American soccer expert answers Ronaldo v Messi GOAT question

I have so many questions. If pizzas are round in shape, why do they come in a square box? Why aren’t toasters called ‘tanning breads’? Who is the greatest football player in the world at the moment?

We may not realize it, but we are a fortunate lot. For we are living in a time when arguably the most gifted football player of all time and the most efficient footballing machine coexist today.

Future generations will one day ask their parents about the greatest sportsperson of all time. A ton of answers will crop up. But I think we can all agree that the list will hold the names the two people who have set the footballing world on fire for the last couple of decades.

The question, however, still persists. Who is the Greatest Of All Time? Is it the man, the myth, the legend – Cristiano Ronaldo? Or is it the man who was born with a ball at his feet, the footballing magician – Lionel Messi?

Sid Seixero, an American soccer expert thinks he has the answer.

Watch it here –

Sid Seixeiro has chosen a clear side in the GOAT debate, a question that has gone unanswered ever since Messi and Ronaldo have been vying for the award most prestigious, the Ballon d’Or.

While Messi and Ronaldo have both been plundering goals for their respective clubs all over Europe, fans have always been divided over who gets to be seated on the throne of the GOAT.

Ronaldo is the clear winner, says Seixeiro. In the video, Seixeiro goes on to state that Ronaldo has performed at arguably the same, if not a higher level than Messi while playing with teammates like Carrick and Fletcher. Messi, meanwhile, could count on the services of one of the silkiest central midfield duo of all time – Xavi and Iniesta.

Ballon d’Ors will come and go. Generations of players will come and go. But the GOAT debate will rage on. While Ronaldo will continue to conquer on the international stage and “prove” himself with clubs all over Europe, Messi will continue to do what he does best. Mesmerize.

Unless and until toasters are rechristened as tanning breads, the question of the GOAT will remain unanswered.

How famous footballers like to spend their free time

Just like the rest of us, famous footballers need a break from the demands of their jobs, a way to unwind and de-stress. When they are not at football practice or a big match, they have a wide range of hobbies that they like to pursue in their free time. Below are a few of the ways that many famous footballers like to spend their time when they’re not on the field or at practice.

Video Games

Like many athletes, footballers love to play video games or online games in their spare time, whether for relaxation, excitement, or to indulge their competitive side. While some (like Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil) like to play the massively popular Fortnite, a FIFA game, or Championship Manager, some enjoy playing other types of football-related games. For example, many casino games have incorporated elements of football into their gameplay, such as managerial role play and sports betting, as is the case with Live Football Studio.

One of the top Arsenal players, Alex Lacazette, loves to play FIFA with his friends while he is relaxing after a big game. Although it may seem contradictory that a famous footballer would want to play virtual games of football after a long game of playing football in real life, many players love to do this.

Board Games

Many professional athletes like to go home after a long day of football to relax with their friends or family and play a few board games. Whether they’re playing a relaxing game of Monopoly or a riveting game of Risk, it can be nice for some famous footballers to play a game of strategy to keep their mind sharp while they are off the field.

One of the famous footballers, Axel Tuanzebe, who plays for Manchester United, actually became a world record holder for the board game of Hungry Hippos. Tuanzebe set a world record for the fastest time of clearing a game of Hungry Hippos with a time of 17.36 seconds. The entire Manchester United team was playing Hungry Hippos during a trip to the United States in the summer of 2018 and Tuanzebe just happened to be faster at the game than the rest of his teammates. Not bad!

Raising Chickens

Farm work is a great way for some footballers to get out of their head and take a break from the stress of thinking about the game during their free time. Although raising chickens is not a hobby for everyone to do in their spare time, the famous footballer Joe Allen and his wife save hens. Recently, Allen even appeared on the front cover of Chicken & Egg magazine for this. They currently take care of over a dozen chickens, and he finds the task to be quite relaxing.


Famous footballer Moritz Volz admitted that he would bake cakes before any stressful match. He said that before playing Arsenal or Manchester United he would make cakes with bananas and green tea that had a biscuit-like texture. However, Volz would make heavier cakes when playing against rugged teams like the Blackburn Rovers. For matches like that, he would make a carrot cake with some nuts as a topping.

These are just a few of the many things that footballers do when they’re not at a press event, practicing, or at a match. With so many famous footballers these days — and ways like Instagram and online articles that allow us to keep up with their hobbies and interests — there are a wide range of ways that they like to spend their free time. While they take a break from the game, many of these athletes spend their downtime just like the rest of us — kicking back with a video game, spending time with friends and family, or even baking.

African soldiers singing Liverpool fans’ song for Steven Gerrard

Rangers were dealt a huge blow in their title aspirations after dropping points against St. Johnstone on Saturday.

Steven Gerrard seemed pretty disappointed with his side during his post-match presser and told his players to ‘forget’ about lifting the title after failing to cut Celtic’s 8 point lead at the top.

The draw seems to have affected the former England captain as he was pretty critical of his players and slammed the lack of leadership within the team for failing to step up when it mattered.

But a training instructor in Africa may have given the Liverpool legend something to smile about after releasing a video of him teaching the ‘Steven Gerard’ chant to his recruits during a training session.

The 38-year-old is pretty much a household name amongst football fans around the globe for his exploits with Liverpool and England for almost two decades.

Even though the Gers boss seems a bit down right now, he would probably feel a bit better after watching this clip of the instructor teaching his chant to the soldiers.

It’s indeed wonderful to see the marching soldiers rendition of the famous chant and the clip should definitely be a good watch for all Stevie G fans.

Check out the clip here :

Outrageous-looking Tottenham kit concept doing the rounds online

Concept kits always seem to provoke a mixed response from fans whenever they pop up on the internet, and this yellow Tottenham Hotspur concept kit is no different.

Featuring a bright yellow design and some blue detailing on the sleeves as well as behind the Nike logo, the kit looks to be modeled after the away jersey worn by the Spurs during the early 1990s.

The idea of using a yellow kit on their travels seems to have intrigued some fans on Twitter with the last yellow kit seen in the 2016/17 season when Under Armour were still their official kit manufacturers.

While some fans seemed to love the idea of the retro modeled design making a comeback, several others seemed less impressed with the concept kit on the micro-blogging site.

What do you think Spurs fans ? Check out the concept kit here :

Via Twitter

Gary Neville predicts where he thinks Arsenal will finish this season

With 13 games to go in the 2018/2019 Premier League season, the race for who amongst the trio of Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal ( well, not counting Tottenham for now as they still have the upper hand on the chasing trio ) is getting very interesting. From all indication, either Liverpool or Manchester City will win the league while the team that looks odds on to finish 3rd at the moment appears to be Tottenham.

So who will finish 4th, 5th and 6th amongst the rest of the the big six? The betting odds for who will finish in the top four in the Premier league this season keeps changing and there are many UK sports betting promotions to entice new customers to bet the top four market this season which is an indication of how interesting the race is this season. According to former Manchester United star, Gary Neville Arsenal will not be finishing among the top four in England yet again this season.

Neville reckons that the Gunners will in fact finish sixth in the league on this occasion.

Unai Emery is doing the best job that he possibly could do. It’s a squad that needs additions and it needs change.

He needs to sail that ship into shore, some need to disembark and the ones that he wants to get back on the need to sail back out to sea with him.

This first season for him is all about working out which players are going to be on the ship next season and testing out different things.

He’s finding out a lot about his players all the time. For instance, Matteo Guendouzi was fantastic against Manchester

He’s 19-years-old and that was a really good performance. Emery can build around things like that.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is always a threat but with the rest of the team there’s a lot to work on. It does need some change, but he will need time.

He might even need all next season as well. We shouldn’t really be rushing Unai Emery and Arsenal in respect of what he’s trying to achieve at the club.

Looking at the team I think sixth is about right to be honest.

I watched Manchester United at Leicester and they look stronger now. When you look at Manchester United’s forward line with Marcus Rashford, Alexis Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku and Anthony Martial, Arsenal haven’t got that.

Even in midfield United have got Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic and Ander Herrera and they are now looking stronger at the back.

Arsenal will end up sixth and it’s between Manchester United and Chelsea for fourth and fifth.

And to be honest, it is difficult not to agree with Neville considering how the Gunners have performed so far this season. After losing the first two games of the season, Arsenal went on a 22 game unbeaten run but ever since that came to an end against Southampton in November, they have blown both hot and cold. Arsenal might have one of the best striking force in the premier league but they don’t have the midfield and defence to support that attack.

They currently occupy the 6th position on the table behind Chelsea and Manchester United and it is difficult to see them finishing any better than that. Although it must be said that Chelsea don’t appear convincing at the moment but I simply can’t see them finishing ahead of the Blues.

In my humble opinion, Manchester United are the team best equipped to finish 4th in the league. The arrival of Gonzalo Higuain from Juventus could bring out the best from Eden Hazard ( as we all saw last weekend ) and Chelsea could yet come to live but at the moment I am not convinced.

Pack of Wolves get all the Cherries | Premier League

Bournemouth are always going to be a tricky opposition but Nuno and his Wolves have packed another three points on Saturday. This stands their third win in a row and many Wolverhampton fans would be over the moon watching their performances week-in-week-out.

Bournemouth did make The men in Orange to work hard, they would expect to lay this into bed far too early but that was not the case against Eddie Howe’s Cherries. The outcome was something which many of the reliable betting sites across Europe predicted it to turn out, although the most satisfying of all from Wolves point of view is watching Raul Jimenez perform.

Raul Jimenez, probably the centre of the talk coming into the game, delivered as expected and showed exactly ‘Why he is valued so high’. The technicality complemented by the chemistry he has with players around him, just a pleasure to watch.

Wolves did open up Bournemouth on multiple occasions – Diogo Jota had a commendable first half before injury and his replacement, Helder Costa just grew into the game.

Talking about goals; Wolves only took twelve minutes to make their mark on the game, rather cheaply though. Bournemouth have away the ball to Jota from a throw-in in their own half. Jota broke in diagonally with pace and precision went with a cross into the box (which I think was more of a shot luckily falling in-line rather than cross) and Jimenez was on the other end to make sure the ball rolls past Begovic and into the net.

Wolves did have that lead, but had to wait until the injury time before the final whistle to get the cushion second. The attack for this one started from defense with Coady heading the clearance down to Cavaleiro which was followed by a brilliant one-two with Costa, the ball was behind Bournemouth’s defence and Cavaleiro was one-on-one with Asmir Begovic, who was beaten on the driven.

I think the temperature was more challenging than the opponent, but to be honest, Wolves were playing better in the first half of the season and the quality, in my opinion, is starting to fade. You don’t see, those tactical switches mid-match, or those fake runs in the final third and mainly those admirable ‘personality defining’ short passes.

Nothing to take away from Nuno and his boys, 9 points in the Premier League in 10 days is something magnificent-but also their 2018/19 stats, but to continue with this they need to step up and focus. Legs start to tire up now and the challenges get tougher day by day.

How Alvaro Morata’s move from Chelsea to Barcelona would be a win-win for all

According the rumor mill, Alvaro Morata could be on his way to FC Barcelona for a loan by January.

The Spanish striker is currently going through a rough patch of football this season. With just 5 goals in the Premier League this year, the Spaniard is better off warming the bench.

Morata isn’t fitting into the style of play under Maurizio Sarri. The Spaniard is highly creative and has to have an equally supporting midfield and a cross-friendly team like the Catalans would give him the space he needs to grow.

The Catalans are in dire need for Luis Suarez’s backup, who is currently out undergoing stem cell therapy. The current roster isn’t impressive and the brass has enough money to rope in Morata.

The loan is expected to turn out into permanent move during summer, provided the Spaniard deliver what he promises.

With a market price of £54mn, Chelsea can use the cash raised by selling him to sign a player in January who would fit in Stamford.

Borussia Dortmund winger, Christian Pulisic is somebody whom the Blues require at the the moment and his £60mn cap would be affordable after selling Morata.

Selling Morata for buying a 20-year-old star would look crazy but is the necessity of the hour.

Tottenham mean title challenge this season – Mauricio Pochettino’s reaction at full time after Burnley win said it all

Spurs’ recent performances against Barcelona in the UCL and Burnley FC this weekend were subtle reminders that the Lilywhites aren’t going to settle for 3rd or 4th.

The former fixture had the English defense pitted against arguably the best attack in Europe, while the latter tested the efficiency of the Spurs’ strikers.

Spurs seemed to have recover from the bashing they received from Arsenal in the North London Derby earlier this month.

Football fans were all praise for the Spurs after they held the Catalan giants at Camp Nou for a formidable draw and qualifying to the knockout stage in the process.

Their play against Burnley was phenomenal considering the fact that the Bees literally had 9 men working the defense and wasting time, with the hope for eking out a draw.

The man behind the scenes, Pochettino had his emotions bundled up when Christian Eriksen scored in the stoppage time. His celebration after the final whistle was him pumping his fists in air out of pure passion.

Favorite clip from the game: Poch celebrates the win at the final whistle from r/coys

His words are carefully minced at press conferences. Pochettino neither denies title challenge nor admits his desire to win trophies and is smart enough to use words which leave no scope to be twisted.

The 1-0 win at Wembley had seen Pochettino breaking Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal record of the fastest 100 wins in a club in the Premier League.

The Argentine smashed the record in 169 games – 10 games faster than Wenger.

Without getting the success over their heads, the Lilywhites would be facing the Gunner in the Carabao Cup later this week.

Spurs would be keen to extract their revenge at the Emirates for the North London Derby.

Ballon d’Or host asks winner Ada Hegerberg if she wants to twerk

2018’s Ballon d’Or ceremony was certainly not short on surprises.

The final announcement during the mega event left certain sections of the footballing world shocked as Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric was awarded the coveted title of being the best player in Europe.

The awards caps a wonderful year for the midfielder, who was also voted as the top male player at the FIFA Football awards and received the Golden Ball award for being the best player at the World Cup in July.

While the Croatian had a stellar 2018, leading his club to the World Cup finals in Russia and guiding Real to another Champions League triumph, there were still some doubts amongst many fans as to whether the playmaker was at the high standards set by previous holders Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

The pair have won the title a total of 10 times amongst them ( equally shared at 5 a piece ) and have absolutely dominated the event for more than a decade, almost turning it into a private battle between the two of them since Kaka last won the gong in 2007.

Cristiano came in second spot this time around while Messi dropped down to fifth spot.

French teen sensation Kylian Mbappe was voted the third best player in Europe and was also named the winner of the Kopa trophy for young player of the year yesterday for his exploits with France and PSG.

But while Luka lifting the coveted bong raised a few eyebrows here and there, it was still some way short of being the biggest controversy of the night.

That distinction goes to French DJ Martin Solveig, who has sparked the ire of people around the globe for his utterly disgraceful comments to Ada Hegerberg as he was hosting the show.

Hegerberg made history as the first winner of the women’s Ballon d’Or after powering Lyon to three Champions League trophies in-a-row and had a top 2018 with 42 club goals in 25 games last season.

But the Norwegian’s moment in the spotlight was absolutely ruined by Solveig when he asked the 23-year-old if she could perform a ‘twerk’ on stage.

Hegerberg looked obviously disturbed at the comment and abruptly walked off the stage a few moments later and even the crowd present at Paris made their discontent clear as soon as the question was asked by the Frenchman.

Although Solveig quickly apologized for his behavior later and said his question is being taken out of context as he was simply asking her to dance on the Sinatra song that was playing, it still is no excuse for his behavior on a night that was of such historical importance to female football.

The Frenchman has been subject to a whole lot of criticism on social media following the incident and his antics have been described as “disgusting” by several fans on Twitter.

Check out a clip of the incident here :

Lucas Torreira fighting Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen (Video)

While Unai Emery has managed to steady the ship at Arsenal after a rather slow start to his career in North London, he faced one of the biggest tests for an Arsenal manager yesterday – playing against bitter rivals Tottenham at the Emirates and boy he didn’t disappoint.

Even though it was his first taste of the North London derby, the Spaniard seemed well prepared and looked like a man possessed, pacing up and down his technical area throughout the game.

His enthusiasm surely rubbed off on his team as well with the Gunners running away 4-2 winners at the end of what was a thoroughly entertaining game of football.

But a good game of football is definitely not the only aspect expected from the NLD over the years with the fixture renowned for getting feisty with plenty of drama on the pitch and there wasn’t any shortage of such incidents during the latest edition edition as well.

Things got ugly pretty quick after Spurs players were a bit vocal during their celebrations after scoring the equalizer in the first half leading to full fledged shoving contest between several Arsenal substitutes and Tottenham’s players near the touchlines.

The situation looked pretty reckless until Mauricio Pochettino stepped in to cool things down, literally dragging away the likes of Dele Alli and Eric Dier from the scene.

The Gunners stepped on the pedal following the break and regained their lead through Lacazette in the 74th minute before new man Lucas Torreira wrapped up the win three minutes later.

While Lacazette and Aubameyang put Spurs on the rope with their clinical finishing, it was Torreira who really stole the show.

The Uruguayan put in one of his best performances in an Arsenal shirt and stamped his authority on the fixture with his closing down right from start to finish.

Piers Morgan ‘warrior’ tweet about Lucas Torreira

The 22-year-old couldn’t have possibly picked a better fixture to start his goal scoring account at the club as well and Piers Morgan was absolutely spot on with his tweet labeling the 22-year-old as a “Warrior” because that’s exactly the sort of Torreira fans got to see yesterday evening.

The Uruguayan brought the kind of tenacity not seen from an Arsenal midfielder since Patrick Vieira hung up his shoes and looked very much like a diminutive version of the legendary Frenchman with his unbelievable work rate and sheer passion to win the ball back for his team.

One incident that has been especially talked about on social media is when Torreira refused to give the ball up despite being cornered by both Alli and Eriksen during a Spurs attack.

Even after hitting the ground, the former man refused to stop fighting and his perseverance ultimately paid off as he brilliantly came away with the ball for his team as his opponents looked on.

Painting the town red ! Check out a clip of Torreira absolutely bossing Dele Alli and Eriksen here :