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(Video) Man Utd YouTuber trolls City fans by asking if ‘Pep Guardiola is a fraud’

Sitting in third position in the points table barely halfway through the campaign and securing progression into the knockout stages of the Champions League usually ensures a comfortable situation for any manager but not if you are at Manchester City and especially not if your name is Pep Guardiola.

The Spaniard is considered to be one of the biggest names in football management and his constant successes in Spain, Germany and most recently in England means that even the slightest slip-ups riles up a media storm.

Manchester United coming across town to the Etihad has been reduced to a one sided affair at times since Pep took over but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s young side absolutely dominated the champions last week and deserved to go home with all 3 points.

The 2-1 derby defeat to their local rivals has widened the gap with Liverpool to 14 points and many opposition fans are making most of the opportunity to troll the tactician for his recent shortcomings.

Manchester United fans have been especially vocal after their derby win and popular YouTube channel ‘ The United Stand ‘ took the trolling up a notch by asking fans if they felt ‘Guardiola was a fraud‘ while roaming the streets of Manchester.

While United fans enjoyed the question and came up with witty answers, City fans looked quite taken aback by the notion and some fans even moved away from the camera when presented with the question.

Check out the hilarious video below –

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Fans loved this cool new feature while watching Man City v Burnley on Amazon Prime

Technology is constantly evolving the way we go about our lives and the same can be said about how football is both watched and played.

From curved posts to color broadcasting and most recently with goal-line technology as well as VAR, the growth of technology has been a undeniable factor in the evolution of the beautiful game.

Football viewership is often the most instantly affected with service providers coming with better ways for the fans to catch their favourite teams in action year after year.

And it is the developers at Amazon Prime who have now come up with another innovative way to experience the matchday feeling by giving their users a choice between the game commentary or listen to the atmosphere within the stadium.

While the popular streaming service from Amazon is not yet a household name when it comes to football, the feature has gone down really well with viewers after football fans pointed it out on Twitter during Manchester City’s 4-1 win over Burnley yesterday.

Brace yourselves for a deadly rivalry between Newcastle United and Man City if this newfound rumour is true

Newcastle United’s rumoured takeover news has been spreading like wildfire in the world of football.

What we know so far

Reports suggest that current owner  Mike Ashley is rumored to sell the football club to billionaire Sheikh Khaled in a £350m deal.

Ashley and Sheikh Khaled seem to have agreed on a contract and have signed and submitted it to the Premier League.

Mike Ashley, who bought the club back in 2007 has put it up for sale for most of his ownership years.

The club stakes were previously being bought by Amanda Staveley and then Peter Kenyon but the deals couldn’t go through after entering the due diligence stage.

However, the 61-year-old founder of the Bin Zayed group seems to be the most likely candidate to buy the Magpies.

The managing director of Sheikh Khaled’s organisation, Midhat Kidwai has stated that the “terms have been agreed”.

“We can confirm the representatives of Sheikh Khaled are in discussions with Mike Ashley and his team about the proposed acquisition of Newcastle United”, said Midhat.

“We view it as an honour to have the opportunity to build on the strong support, history and tradition of the club. We have agreed terms and are working hard to complete the transaction at the earliest opportunity.”

The Abu Derby

Amid takeover news, the Emirati tale has taken a whole new turn.

Sheikh Khaled belongs to a royal family in Abu Dhabi and happens to be a distant cousin of Manchester City owner, Sheikh Mansour.

Nick Harris, a financial journalist has claimed to have studied the family tree of the two billionaires and found in his research that the grandfather of Sheikh Mansour was murdered by the grandfather of Sheikh Khaled back in 1926.

Harris also claimed that Khaled is outside the main wing of the royal family and doesn’t possess as much financial power as his distant cousin.

If the rumored takeover does indeed takes place, then Premier League viewers can expect to add another juicy ‘derby’ on their list from net season.

Unlike Khaled’s takeover pursuit of Newcastle United, the buyout of City by his cousin Mansour was done in utmost secrecy.

According to reports, Sheikh Khaled had also attempted to buy Liverpool F.C. last year for a record estimate of £2 billion which was rejected by the club owners.

After the news of the buyout have started doing rounds in media, the Newcastle United fans are finding it difficult to contain their excitement taking into account the type of success seen by Manchester City ever since the buyout.

The successful takeover of Newcastle would result in the entry of new giants with a whole new tale of rivalry in the Premier League.

However, any new owner would now have to pass the Premier League’s owners’ and directors’ test and stick by the rules of financial fair play which would discourage the free spending habits of the Emiratis.

The club is yet to reach the given stage of agreement but is expected to finish the buyout process pretty soon.


Pep grooving to ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ during Man City celebrations is one of the coolest things you’ll see today

In an amusing video that surfaced online, Machester City boss Pep Guardiola let loose and celebrated emphatically at an event after leading his team to a historic domestic treble.

Intense on the field

Pep Guardiola is one of the world’s best coaches. He possesses a razor sharp intellect and outstanding tactical skills. On the pitch, Pep often cuts a grave figure.

The 2018/2019 English Premier League season was a tense one. Klopp’s resurgent Red’s fought Guardiola’s boys tooth and nail.

Pep’s boys persevered throughout the season, and kept winning match after match. In a thrilling final day result, Manchester City won the EPL cup for the second consecutive year.

They also won the FA Cup and the Carabao cup. This made Manchester City and Pep the first English men’s team to win a domestic treble .

Pep Guardiola is a man of action . He goes through a wide range of emotions on the pitch.

Extremely pro-active and involved, Guardiola can be seen screaming in frustration at mistakes or celebrating with joy on winning.

The usually calm and collected manager is always scanning the field. He looks for ways to exploit the opposition and assess every situation thoroughly.

Really cool off it

In the heartwarming video, a casually dressed and all smiles Pep is seen dancing and singing to the 90’s hit, ‘ Gangster’s paradise’.

In the middle of a choir, a joyous Pep shakes a leg and mouths the lyrics, much to the audience’s delight.

Unlike the tense and serious Pep of the field, Guardiola enjoys himself thoroughly in the clip. Spending week after week in anxiety and inhuman pressure, this side of Pep is refreshing and welcome to say the least!

The partying with the Blue side of Manchester is going to carry on for a long time, and Pep is sure to be at the thick of it!

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Jose Mourinho – Man Utd didn’t back me like Pep and Klopp were

Widely known as ‘The Special One’, Jose Mourinho has won numerous trophies during his time in Spain, Italy, Portugal and England.

His stint at Manchester United, it is fair to say, ended on not-so-good terms. He was criticized for his lack of attacking football, his public shaming of players, and most importantly, his refusal to play Pogba in the starting line up.

While doing punditry work for Bein Sports, the Portuguese hit back at the Manchester United Board, saying that they did not back him like how Manchester City backed Pep Guardiola, or how Liverpool backed Jurgen Klopp.

When looking back at his time at Manchester United, there is little proof that goes in favor of Mourinho. In his 3 years at the club, he had 5 transfer windows.

According to the Guardian, in those transfer windows, the club spent upwards of 350 million euros on 11 players.

It should also be noted that out of those 350 million euros, United spent 90 million Euros in 2016 in a world record transfer to bring Paul Pogba from Juventus to United.

Although that may be the case, the signings that United had made may not have been the signings that Mourinho would have wanted.

The lack of a Sporting Director at United means that the responsibility of getting new players goes to Ed Woodward, who, one would probably associate with having more of an eye for the business side of the game rather than what goes on the field .

Klopp and Guardiola on the other hand, with the help of their Sporting Directors, have gotten the players they desired and are now challenging for major trophies. T

The same cannot be said for Mourinho, who on multiple occasions had come out publicly to express his anger at not getting the players he wanted, especially a center-back.

With United needing an overhaul, the requirement of a Sporting Director is now more than ever.

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Liverpool and Man City account for 17.9 percent of all the points won in the Premier League this season

For the Premier League, the 2000s saw the world get introduced to the notion of the Big Four concept. In that time, the world saw Arsenal become the Invincibles in 2004 and Chelsea haul a then-record by accumulating 95 points in 2005.

The 2010s however, brought us new change. With the emergence of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, the Big Four reshaped into the Big Six, as competition at the top found new challengers. In the nine years since, the league has seen City win in the final seconds of the final day at the expense of United in 2012, Leicester defying the odds in 2016 and City breaking Chelsea’s record of 95 points with a century of points in 2018.

Ever since City’s emergence, the noisy neighbors have taken the league by the scruff of the neck. Other clubs fear them and at the same time want to be them, both in position, pull and power.

But this season, hasn’t seen the blue side of Manchester fly away. The Reds of Liverpool – scoring for fun and housing the best defense in the league – have have menacingly followed them in every round and have proved themselves to be worthy contenders for the title.

The current PL season has seen Liverpool and Man City dominating throughout, accounting for 17.9 percent (something that hasn’t been achieved since the 1890s according to the New York Times) of the total points won, which is a remarkable statistic in its own.

Talking about the title race, City and Liverpool are a cut above the rest. This season particularly, City seem to have maintained, if not, improved their performances from last season, looking absolutely ruthless and flawless in style of play.

The two-club dominance can be seen throughout in attack, midfield and defense. Salah (21) and Mane (20) lead the way on goals scored, closely followed by Aguero (20). Robertson has 11 assists, which is third on the stats list, with Sane and Sterling locked on 10. Liverpool have 20 clean sheets with City on 19. All season, these two have gone toe-to-toe against each other in a bid to be crowned champions.

This season’s title race is set to go down to the wire, as both clubs constantly swap places at the top. City are currently leading by a point, with both clubs having two games left. They have entertained us all season with their unique styles of play, and are providing us with a grand-stand finish as the season closes.

The main takeaway from this season however, is the standards that these two clubs have set for others to follow.

City and Liverpool have maintained otherworldly standards and it looks like a daunting task for the rest of the chasing pack. Will there be any club to usurp these dominators, or will it be a repeat of this season in seasons hence?


Look how Liverpool fans are supporting Burnley before Clarets’ clash v City

Over the past few seasons, the Premier League title race has seen some intense battles, close calls and inspiring stories. Manchester City’s last-gasp win in 2012, Leicester’s fairy-tale ending in 2016 and Chelsea’s dominance in 2017. And this 2018-19 season is sizing up to produce a grandstand finish, as Liverpool and City fight it out as the season comes to a close.

During midweek, Liverpool fans were on all-out support of Manchester United as they prayed that their arch rivals would do the Reds a favor. Painstakingly difficult for the fans to support the old enemy, it was a necessary evil in the grand scheme of things for Liverpool fans.

A victory for United would have meant that Liverpool would have a 2 point lead over City; a season-changing advantage indeed. But all that support went in vain as City beat United 2-0 with goals from Bernardo Silva and Leroy Sane.

This meant that at the end of 35 match-weeks, City sat in pole position with 89 points and a superior goal difference, while Liverpool followed closely in second, just a point behind.

And with the title race going down to the wire this season, Liverpool fans are going to any length to see their club win their first title in the Premier League era.

If reluctantly supporting United wasn’t enough, Liverpool fans are supporting Burnley now, in hopes that they can stall City’s charge.

This has given Burnley fans complete control over Reds fans, and to be honest, they are taking the mickey out of them!

One particular fan has taken this up a notch by asking Liverpudlian fans on Twitter to make a picture of Burnley striker Ashley Barnes their profile picture if they want the Clarets to beat City this weekend; in what is possibly the most hilarious example of the phrase: ‘Holding someone to ransom’, as many Reds fans obliged.

Liverpool fans will be praying for miracles, as fixture difficulty for both the title contenders is even-stevens. Liverpool are to play Huddersfield(H), Newcastle(A) and Wolves(H), while table toppers City play Burnley(A), Leicester(H) and Brighton(A). And with City holding a slender lead and looking ruthless, Liverpool will be hoping for favors sooner rather than later.

Will the change in profile picture work its magic?


Hilarious TV promo nails the plight of Liverpool fans ahead of the Manchester derby

Over the course of the football league season, champions are made based on fine margins. It’s the close calls that make all the difference between being crowned champions and having to settle for second-best.

Getting stuck in and grinding out results in games when the team is not performing at its best, when the opposition is gritty or when things just don’t seem to go your way are the results that define a club’s potential to win the league. But while these are factors that the players and management can control by making a few tweaks, there are other factors that are out of one’s control completely.

Examples of such factors are injuries, personal emergencies, and performance and results of fellow title chasers.

And it is that last factor that has been spoken of quite a lot recently, with regard to the insanely close title race in England, between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Currently, Liverpool have 88 points with three games left, and City have 86 points with four games to spare. Given that they are the in-form clubs in the top flight, if both clubs win all of their remaining fixtures, City would be champions. This prospect brings us to the plight of Liverpool fans.

Having not won the Premier League since its inception, Liverpool are within an arm’s reach of glory, with City providing the only roadblock.

A roadblock that can be done away with, with the help of the old enemy: Manchester United. With due respect to other clubs, City’s toughest fixture is the trip to Old Trafford. And with both title contenders expected to win their remaining fixtures, it is only Manchester United that can stop City from winning the title, handing it over to Liverpool.

A recent TV promo shows exactly what it means to the Liverpool fans, in the most hilarious way possible. It shows a Liverpool fan having to reluctantly support arch rivals United (donning their jersey and singing their songs), hoping that they can do the Reds a favor.

The video is worth the watch and it does bring out a laugh, but it also highlights the conundrum the Reds’ fans find themselves in, perfectly: having to support a club they hate for the greater good; so that they can experience PL paradise.

This Manchester derby is hailed as the game that decides the title. If City win, they are well and truly in the driving seat to be back-to-back champions. If United win, the title is Liverpool’s for the taking. It’s a sticky situation for United fans as well, but come the derby, the red side of Manchester is sure to have more “Red” support.


A female Liverpool supporter gatecrashed the Spurs end – trolled City fans while she was at it

There’s a new rivalry budding in English football, and it involves two of the Premier League’s most lethal teams. With Liverpool and City going toe-to-toe against each other in the title race and with both teams desperate to be crowned champions, there’s every chance that this rivalry will be a thing of significance in the future.

Two of the most in-form teams in the league, Liverpool lead the Citizens by two points, who have a game in hand over the Reds. Given that both clubs have a fairly similar run-in in the league in terms of difficulty, fans are left wondering who will make a mistake and hand the title over to the other. It really is that close to call.

But, while the title tensions are kept to one side, both sets of fans are at their usual best to taunt and troll each other.

And while fans take pop-shots at each other in what can only be described as hilarious to everyone else watching, it also serves as a reminder to most that all the banter is based on past and present events. If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk too.

Top notch banter at the Spurs-City game, from a Reds fan:

Take a look at the latest comeuppance of such banter from a Liverpool fan who was at Tottenham’s new stadium to watch their UCL game against City.

The video shows the female Reds supporter at Tottenham’s end trolling the City fans during the game. She is seen showing off the Liverpool badge on her top, while gesturing proudly with her outstretched palm, a.k.a “giving it” to the City fans that Liverpool have won the European Cup 5 times. She is also seen verbally mentioning it , with a smirk on her face.

City lost their first leg match 1-0 at Spurs, while Liverpool won theirs 2-0 at Anfield against Porto.

With things in the league reaching melting point for these two clubs and their contrast in fortunes in the CL, there’s surely a lot more in store from a footballing and a jocular perspective.

While this show of witticism and undying support from a fan has got the Liverpool fans laughing, will City have the last laugh come the end of the season?


Kyle Walker caught on cam gesticulating to Laporte that Dele Alli “dives all the time”

The year is 2019, and “diving” is well and truly a part of the game. The act of manipulating your movements during tight situations to convince the referee and make it seem as though one has been fouled, is what diving is all about. Most commonly occurring inside the box to obtain a penalty, officials and governing bodies are doing everything they can to curb the “dive” menace.

With all the things going on in the world of football, Dele Alli’s name seems to pop up often when talking about dives, having earned the notorious reputation of feigning fouls at Tottenham.

The latest occurrence in relation to Alli diving came in the first half of the Champions League quarter-final between Tottenham and Manchester City. Dele Alli appeared to go down easily, and this did not set well with Man City right-back, Kyle Walker.

Kyle Walker and Dele Alli in happier times

The former Tottenham player can be seen talking to fellow City defender Aymeric Laporte on the TV broadcast. It appears as though Walker is warning Laporte about Alli’s tendency to dive. He makes a gesture with his hands that resembles a dive, and fans believe that he is mouthing the words, “He’ll dive every time”.

Walker would know a lot about Alli’s tendencies, given that they were teammates at Tottenham before Walker’s departure to City.

Add to this, the dynamic that they are regular starters for England, it’s safe to assume that the next training session for the both of them will be interesting, if not, awkward.

Whether those were his actual words to Laporte, we may never know. But in the whole context of the situation, it seemed to fit the bill that Walker would give his teammate the heads-up.


Man City ace includes Tottenham and Chelsea men to make his ‘perfect player’ for BT Sport

Does the perfect player exist? To answer that question, we need to define a perfect player. And doing that is probably the hardest task there is because, with all the unique talent that exists in the footballing world, it is almost impossible to define perfection. Tricky situation, isn’t it?

The definition of perfection is opinionated, so it only makes sense to idealize a player that is an amalgam of certain qualities; qualities that are distinctive of other players that one finds appealing.

This is exactly what BT Sport did when they asked Manchester City’s creative midfielder Kevin De Bruyne (KDB) to create his version of a perfect player.

KDB was asked to create the perfect player – and what he served up was special!

The feature is up on YouTube where BT Sport asked KDB to create the perfect player. The player was required to have six specific attributes of a “perfect player”, and De Bryune had to create his perfect player by selecting those attribute from currently active footballers.

The attributes were leadership, vision, mentality, football brain, acceleration and work rate. The Belgian chose his compatriot and club captain Vincent Kompany for his leadership qualities, showering praise on him as he went about creating the perfect player. Sergio Ramos and City teammate Leroy Sane were his choices for mentality and acceleration respectively.

De Bruyne did not shy away from choosing himself for the football brain attribute, and in all fairness to him, we can’t really disagree with that, can we?

The midfield wizard is renowned for his technique and quality on the ball, pinpoint passing accuracy, the weight of pass, and extraordinary understanding of the game.

It was his choice for vision and work rate that caught the eye as he opted for the underrated Christian Eriksen’s vision and the omnipresent N’Golo Kante’s work rate.

Spoken of in high regard for his vision as well, KDB showed a touch of class by praising Eriksen as the Dane made the cut for the perfect player’s vision attribute. It was a gesture of great respect shown by De Bruyne in appreciating another’s talent over one’s own in the same department.

KDB also showed the utmost respect and adoration for Kante as he chose the Frenchman’s work rate over that of fellow club mates, past and present. It was a sign of true professionalism.

And while perfection is something that can be chased but never attained, De Bruyne’s choice of player qualities to create the “perfect” player are pretty darn good, for a player who’s not too bad himself. How good is Kevin De Bruyne and more importantly, how vital is he to City’s aspirations?


Now Raheem Sterling is being labelled a racist for doing a genuinely decent act

Raheem Sterling is having the season of his life at the moment. Incredible stats such as 15 goals and 9 assists in the league have been paramount in Manchester City’s title charge this season. Still learning and constantly improving under Pep Guardiola, Raheem is a serious talent to watch out for.

With City performing exceptionally well and still in contention for the quadruple, it’s no surprise that you get to hear Sterling’s name in the news every now and then.

All those stellar performances in City blue were carried over to national duty, as Raheem was involved in 5 goals for England’s Euro qualifiers, scoring 4 and assisting 1 in the two games against the Czech Republic and Montenegro.

And it was that game in Montenegro that wreaked havoc, with Sterling and Danny Rose being racially abused by the home support. With Sterling disgusted that racism is still a thing in this day and age, he called for immediate and strict action against racism and is now at the forefront of “No Room for Racism” campaign.

While that campaign gathers steam, Raheem also made headlines in a sentimental gesture, when he personally paid for tickets to City’s FA Cup semifinal against Brighton at Wembley for 550 students of the Ark Elvin Academy, where he was a student himself.

It was a gesture that was well received by the entire football community, and one that made a lot of Ark Elvin pupils happy.

Sterling has stated that he wanted to give the kids the opportunity to visit and experience Wembley, as he did, and gave an account of his childhood experience at Wembley.

But while this is considered a class gesture by most, some are mocking Sterling, as most of the kids who got the tickets were from an ethnic minority.

Some on social media went berserk when they found out about this, and the reaction is shocking; with them calling out Sterling for his so-called “ignorance” towards the ethnic majority. T

his has left the rest of the community in utter disgust of the naysayers, in a situation that can only be termed “pathetic”. It just shows how dense people are, to a serious issue that is plaguing football, and the world.

And whilst Sterling is not to blame for this situation, it does beg the bigger questions: When will racism be kicked out of football? What action must be taken in order to put an end to racism?