UEFA Euro 2012 Draws – The Final List

UEFA Euro 2012 Finals Draw

Here we go lads, the truth is finally out from Kyiv. As the draws on 2 Dec 11 suggest, Euro 2012 is going to be a cracker of a tournament, of that we here at Thick Accent have no doubt. Poland & Ukraine should be fun, as apparently a bottle of beer in Ukraine is only going to cost 80 pence.

Group B is killing it. Christian Eriksen(Denmark) got his wish about facing Netherlands, so that’s good. Besides that there are the potential winners Germany and dark horses Portugal in the same group.

England too face a bit of a fight with Sweden and France in their group along with the hosts Ukraine. England is in Group D of course.

None of the last six Euro’s have been won by the host nation.

And Germany, Spain and Netherlands cannot meet each other than the finals of course. Food for thought. Check out all the 4 groups and the teams it consists of below.


UEFA Euro 2012
UEFA Euro 2012


Final Draws List

Group A – Poland, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic

Group B – Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal

Group C – Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Croatia

Group D – Ukraine, Sweden, France, England


Photo Credit – GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images