yesterday.

While the new Arsenal boss will be a bit disappointed not to get off to a winning start in the dugout, Arteta will surely need more time to imprint his own philosophy and turn the fortunes around for his former club.

The 37-year-old is tipped for big things in North London after biding his time as assistant to one of the best in the business in Pep Guardiola and seems to have picked up some of the City manager’s trademark coaching moves.

Following the full time whistle Arteta was spotted having a long conversation with Reiss Nelson with his arms around the youngster’s shoulder which almost mirrored how his former boss has treated Raheem Sterling at times in the past.

Gooners will be hoping that Arteta can turn Nelson into a world class player like Sterling and seemed to enjoy the moment between the new boss and his upcoming prodigy after a clip of the moment made its way to Twitter.

Nelson gets the Sterling treatment from Arteta! Check out a clip of the moment between the two here :