Manchester United to Make Its Way Back in to the Champions League?

A FIFA ruling against the Swiss Football Association can hand Manchester United a UEFA Champions League place!

Manchester United were ousted from the champions League few weeks ago after the 2-1 defeat against FC Basel, a Swiss club. But their is certain development in Switzerland which might hand the Champions League spot back to the Red Devils.

FIFA has threatened to suspend all the Swiss clubs from the Champions League competition and has told the Swiss FA to comply with them and punish the Swiss club FC Sion. FC Sion had earlier been removed from the Europa League as they fielded some players who were ineligible in fixture against Celtic FC.

The Swiss FA have been given time till 13 Jan 12 to come up with a resolution and also ban FC Sion. Failing to do that, woul mean that FC Basel makes it way out of the Champions League and Manchester United to could return back in the league. Of course, the semantics of the whole thing is not very clear. But its a very good news for the Manchester United fans nonetheless.



World’s Greatest Own Goal Ever? (Video)

Words cannot describe the atrocity which took place in this particular fixture of the Hong Kong first division tournament. The match was between Sun Hei SC and Citizen AA. The enigmatic goal was scored by Nigerian defender Festes Baise of Sun Hei SC.

Check out the video of the world’s greatest own goal ever.


Wigan 1 – 1 Chelsea Highlights (Video)

Wigan left it late at DW Stadium to level against Chelsea on 17 Dec 11. Chelsea had earlier taken a lead in the 59th minute through an exquisite Daniel Sturride goal in this Premier League fixture. And it looked like enough but Jordi Gomez leveled the score in the 88th minute to give the home side a point. Frank Lampard returned to the starting 11 for Chelsea.

Check out the highlights and the goals video below.

The Dictator Trailer (2012)

Sacha Baron Cohen is back with ‘The Dictator’. And i m glad to say its as normal as any of his movies goes. Which means its absurdly absurd funny. Its directed by Larry Charles and also stars Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley & John C Reilly.

Its got super hot Megan Fox spreading her hotness all over too.

The trailer is freaking wicked, check it out yourselves.

Totally Smashed Nicklas Bendtner Begs for Pizza Money (Video)

Nicklas Bendtner, Arsenal player on loan to Sunderland, is apparently have been caught on video begging for some pizza money. Totally bizarre aye. From the video it looks like Bendtner was obviously drunk till the point he couldn’t care less about carrying money. Thats actually not the worst thing one could do, everyone does something stupid while drunk. Everyone does it.

So the eye witness story goes like this, Bendtner came in to the restaurant, possible drunk and had a argument with the hotel staff as he did not had any money on him for pizza. He even said that he could buy the restaurant if he wanted. And the after many futile attempts, when the staff did not budge from their decision to give the footballer free pizza. Bendtner turned to other people present their and eventually a young girl paid for his pizza. So, there.

Click here to watch the video of Nicklas Bendtner arguing with the guy in the pizzeria.



Blog: Chelsea vs Manchester City, MONEY WAR!!

Manchester City travel to Stamford Bridge hoping to strengthen their position at the top of the table by beating Chelsea at home.

Chelsea are 10 points behind Manchester City and are at the 5th spot in the league table, whereas Manchester City are leading the same table with a massive goal difference. But the fortunes for both the clubs in Europe is opposite of the Premier League. As Manchester City were relegated to Europa League even after beating Bayern Munich but Chelsea has progressed steadily to the final 16 after comfortably beating Valencia.

It does seem like Chelsea are getting back in to the groove and getting in to the thick of things. Recent performances has shown Chelsea are playing like their old invincible self. But how much of that would be effective against a side like City is at best debatable.

As the title aptly says, the match between Chelsea and Manchester City is also the battle of the riches. At one side their is the Abu Dhabi group and on the other side is the maniacal Russian billionaire. It is not a secret with everyone that both the clubs have in-fluxed enormous amount of money in recent times. And both the owners do not take failure easily, in fact, Chelsea have the habit of overreacting a tad.

In some crucial team news, Chelsea will miss the services of David Luiz in defence, City too will miss Micah Richards, who has shown tremendous form this season and is constantly challenging Glen Johnson in the England 11. Alexander Kolarov too will miss the trip to Stamford Bridge due to injury.

The two sides are also famous for scoring the most number of off target shots, of course, along with Liverpool.

Chelsea vs Manchester City Live Streaming
Barclays Premier League


Chelsea vs Manchester City Live Streaming, Premier League, 12 Dec 11, Monday

Venue: Stamford Bridge

Kick Off: 20.00 Hrs GMT

Paid live streaming option for the match can be checked by clicking on the link below.

Chelsea vs Manchester City Live Streaming


Blog: Does El Clasico Defeat Means the End for Real Madrid’s La Liga hopes?

Does El Clasico Defeat Means the End for Real Madrid’s La Liga hopes?

A 3-1 win against Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabeu means Barcelona go on top of the La Liga table. A sight very familiar, to be honest.

Real Madrid scored the first goal within 22 seconds of kick off, a start not imagined by the most hardcore of madristas but at the end of 90 minutes none of it mattered. As Barcelona proved too much for Jose Mourinho’s side. A goal from Alexis Sanchez in the 30th Minute followed by Xavi’s goal in the second half which took a massive deflection of Marcelo and a header by former gunner Cesc Fabregas ensured Barcelona the top spot for the time being.

Now, its football, one team loses and the other wins but the start which Real Madrid had looks like it was a fake. As Barcelona pointed out their flaws in their own style. Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria were nowhere to be found in the second half. Actually the portugese was found missing in the first half too but the two simple chances which Ronaldo missed were unforgivable. Whereas Lionel Messi, while not scoring, set up the match for Barcelona. Messi was way more effective than Ronaldo at any given point.

Everyone who saw the game must admit that Pep Guardiola got it correct tactically. The first goal by Karim Benzema happened due to freak mistake by Valdez. But after that, it was all pass and move Barcelona style. And as much we admire Mourinho, the team except Alonso and some other players, is not competitive enough to beat Barcelona.

Mesut Ozil was not upt to mark as well and Mourinho’s decision to not start Sami Khedira also looks pretty bad in retrospect.

Check out the highlights of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona, El Clasico on  10 Dec 11 below.



Blog: Does Manchester United Need a Reboot?

All the Mancunians are asking this question at the moment, at least the red ones. Manchester United fans has seen a dip in the intensity which is very unlike of them. Out of the Champions League in a dismal fashion. And not dominating Premier League, at all. With a FA Cup clash against their noisy neighbors Manchester City awaiting them in January. Things are not going their way would be a massive understatement.

On top of everything, Nemanja Vidic has been ruled out for the rest of the season due to injury. Losing their captain is a big blow for them reds.

Loss to Basel coupled with being ousted from the UEFA Champions League and dropping to Europa League is a nightmarish situation for all the Manchester United fans. Not only fans, but the players too, as Patrice Evra has reportedly said that it is an embarrassment to play in Europa League. Not a very intelligent comment, though. Roy Keane too blasted the United side and the manager too on TV. Something which was not taken lightly by Sir Alex Ferguson himself.

As the list of problems said above keeps growing at an uncomfortable speed, the question of the hour is, does the side need a reboot i.e. in terms of changing their game and utilizing the January transfer window.

No Champions League action also means loss in TV revenues for the club.

So, will the owners be willing to spend money in January transfer window? The Glazers have provided Sir Alex Ferguson with money on most of the occasions but January transfer windows have a habit of providing no major action for Manchester United.

Now to their game play, only Phil Jones looks like he means business on the pitch. Sadly the rest of the brigade is nowhere up to the mark. The likes of Ashley Young, Valencia, Ji Sung, Fletcher don’t seem to have a clue on the pitch. David De Gea would also have to be blamed for the loss against Basel. And the list continues with Evra and Ferdinand.

so as far as the manager is concerned, its back to the drawing board for him. And with the number of matches coming in December, its acid test for Manchester United.