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Haaland in a Haze as Photos Surface of Man City Stars Completely Wasted After PL Triumph

Haaland in a Haze as Photos Surface of Man City Stars Completely Wasted After PL Triumph

Manchester City clinched their fourth successive Premier League title by piping Arsenal to the Championship on the final match day of the 2023/24 season. The Cityzens have now won six Premier League titles in eight years under Pep Guardiola, who allowed them full freedom to celebrate the championship as they pleased.

After an eventful trophy-lifting ceremony at the Etihad Stadium, most of the Manchester City stars decided to have a private party in a Manchester club. They all met at the luxurious Greek bar-cum-restaurant in Manchester called ‘Fenix’ to get absolutely sloshed after the end of an exhausting Premier League campaign.

The Cityzens still have an FA Cup final to play against Manchester United to end the season. But it seems like the players got total freedom to do whatever they wanted after the West Ham United game. They all gathered at the Fenix restaurant after a few hours after leaving the Etihad Stadium to get the party started.

As is the norm, the players were mostly accompanied by their WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) for the partying. As it was a private party, not much footage has been revealed of what actually went on inside the place.

But it was what transpired after the party was over that really showed how much drinking must’ve gone on inside the place. Most of the Manchester City players stayed at ‘Fenix’ until very late into the night, leaving after 4 AM and 5 AM in batches. This might’ve been a ploy to ensure that they would not get pictured, but the players were horribly wrong about that.

A number of journalists sneaked outside the restaurant in wait and managed to grab the perfect pictures of the Manchester City players looking absolutely wasted.

Veteran goalkeeper Scott Carson, who didn’t play a single game in the 2023/24 season, was reportedly kicked out of the place and sent home at 4 AM. There is a good reason for that because the 38-year-old goalkeeper looks drunk out of his wits, laughing like a child high on helium.

But that was just the first of many extremely intoxicated players that came out of the place after a night-long party and drinking session.

Jack Grealish was, predictably, dazed and confused. He had to be escorted to his car by some of his mates and could barely keep his eyes open after the heavy drinking.

Rodri, who scored a vital goal against West Ham, was just about able to keep his eyelids somewhat open as he made his way out of the place.

Even Erling Haaland could not contain himself amidst the crazy partying. The Norwegian sensation came out of the restaurant in a complete haze, losing all his composure in front of the media.

Kevin de Bruyne, however, has surprised many fans with his expressions while coming out of the party session in the earning mornings of Monday (May 19). De Bruyne looks surprisingly sober, his eyes wide open and showing little signs of inebriation.

Some even joked that the Belgian midfielder looks as if he’s ready to directly go to training from there, even though the players were obviously given the day off training by Pep Guardiola. The gaffer was also in the party, but decided to leave late into the night than stick around till the morning.

Ederson, in his funny ways, decided to take home a huge bottle of champagne to enjoy with his loved ones.

While this Manchester City party wasn’t as ‘open’ as their European Treble celebrations last season, it’s clear that the players still drank A LOT. It’s not surprising to see them this drunk considering that top-level footballers avoid drinking during a regular season.

The Manchester City players must’ve definitely experienced a crazy hangover from the wild partying. Even though they only have a few days to prepare for the FA Cup final, the quality of this Cityzens’ squad and Manchester United’s underwhelming form means that even a slightly dazed Man City team can be considered overwhelming favorites to lift the FA Cup title.