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Was Phil Foden’s 5-Year-Old Son Really Trying to Drink Champagne? Here’s the Truth

Was Phil Foden’s 5-Year-Old Son Really Trying to Drink Champagne? Here’s the Truth

Phil Foden guided Manchester City to their fourth successive Premier League title by shining in their 3-1 win over West Ham United on the final day of the 2023/24 season. He scored an excellent first-half brace to more or less seal the three points needed to pip Arsenal to the championship.

After winning the 23/24 Premier League Player of the Season award, Foden added to his building reputation as a ‘clutch’ player. He ended the league campaign with 19 goals and eight assists, his best-ever tally for a single season. After the game, Foden and his teammates reemerged into the Etihad Stadium after the pitch invasion was resolved by security.

But the 23-year-old actually ended up getting overshadowed by his highly popular son Ronnie in the title celebrations. Like the norm for every Manchester City player, Foden’s family members were invited to join the party on the pitch too. Ronnie, better known as ‘El Wey’ is already a hugely popular figure in the Cityzens’ dressing room after having also been an avid part of their Treble-winning celebrations last season.

The five-year-old kid had an absolute blast as Manchester City celebrated another Premier League title. He could be seen skipping around the Etihad pitch in delight and was basically left to do whatever he wanted to have a good time. However, Ronnie actually  managed to surprise a lot of viewers as the cameras panned him holding a champagne bottle.

Somehow, El Wey had managed to get his hands on a champagne bottle in the ground. He probably stole one of the many bottles that were brought to the pitch so that the players could start drinking in celebrations. For Ronnie, a five-year-old kid, drinking champagne is obviously totally out of the question.

Ronnie could be seen trying his absolute best in his attempts to open the Champagne bottle with his bare hands. Of course, at his age, the kid has no clue that one needs a specialized bottle opener to cork out the lid of the Champagne bottle. Some fans started joking whether spending too much time with Manchester City’s go-to party animal and avid drinker Jack Grealish might’ve inspired Ronnie to try his hand at alcohol.

However, El Wey was definitely not trying to open the bottle to try tasting the champagne himself. It’s rather obvious that he was trying his best to get it opened so that he could also spray champagne at the players in celebrations. Spraying champagne at each other’s teammates or loved ones is a renowned celebratory gesture in top sports, and it’s often done at the end of Formula One races by the podium-finishing racers too.

El Wey was probably just trying his hardest to get the lid of the bottle to open so that he could also spray champagne onto his father’s teammates or those celebrating on the pitch. He tried his damnest best to do so, trying to scrape the top part open and even shaking the bottle up to force the fizz of the drink to open the cork.

Unfortunately, however, Ronnie just could not force open the lid because it’s impossible to do so without a proper opener. Despite that, El Wey still managed to have a lot of fun on the Etihad Stadium pitch and add another Premier League medal to ‘his’ collection.

This hilarious moment has only made Ronnie an even more beloved figure amongst the Manchester City fans. They will hope that El Wey learns the ‘elite winner’s mentality’ by celebrating all these trophy successes and can become a clutch footballer like Phil Foden in a few decades’ time.