Juventus star spotted watching Manchester United game as TikTok with stunning girlfriend drops online

Manchester United, after all of the many setbacks they’ve had this season, finally seem to have their strategies bang on. 

While fans have definitely had their spirits lifted lately what with the Red Devils stitching together a neat six match unbeaten streak they will be wary of past instances and refrain from calling this a complete revival of fortunes. 

After all, this isn’t the first instance of this happening; over the last few years, United have been famous for managing some ‘memorable’ victories that have unduly brought fans’ hopes up: the Europa League title in 2017 and the famous come-from-behind victory against PSG last year come to mind. 

These false dawns have only done the club and its supporters’ morale harm, with these sporadic run of victories doing little more than masking the club’s steady downfall over time.  

This time around, the club will be looking forward to make sure that their current run of form is not another flash in the pan. With some promising talent in its ranks, United definitely has the potential to eventually blossom again into the formidable force it once used to be. 

However, it is patently clear that, for assured long term success, the Red Devils need to capitalize on their recent positives, and signing more world class players is the need of the hour as many fans have bluntly observed.  

It is only understandable then that the Old Trafford faithful jump at every chance they can get to link every half-decent player on the face of the Earth to their favourite club. Paulo Dybala does not belong to this list of players.

In fact, the prospect of the baby-faced Argentine forward joining United, as it turned out, wasn’t merely baseless speculation: it had emerged last year that Manchester United had been actively pursuing the twenty six year old Juventus midfielder throughout all of the summer transfer window. 

At one point of time, it even looked certain that the lad would make the move from the Old Lady of Turin to the Red Devils and become its new superstar. However, disagreements over his image rights led to United being forced to rescind their offer for Dybala.

Now, however, fans seem to think that perhaps United has a fresh chance at signing him, with their “evidence” coming from an unusual source as Dybala’s girlfriend Oriana Sabitini dropped a TikTok recently, with the Juventus star playing a small cameo at the end. 

However, Man Utd fans who spotted the video were more concerned with what was happening in the background as the television set behind the couple played United’s clash with Watford –

While it does seem to be a bit of a stretch, fans do believe that perhaps Dybala is still interested in completing a move to Old Trafford.

Of course, with Dybala getting very limited game time under new manager Maurizio Sarri even as he gets into his physical prime, La Joya would surely be considering the transfer seriously. 

Dybala as false nine with Martial and Rashford on either side of the wings would cause havoc even for the best of defences. 

Add to that the superior dexterity that Bruno Fernandes has added to this United side and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could have in his possession the most lethal attacking quartet in football.

While it might not happen for them this season as their odds of winning the Premier League trophy are on the lower end, the Red Devils could very well surmount a title challenge next year with a credible line-up of gifted talents and proven superstars that they’ve set about building.


Aston Villa fan loses his job after disgusting slurs aimed at Liverpool fans

A distasteful post on a social media platform became too costly for an Aston Villa fan as his employer company dismissed him from his job on the basis of the post.

The chain of events started when Matthew Sabin, a self-proclaimed fan of Aston Villa, posted a tweet in the aftermath of Saturday’s Premier League encounter between Aston Villa and Liverpool.

Liverpool won the match by scoring in the final minute of injury time. Sabin, in his post, attacked the referee’s actions in an obnoxious manner. His attack on the Merseyside club and its fans were even more filthy and offensive. He even mentioned the Hillsborough disaster in an insensitive and hateful manner.

The wordings certainly did not go well with the Liverpool fans as they virtually gathered in numbers and contacted Sabin’s employer company J S Wright & Co.

The Birmingham based company readily took notice of their grievance and issued a statement where they distanced themselves from Sabin’s personal tweet and condemned the post.

Later they issued another statement where they reiterated their earlier position and claimed that Sabin has been dismissed from his job due to his inappropriate behavior on social media.

Sabin has deleted the controversial tweet and has apologized in another tweet for his earlier behavior. He tagged his action as a ‘heat of the moment’ error of judgment. Later, his page was found to be deleted.


Do Football Betting Strategies Actually Work?

Betting on football is a lot like supporting your favourite team week in, week out. There will be ups and downs, wins and losses, and the occasional stalemate. Well, unless you are a Man City fan, that is. But then again, some just have all the luck, don’t they?

It can certainly feel that way at times. Every dog has its day, sure, but if you find yourself enviously eyeing up your mates’ winnings as you pull out pocket fluff in front of the barman, the chances are that it might have more to do with strategy than luck. There is plenty of EPL betting advice out there (try here for a great example) that can help you have more lush days in Liverpool than rubbish ones in Rochester. 

Let’s take a quick look at three factors for EPL betting strategies and how they can help you minimise your losses.

Tangibles and Intangibles

The right use of betting strategies can often make the difference. They can give you structure in how you approach your bets, which can help minimise mistakes and the overall chance of losing. Two things to look at in this regard are tangibles and intangibles when betting on soccer, as the Americans like to call it.

Tangibles are things that can physically contribute to the winner of a game, such as a strong defence, prolific striker, and/or a creative midfield. When you compare a team to another, the team with the greater tangibles usually stands the best chance of winning. 

Intangibles are the things that cannot be seen but can also have a major effect on the outcome of a game. Things like squad morale, the weather, and the emergence of players looking close to breakout years can all affect a game. Therefore, they can also affect your bets. 

Take these things into account when putting your bets together.

The Importance of Form

The form of a team can have a huge effect when betting on football. You only have to look back at Leicester City’s momentum throughout their historic 2015/16 campaign for proof of this.

As a team picks up wins against the bigger boys of the league, the team spirit, morale, and belief starts to grow, too. Therefore, you should always consider betting against a team on a six-game winning streak, if both teams are fairly matched. The same applies when betting on a team that is on a big skid. 

Studying team form can often give us answers to questions about our bets. This also applies to the results between two teams and the home and away records of a club. All in all, form often reveals more about a team than we might think, so get studying.

If you need any proof of this, look into how oddsmakers set their prices. 

Value Betting

Do you know the importance of value betting? Well, if you are looking to make an overall profit when betting on the EPL, La Liga – or any other league or tournament in the world for that matter – you should be looking for value bets. 

In basic terms, identifying value is when you find odds that are more favourable than they probably should be. To begin, you should work out the probability of an event happening. You can do this by using an implied probability calculator, or by dividing the number to the right by the sum of both numbers (inhale) before multiplying that number by 100… exhale.

For example, if Liverpool is 2/1 to beat Juventus, you will figure that they have a 33% chance of winning the game. If you believe that Liverpool has a much better chance than roughly 1 in 3 to win, so let’s say 50/50 (EVENS), you have identified value in these odds, so fill your boots.

Final Words

To be more successful with your EPL bets, all you need to do is make a few adjustments. Now, nothing is certain with gambling so don’t think you have found out a secret to riches, but you should definitely see better results when you use your head.

I have but scratched the surface with these three points above. You can begin to improve your win to loss ratio by filling up on valuable EPL betting advice and learning a little more about the right strategies to use when betting on football. 

Then, you can answer for yourself when asked if betting strategies actually work.

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Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp plans to further reform the team into something truly indestructible

After a glorious triumph at Madrid, the UCL champions for the sixth time deserve a long and luxurious rest. However, that doesn’t mean that any transfer opportunities will go unnoticed for Liverpool, and Jurgen Klopp is reportedly looking out for exciting new players to further improve the Reds. Last summer’s investment proved worthwhile for Liverpool, winning the Champions League and only missing out on the Premier League title by a single point.

An interview with Danny Murphy revealed that Klopp is so invested in the project at Liverpool and returning the club to the top of Europe that he won’t be going anywhere, and we can see his improvements, strategies and tactics in action.

In more recent news, according to Teamtalk: Barcelona hope to recoup the £90 million they paid for Dembele in 2017. The imminent arrival of Antoine Griezmann has cast doubt over Dembele’s future at the Camp Nou. And, according to the report, Liverpool have been alerted to the 22-year-old’s availability. Liverpool will only make signings if they can realistically get hold of top targets, and Jurgen Klopp is understood to be a huge fan of Dembele.

There was speculation spread by fans and pundits alike on Twitter that Kylian Mbappe could be linked to Liverpool this summer, however it was shut down as quick as it was released and Mbappé is definitely not coming to Anfield this transfer window, so that’s the last time this rumour will ever circulate wildly around the internet.

Liverpool are reportedly set to offer €15 million for Besiktas midfielder Dorukhan Tokoz, according to a Turkish journalist who covers the Super Lig club. The Reds have been linked with a move this week, with Jurgen Klopp said to be very impressed with the tough and sturdy player, who many believe is ideal for the Premier League.

Klopp won’t be looking to make any major changes as they’re pretty solid in almost all aspects and have formed a team that dominates every area of the pitch. The defence simply cannot be breached with Alisson Becker and his clean sheets and the world’s top defender for some pundits, Virgil van Dijk. Full-backs such as Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold are some of the finest and the central mid-field consists of grit and composure as well. The attacking trio, Mane, Salah and Firmino are really not comparable with Mane and Salah both winning the Golden Boot this year.

So where can Liverpool actually improve? Reports suggest Klopp is on the lookout for a back-up goalkeeper for when Simon Mignolet leaves and reinforcements in the full-back positions.

Italian newspaper Il Mattinho claims Liverpool are thinking about making an official bid for the Senegalese defender, Kalidou Koulibaly, and will hope his international team-mate Sadio Mane has a word to convince him towards Anfield.

It’s a frightening prospect with Liverpool potentially lining up with Koulibaly alongside Virgil van Dijk next season. There will be calls for the best defence in Europe if Jurgen Klopp lands the incredible centre-back.


When Dragons Roar: Top Five Welshmen of the Premier League

There have been many great Welsh players in the Premier League, but only four have a Premier League winners medal. One of those figures ranks very prominently in the list of great Welshmen in Premier League lore, but amongst that quartet are Mark Hughes, Clayton Blackmore and Andy King.

Notable mentions

The first two names were amongst those who won the first two editions of the Premier League with Manchester United. King, meanwhile, was a part of the Leicester City squad that stunned the world in 2015/16. However, they do not make the list of the Premier League’s greatest Welshmen.

There are a few other notable mentions who don’t make the list either. Mark Hughes, Neville Southall, and Ian Rush are all Welsh football legends, but it was the latter years of their respective careers that coincided with the greatest revolution in English football – namely, the inauguration of the Premier League in 1992.

At number five in this list is a man who has toured many a club, but somehow never quite managed to win a Premier League winners’ medal.

5. Craig Bellamy

There have been a few Welsh greats who have played Premier League football, but done after peaking. Bellamy played 294 games in the league, over spells with Coventry, Newcastle, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham, Man City and Cardiff. He scored just under 100 Premier League goals and was always a constant threat.

While he may not have been the most stylish striker, in a league containing the likes of Ruud van Nistelrooy and Thierry Henry, he did enjoy some notable achievements. Amongst them was a third-place finish with Newcastle in 2003 and a run to the 2007 Champions League final with Liverpool.

On the international scene, he finished his career with 78 caps and 19 goals.

4. Aaron Ramsey

Coincidence or not, his departure from Arsenal to Juventus on a free transfer has correlated with a lengthening of Arsenal’s odds for all competitions in 2019/20 on Sporting Index. While the recent Emirates exile might exist in the shadow of Gareth Bale on the international scene, he has proven himself to be an excellent player for both club and country.

Signed in 2008 by Arsenal, as a man who could both coordinate midfield plays and pick out a deadly pass, Ramsey was a three-time FA Cup winner with Arsenal. His tally of 14 goals in his 58 appearances for Wales have also helped to propel them through the rankings in recent years, with the obvious highlight being a glorious run to the Euro 2016 semi-finals.

3. Gary Speed

Had the Premier League’s first season been held in 1991/92 – rather than the season after – Gary Speed would be amongst the Welsh winners of a Premier League medal, having been part of Leeds United’s title-winning squad that year. Alas, it was not to be, but he is remembered with reverence by fans of every Premier League club he played for.

He gave great service to Leeds before moving to Everton in 1996 and memorably scoring on his debut, as Everton began the 1996/97 season as dark horses for the title under Joe Royle. He left in 1998, and was an instrumental part of Newcastle’s improvement under Sir Bobby Robson after the millennium, before ending his Premier League career at Bolton after inspiring his teammates to a first European campaign in the 21st century.

With 535 Premier League appearances, he stands at 5th in the list of Premier League loyalists. However, his greatest legacy in Wales will be completely changing the attitude of Welsh international football – and making the Welsh proud of more than just the rugby team.

2. Gareth Bale

With just 146 appearances in the Premier League, there would be those who say he shouldn’t be on this list. Yet, after a slow start at Tottenham, he soon exploded into life and became one of the most dangerous footballers on the planet.

His 2012/13 season, which featured 21 goals in 33 games, ranks as probably the greatest season by a Welsh footballer in the league.

Despite having his critics, 78 goals in 155 La Liga games shows what the Premier League has been missing. Never one to shirk his international responsibilities, his record as Wales’ all-time scorer has already established him as a Welsh football legend.

1. Ryan Giggs

You can argue about the greatest ever Welsh player, but you can’t argue about the best Welsh player to have played in the Premier League, it is Giggs – and nobody else.

The 13 league trophies that he was able to lift up during his Manchester United reign mark him to some as the greatest player of any nationality to have played in the Premier League. To go with his near-high of 632 appearances Premier League appearances, he also scored 109 goals in the league.

His absence in international friendlies might leave a bitter taste to some, and his 64 apps and 12 goals is a poor reflection of his dynamic qualities. His Premier League greatness, however, can’t be denied and he’ll be hoping to make history as the man tasked with leading Wales to a second successive Euro tournament.


Rad – Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane arrived at Marbella dressed like absolute ballers

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool landed in Marbella, Spain for a six-day training prior to the Champions League final. Liverpool are going up against their national rivals,Tottenham Hotspur in a final which would be held in Madrid on 2nd June.

Liverpool squad including their German manager arrived in their official club sponsored sportswear. But Mané & Firmino chose to stand out.

Bobby & Sadio

In fact, the Brazilian star, Roberto Firmino landed in Marbella ahead of the squad in a bid to overcome his thigh problem before the final.

He opted for an all white Gucci t-shirt & torn cargo shorts coupled with slippers. Firmino, lovingly called Bobby, concocted a perfect summer ensemble for his weekend at Marbella.

To add to his footballer look he also sported a white cap as well as a funky backpack. His revealed tattoos only added to his absolute baller getup.

Dressed in Gucci t-shirt & torn cargo shorts, Roberto Firmino arrives at Marbella

Senegal man Sadio Mané surprised everyone by selecting an all black attire in the hot weather of Spain.

His full sleeved t-shirt & shorts have stylized linings with black & white knits giving the otherwise casual attire an air of swagger.

All-black attire from Sadio as the Senegalese arrived at Marbella

The club & its supporters have a lot of expectations from these two men & a bucket full of stakes are riding on them.

It should be noted that a  footballer arriving in style is never an indication of a laid-back attitude. Instead they have always come to signify that the player is ready to take on any challenging situation.

So Liverpool fans should feel more optimistic as their favorites are gearing up to fight off their opponents.

But then what about Spurs? Well… beware. Since the Reds are in no way going to let the silver trophy get out of their hands again.

Liverpool’s 26 man training squad

Alexander-Arnold, Alisson, Brewster, Fabinho, Firmino, Gomez, Henderson, Jones, Keita, Kelleher, Lallana, Lovren, Mane, Matip. Mignolet, Milner, Moreno, Origi, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Robertson, Salah, Shaqiri, Sturridge, Van Dijk, Wijnaldum, Woodburn.

UCL Countdown

The Reds are fully focused in preparation for the finals in the exclusive city of Marbella.

After that they will fly off to Madrid to face Spurs in an epic Premier League battle at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Guess nobody expected that the UEFA Champions League road to Madrid will conclude with an all-English showdown. That too at the home of the Spanish giants, Atletico Madrid.

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Lionel Messi versus Virgil van Dijk in the Champions League semi-finals is nothing short of mouth-watering

When big teams collide, the tie is decided on individual battles that occur on the pitch. Because of the Champions League, fans and the footballing world are able to witness such matches between big clubs, and hence, gives us all an opportunity to watch battles unfold on the pitch; battles we may not have imagined would materialize.

One such battle that the world wanted and now, has the privilege of witnessing (bar any calamity), is the face-off between Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk (VVD).

Fates were learnt when the fixtures for the quarter-finals were announced; as Barca faced Man Utd and Liverpool faced Porto, the winner of each fixture would face each other in the semis. With Barca defeating United and Liverpool demolishing Porto, the two victors face off against each other in the semi-finals.

This brings us to the clash of the titans, both at club level and at player level. Currently regarded as two of the best footballing teams in the world, one thing is guaranteed that this fixture is going to live up to its hype. But what fans are really looking forward to is the battle between Messi and VVD.

Messi is currently the top scorer in all leagues across Europe, registering 45 goals and 21 assists in all competitions.

VVD on the other hand, is the polar opposite of Messi’s scoring prowess. Having started all of Liverpool’s league games, keeping 17 clean sheets, he is widely regarded as the world’s best defender currently.

On the one hand, there is a goal-machine and an impact player, on the other, there’s calmness personified and solidarity in defense. Both players are contenders for the Ballon D’Or, and this really is the best versus the best, and fans are drooling over this clash.


To quote the Joker, “this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.” It really is a feast for the eyes of all those watching. Who will come out on top? Will it be the Catalans, or the Merseysiders? Regardless of the victor, the clash between Messi and Van Dijk, and the fixture as a whole, has got us all licking our lips!


New Online Soccer Manager Game on its fourth month of Soft Launch

For a game that has only been on soft launch since January 15, Club Manager 2019 already bears the hues and shades of an appreciable football manager game.

Once you join the game, which has a registration option of both Facebook and e-mail, you’ll be given a passably simple team; with the ultimate goal of managing it and leading it to glory by clinching both League and Cup competitions.

A game based on card packs

Club Manager 2019 inherently revolves around card packs, and you’ll be awarded with free game cards at the end of every match! That’s however not enough, as you should endeavor to open card packs if you want to transform your team into one that can sustain a spirited challenge for trophies.

There are many cards packs in the game, with the most popular ones being the CM Royal Pack, the Performance Pack and the Superstar Pack.

Free cards after every match

Division, competition and exhibition matches can be played on a daily basis in the game; with all three forms of matches guaranteeing free game cards and Manager Cash.

Free Manager Cash is awarded after every match regardless of the outcome; although the amount received will ultimately vary depending on whether you registered a win, draw or defeat.

Since playing more daily games similarly translates to receiving more cards, it incontrovertibly increases you chances of securing the legendary and most sought after 6-star rated cards.

The cards awarded after matches are free and are further categorized into either permanent or consumable cards. Permanent cards are the ones such player cards, manager cards and emblem cards, whereas consumable cards come in the form of training cards, injury treatment cards, exhibition match cards and many more.

Elevate the status of your club

Being that you’ll begin the game with a relatively simple team, upgrades form an integral part improving the status of your club.

Increasing the capacity of your stadium will for instance boost you revenue stream for home games, whereas improving on the quality of your pitch will lessen the likelihood of serious injuries being sustained by some of the most indispensable members of your starting eleven.

Freedom to choose tactics

As manager, you not only have the freedom to control the club’s finances, but also make all the decisions regarding your lineups and tactics. You’ll be at liberty to experiment your managerial nous with various tactics and formations; hopefully settling of the ones that best define your philosophy and personality as a manager.

Easy to master

Unlink many of the current football manager games in the market whose development makes it nightmare for players to master, Club Manager’s easily accessible user interface, coupled with its limited loading times, will not only enable you to quickly grasp the very essence of the game, but will also assure of a flawless gaming experience.

Mobile versions

The game is momentarily available only on PC (desktop or browser), although the iOs and Android versions are scheduled for release before the end of the second quarter of this year.

Once the official worldwide launch is made, there will be little question as to why Club Manager 2019 is dubbed as the best online soccer manager game in the world!


American soccer expert answers Ronaldo v Messi GOAT question

I have so many questions. If pizzas are round in shape, why do they come in a square box? Why aren’t toasters called ‘tanning breads’? Who is the greatest football player in the world at the moment?

We may not realize it, but we are a fortunate lot. For we are living in a time when arguably the most gifted football player of all time and the most efficient footballing machine coexist today.

Future generations will one day ask their parents about the greatest sportsperson of all time. A ton of answers will crop up. But I think we can all agree that the list will hold the names the two people who have set the footballing world on fire for the last couple of decades.

The question, however, still persists. Who is the Greatest Of All Time? Is it the man, the myth, the legend – Cristiano Ronaldo? Or is it the man who was born with a ball at his feet, the footballing magician – Lionel Messi?

Sid Seixero, an American soccer expert thinks he has the answer.

Watch it here –

Sid Seixeiro has chosen a clear side in the GOAT debate, a question that has gone unanswered ever since Messi and Ronaldo have been vying for the award most prestigious, the Ballon d’Or.

While Messi and Ronaldo have both been plundering goals for their respective clubs all over Europe, fans have always been divided over who gets to be seated on the throne of the GOAT.

Ronaldo is the clear winner, says Seixeiro. In the video, Seixeiro goes on to state that Ronaldo has performed at arguably the same, if not a higher level than Messi while playing with teammates like Carrick and Fletcher. Messi, meanwhile, could count on the services of one of the silkiest central midfield duo of all time – Xavi and Iniesta.

Ballon d’Ors will come and go. Generations of players will come and go. But the GOAT debate will rage on. While Ronaldo will continue to conquer on the international stage and “prove” himself with clubs all over Europe, Messi will continue to do what he does best. Mesmerize.

Unless and until toasters are rechristened as tanning breads, the question of the GOAT will remain unanswered.


How famous footballers like to spend their free time

Just like the rest of us, famous footballers need a break from the demands of their jobs, a way to unwind and de-stress. When they are not at football practice or a big match, they have a wide range of hobbies that they like to pursue in their free time. Below are a few of the ways that many famous footballers like to spend their time when they’re not on the field or at practice.

Video Games

Like many athletes, footballers love to play video games or online games in their spare time, whether for relaxation, excitement, or to indulge their competitive side. While some (like Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil) like to play the massively popular Fortnite, a FIFA game, or Championship Manager, some enjoy playing other types of football-related games. For example, many casino games have incorporated elements of football into their gameplay, such as managerial role play and sports betting, as is the case with Live Football Studio.

One of the top Arsenal players, Alex Lacazette, loves to play FIFA with his friends while he is relaxing after a big game. Although it may seem contradictory that a famous footballer would want to play virtual games of football after a long game of playing football in real life, many players love to do this.

Board Games

Many professional athletes like to go home after a long day of football to relax with their friends or family and play a few board games. Whether they’re playing a relaxing game of Monopoly or a riveting game of Risk, it can be nice for some famous footballers to play a game of strategy to keep their mind sharp while they are off the field.

One of the famous footballers, Axel Tuanzebe, who plays for Manchester United, actually became a world record holder for the board game of Hungry Hippos. Tuanzebe set a world record for the fastest time of clearing a game of Hungry Hippos with a time of 17.36 seconds. The entire Manchester United team was playing Hungry Hippos during a trip to the United States in the summer of 2018 and Tuanzebe just happened to be faster at the game than the rest of his teammates. Not bad!

Raising Chickens

Farm work is a great way for some footballers to get out of their head and take a break from the stress of thinking about the game during their free time. Although raising chickens is not a hobby for everyone to do in their spare time, the famous footballer Joe Allen and his wife save hens. Recently, Allen even appeared on the front cover of Chicken & Egg magazine for this. They currently take care of over a dozen chickens, and he finds the task to be quite relaxing.


Famous footballer Moritz Volz admitted that he would bake cakes before any stressful match. He said that before playing Arsenal or Manchester United he would make cakes with bananas and green tea that had a biscuit-like texture. However, Volz would make heavier cakes when playing against rugged teams like the Blackburn Rovers. For matches like that, he would make a carrot cake with some nuts as a topping.

These are just a few of the many things that footballers do when they’re not at a press event, practicing, or at a match. With so many famous footballers these days — and ways like Instagram and online articles that allow us to keep up with their hobbies and interests — there are a wide range of ways that they like to spend their free time. While they take a break from the game, many of these athletes spend their downtime just like the rest of us — kicking back with a video game, spending time with friends and family, or even baking.


African soldiers singing Liverpool fans’ song for Steven Gerrard

Rangers were dealt a huge blow in their title aspirations after dropping points against St. Johnstone on Saturday.

Steven Gerrard seemed pretty disappointed with his side during his post-match presser and told his players to ‘forget’ about lifting the title after failing to cut Celtic’s 8 point lead at the top.

The draw seems to have affected the former England captain as he was pretty critical of his players and slammed the lack of leadership within the team for failing to step up when it mattered.

But a training instructor in Africa may have given the Liverpool legend something to smile about after releasing a video of him teaching the ‘Steven Gerard’ chant to his recruits during a training session.

The 38-year-old is pretty much a household name amongst football fans around the globe for his exploits with Liverpool and England for almost two decades.

Even though the Gers boss seems a bit down right now, he would probably feel a bit better after watching this clip of the instructor teaching his chant to the soldiers.

It’s indeed wonderful to see the marching soldiers rendition of the famous chant and the clip should definitely be a good watch for all Stevie G fans.

Check out the clip here :


Outrageous-looking Tottenham kit concept doing the rounds online

Concept kits always seem to provoke a mixed response from fans whenever they pop up on the internet, and this yellow Tottenham Hotspur concept kit is no different.

Featuring a bright yellow design and some blue detailing on the sleeves as well as behind the Nike logo, the kit looks to be modeled after the away jersey worn by the Spurs during the early 1990s.

The idea of using a yellow kit on their travels seems to have intrigued some fans on Twitter with the last yellow kit seen in the 2016/17 season when Under Armour were still their official kit manufacturers.

While some fans seemed to love the idea of the retro modeled design making a comeback, several others seemed less impressed with the concept kit on the micro-blogging site.

What do you think Spurs fans ? Check out the concept kit here :

Via Twitter


Gary Neville predicts where he thinks Arsenal will finish this season

With 13 games to go in the 2018/2019 Premier League season, the race for who amongst the trio of Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal ( well, not counting Tottenham for now as they still have the upper hand on the chasing trio ) is getting very interesting. From all indication, either Liverpool or Manchester City will win the league while the team that looks odds on to finish 3rd at the moment appears to be Tottenham.

So who will finish 4th, 5th and 6th amongst the rest of the the big six? The betting odds for who will finish in the top four in the Premier league this season keeps changing and there are many UK sports betting promotions to entice new customers to bet the top four market this season which is an indication of how interesting the race is this season. According to former Manchester United star, Gary Neville Arsenal will not be finishing among the top four in England yet again this season.

Neville reckons that the Gunners will in fact finish sixth in the league on this occasion.

Unai Emery is doing the best job that he possibly could do. It’s a squad that needs additions and it needs change.

He needs to sail that ship into shore, some need to disembark and the ones that he wants to get back on the need to sail back out to sea with him.

This first season for him is all about working out which players are going to be on the ship next season and testing out different things.

He’s finding out a lot about his players all the time. For instance, Matteo Guendouzi was fantastic against Manchester

He’s 19-years-old and that was a really good performance. Emery can build around things like that.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is always a threat but with the rest of the team there’s a lot to work on. It does need some change, but he will need time.

He might even need all next season as well. We shouldn’t really be rushing Unai Emery and Arsenal in respect of what he’s trying to achieve at the club.

Looking at the team I think sixth is about right to be honest.

I watched Manchester United at Leicester and they look stronger now. When you look at Manchester United’s forward line with Marcus Rashford, Alexis Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku and Anthony Martial, Arsenal haven’t got that.

Even in midfield United have got Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic and Ander Herrera and they are now looking stronger at the back.

Arsenal will end up sixth and it’s between Manchester United and Chelsea for fourth and fifth.

And to be honest, it is difficult not to agree with Neville considering how the Gunners have performed so far this season. After losing the first two games of the season, Arsenal went on a 22 game unbeaten run but ever since that came to an end against Southampton in November, they have blown both hot and cold. Arsenal might have one of the best striking force in the premier league but they don’t have the midfield and defence to support that attack.

They currently occupy the 6th position on the table behind Chelsea and Manchester United and it is difficult to see them finishing any better than that. Although it must be said that Chelsea don’t appear convincing at the moment but I simply can’t see them finishing ahead of the Blues.

In my humble opinion, Manchester United are the team best equipped to finish 4th in the league. The arrival of Gonzalo Higuain from Juventus could bring out the best from Eden Hazard ( as we all saw last weekend ) and Chelsea could yet come to live but at the moment I am not convinced.


Pack of Wolves get all the Cherries

Bournemouth are always going to be a tricky opposition but Nuno and his Wolves have packed another three points on Saturday. This stands their third win in a row and many Wolverhampton fans would be over the moon watching their performances week-in-week-out.

Bournemouth did make The men in Orange to work hard, they would expect to lay this into bed far too early but that was not the case against Eddie Howe’s Cherries. The outcome was something which many of the reliable betting sites across Europe predicted it to turn out, although the most satisfying of all from Wolves point of view is watching Raul Jimenez perform.

Raul Jimenez, probably the centre of the talk coming into the game, delivered as expected and showed exactly ‘Why he is valued so high’. The technicality complemented by the chemistry he has with players around him, just a pleasure to watch.

Wolves did open up Bournemouth on multiple occasions – Diego Jota had a commendable first half before injury and his replacement, Helder Costa just grew into the game.

Talking about goals; Wolves only took twelve minutes to make their mark on the game, rather cheaply though. Bournemouth have away the ball to Jota from a throw-in in their own half. Jota broke in diagonally with pace and precision went with a cross into the box (which I think was more of a shot luckily falling in-line rather than cross) and Jimenez was on the other end to make sure the ball rolls past Begovic and into the net.

Wolves did have that lead, but had to wait until the injury time before the final whistle to get the cushion second. The attack for this one started from defense with Coady heading the clearance down to Cavaleiro which was followed by a brilliant one-two with Costa, the ball was behind Bournemouth’s defence and Cavaleiro was one-on-one with Asmir Begovic, who was beaten on the driven.

I think the temperature was more challenging than the opponent, but to be honest, Wolves were playing better in the first half of the season and the quality, in my opinion, is starting to fade. You don’t see, those tactical switches mid-match, or those fake runs in the final third and mainly those admirable ‘personality defining’ short passes.

Nothing to take away from Nuno and his boys, 9 points in the Premier League in 10 days is something magnificent-but also their 2018/19 stats, but to continue with this they need to step up and focus. Legs start to tire up now and the challenges get tougher day by day.