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Everything We Know About Weston McKennie’s Girlfriend Chiara Frattesi

Everything We Know About Weston McKennie’s Girlfriend Chiara Frattesi

Weston McKennie celebrated his second Coppa Italia title with Juventus in style after impressing in the gritty 1-0 win over Atalanta. The USMNT midfielder worked his socks off to help Massimiliano Allegri leave the club on a high and then celebrated with grandeur after the hard-fought victory.

McKennie not only had a party with his teammates, but also brought someone special to celebrate with at the Stadio Olimpico. After the game, the 24-year-old midfielder passionately embraced a girl on the pitch to indicate that he’s no longer single. It didn’t take fans much time to realize that this woman is actually the sister of Inter Milan defender Davide Frattesi.

Weston McKennie celebrating the Coppa Italia with his girlfriend Chiara Frattesi

Indeed, it appears that Chiara Fratessi, the younger sibling of the Scudetto winner, is now in a relationship with McKennie. The two hadn’t been seen together in public much before they decided to make things ‘official’ after the Coppa Italia final. Just like Weston, Chiara also posted a picture of them embracing on her social media to seemingly confirm her fling with the USMNT star.

Now normally in the Italian football fan culture, associating with a rival’s sister or something like that is a big no-no.  Hence, Weston has actually risked incurring the wrath of some of Juventus’ passionate fans by showing off his budding romance with Davide’s sister, that too after Inter were able to win another Serie A title over the Bianconeri. Even though some uninformed fans speculated whether McKennie was dating a teammate’s sister, but he has never played with Davide Frattesi in his career.

Chiara and Davide Frattesi

With that being said, neither of the two seem to have any fears of any ‘backlash’ or they wouldn’t have posted anything together. While Davide has now become a renowned defender in Italy, Chiara is gaining popularity with her work as a model. The 21-year-old has been modeling for many years now and started doing it since she was a teenager.

At the age of 16, Chiara went a long way in the Miss Italy Grand Prix competition in 2018. She was among the finalists that year and saw her modeling career soar after that. Even though she hinted at her dream of becoming a journalist in that tournament, Chiara has since embraced her career as a model. Fratessi currently works in the modeling industry, often posing as a model for the clothing and beauty sector.

Chiara is a model by trade.

She usually works for local Italian swimsuit brands and modeling companies, often posting her attires on her Instagram (where she has over 170,000 followers). The 21-year-old also aspires to work hard on maintaining her amazing figure, and has a personal trainer in Teo Falcione. For those unknowing, Falcione is actually a former Italian Beach Volleyball player. He’s also an engineer who specializes in body recomposition, weight loss training, body toning and bodybuilding. Hence, she often takes his help in maintaining herself and also an avid swimmer who loves to use swimming for exercise purposes.

Chiara is someone who loves to travel, be it alone or with her loved ones. She often posts pictures on her social media on travelling to different countries and enjoying the atmosphere. It appears that she actually might be in a secret relationship with McKennie for quite a few months now.

The rumours of their fling actually spiced up in April 2024, when Chiara posted pictures of herself enjoying time at home with two huskies. Fans were quick to notice that the Huskies actually looked like the ones owned by McKennie, an avid dog lover.

The two have confirmed all the speculation about them with recent pictures and will now have A LOT more eyes following them. Despite her love for Weston, Chiara is actually the biggest supporter of her older brother Davide’s success. After he helped Inter win the Scudetto recently, she remarked: “Proud of you. To a thousand other emotions like this. I haven’t heard from him yet. I am very proud of him, as is my whole family. I haven’t written anything to him yet but I am really happy for him because he puts a lot of effort into what he does.”

Knowing how bitter Italian football fans can be, Weston and Chiara can probably expect lots of criticism and abuse towards their relationship. But considering how comfortable the two look around each other, they’d hardly care of the opinions of a few loudmouth fans and are likely to take their relationship to the next level once the summer vacations set in for the Juventus midfielder.