Hi. I'm Abhishek, a 21 year old journalism student, and have been a fanatic of all things football ever since I owned a PlayStation 3 copy of FIFA 11, and dug up and read about everything related to the past and present of the beautiful game. And true beauty does indeed lie in the eyes of the beholder. Or, the analyst in this case. I like discussing strategy, rumours, and the general developments in the modern iteration of the sport. Ronaldinho is the one player I have enjoyed watching the most, and I firmly believe that the late Johan Cruyff is the greatest coach of all time. Welcome aboard ThickAccent!
You know when someone says 'Football is about life and death', they are wrong. It is so much more than that. The fear, the passion, the excitement etc. cant always be shown on the field. Sometimes it can be expressed through writing as well. That's why I recommend reading my posts, as one football fan to another, you will surely get a 'kick' out of reading them.
Hey there! I am Rahul Raveendran and I am 23. I hail from India and have been an avid football fan since 2008. I'm no football analyst by any means, but what I love to do is showcase the fans' perspective of all things football. That's exactly what ThickAccent allows me to do.I believe that football is a universal language that teaches us more about life than any lesson ever could. Passion. Commitment. Graft. Perseverance. Class. Humility. Social Awareness. I would go on, but if you think about it, there's so much that connects football with the real world. It is both a teacher, and a means to unite the world.Ever since I was introduced to the Beautiful Game, I knew that this was it. This was my passion. This was the fire in my belly. I knew that if I ever wanted to do anything I would be proud of, it would have football at its core. ThickAccent is the perfect platform for it, and for that, I am indebted to them.I love to sketch, to read comics and love playing football with my mates. My footballing idol is Paul Scholes.I hope you enjoy my work on here. My only goal is to spread the message of football and at the end of the day, make people smile. That, for me, is the ultimate win.