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Graphic designer hits it out of the park with these holographic kits for Liverpool, BVB, PSG, Juve and Madrid

A kit that gets unanimously appreciated by fans has become rare these days. For quite some time now, clubs and kit manufacturers have been playing it safe. The kits have become repetitive and fail to create much excitement among the fanbase. That’s where the fan-made concept kits come in. They are usually expressive, bold and […]

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Balotelli feels Ronaldo isn’t in the reckoning as football’s best alongside Lionel Messi

There are few players in the footballing world that have had such a controversial past as Mario Balotelli. He has had a relatively up and down career, playing for clubs like Inter Milan, Manchester City and Liverpool and Nice, before signing up for Marseille in January 2019. From his on field antics to him setting […]


Picture: Leaked Juventus home kit shows a drastically different shirt for the 2019-20 season

Wearing the colors of your favorite club brings with it a joy like no other. A direct reflection of the club, the kits provide the fans and players a multitude of emotions. Pride. Joy. A sense of responsibility. Purpose. As a fan, donning the shirt of your club is something you look forward to every […]