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6 Kits That Come to Mind When You Think of Zinedine Zidane

6 Kits That Come to Mind When You Think of Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is a name that will echo in the history of football for time immemorable. From his skills of a playmaker to his mastermind tactics as a coach, there is no sphere that remains untouched by the Zizou magic.

During his long and illustrious career, the football great crossed through many milestones while wearing a number of colours to represent numerous clubs and his country.

Going down the memory lane lets have a look at some of the most elegant and historic attire that Zidane blessed us over the years.

The World Cup Winner:

We will start our journey with one of the best amongst them all. It was the year that Zidane became World Champion in the Blue of France.

The Adidas royal navy blue shirt with a thick red and three thin white horizontal bands is the stuff dreams are made of. Zidane scored two goals and won the MVP in the final match to lift that golden trophy with this jersey.


The 1998 World Cup winning kit has to be one of the best kits Zidane rocked in his career. Pretty sure if you ask him, he would say the same too. Not just because of the iconic moment but in its style too it was one good looking outfit.

The Galacticos all white:


Next in line has to be the peak Zidane at the club level and what better place to go to, than Real Madrid. It was the year 2002 and Real Madrid were celebrating the centenary of the club.

The club decided to leave it all behind and go full on white. No sponsors, no extra color shades or splashes, just the white of Madrid and black accents of Adidas.

This was also the memorable season when Los Blancos won UEFA Champions League with Zizou scoring ‘that’ worldie volley.

The Sony side up:

The Old lady was one of the first big clubs to realize the potential this lad had. Arriving from Bordeaux, Zidane won a lot with the Italian side but had to feel the pain of losing out on UCL trophy after reaching the finals twice too.

This was the time when Sony was in the shirt sponsoring business too. In the same year as the world cup win, Zidane in the bold black and white stripes of Juventus with a blue coloured ‘SONY MiniDisc’ printed in the middle, reached the finals of another UCL and lost 1-0 to Real Madrid.

Other than that upset, Zidane had a phenomenal year and even went on to win Ballon d’Or with these colours. Not only the home version but a special peach centenary version of the kit looked slick on the young French international too.


The Beginning:

Maybe not a pick for everyone but the orange and white stripes of young Zizou’s first club Cannes with the kit designer Diadora was a classic design to enjoy.

Zidane went to Cannes to train for just six week which turned into a stint of 4 long years. This kit with fading orange vertical stipes with shirt sponsor Pheneix was the one that the new professional footballer Zinedine Zidane wore to announce his arrival at the world football stage The away version with yellow colours might be to the liking of a few too.

The Final that got away:

The 2006 world cup away kit has to be one of the best French kits of all times. The predominantly white adidas shirt had small stripes of French colours blue and red running from either side of the chest meeting in the middle. The athletics track like number fonts gave a special appeal to it too.


Unfortunately instead of being remembered as another world cup final for the French National, the shame of it is that this jersey will probably be reminisced for the Headbutt incident. How can we forget the bad along with all the good in Zindane’s career.

And then there were some:

Some other honorable mentions are the year 2000 Euro kit in which Zidane achieved the historic mark of holding both the world cup and European trophy at the same time and the Siemens sponsored black Real Madrid away kit of 2004/05.

It was a wonderful time and some wonderful colours that we got to see the French maestro play in and now watching Zidane return as a manager and show of his prowess as a manager is the most pleasing as thing to watch as Zizou fan.

What do you think about our list, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.