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Harry Wilson in Cardiff City kit

Harry Wilson curls Quaresma-eque trivela finish against Birmingham City

Bobby Reid undoing Edouard Mendy's gloves

Bobby Reid un-velcroing Edouard Mendy’s gloves to get under Chelsea goalkeeper’s skin

Sergio Aguero goal v Crystal Palace

Sergio Aguero whacks fierce near-post finish against Crystal Palace

Brian Brobbey hits penalty outside of stadium against Almere City

Brian Brobbey wallops a penalty over the bar and out of the stadium

Kylian Mbappe in PSG kit

Kylian Mbappe mocked with ‘fail comp’ after Man City defeat

Jamie Carragher shows Liverpool bond with reaction to Marquinhos' goal v Man City

Jamie Carragher shows Liverpool bond with reaction to Marquinhos’ goal v Man City

Riyad Mahrez free kick against PSG

Riyad Mahrez sends the ball straight through PSG’s wall

Emirates Stadium from outside

The Arsenal crest at the Emirates appears to be in tatters

feet of soccer player tread on soccer ball for kick-off in the stadium

Brentford continue eccentric kick-off routine against Rotherham

Tuchel ignores Courtois

Thomas Tuchel left Thibaut Courtois hanging during post-match exchange

Karim Benzema celebrates after scoring a goal against Chelsea

Karim Benzema slaps head control and scissor kick finish in one action against Chelsea

Christian Pulisic goal v Real Madrid

Christian Pulisic puts Courtois on the floor and rounds him for the goal

Kelechi Iheanacho celebrates after scoring a goal against Crystal Palace

Kelechi Iheanacho’s ‘touch, swivel and smashed finish’ against Crystal Palace

Marcos Llorente in Atletico Madrid kit

Marcos Llorente breaks speed record with 91st minute demon run against Athletic Bilbao