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Just How Cheap are 2024 England Kits on DHGate at the Moment?

Just How Cheap are 2024 England Kits on DHGate at the Moment?

England are heading into the Euro 2024 championship with a lot of expectation on Gareth Southgate’s men.

Due to the quality of players at their disposal and brilliant performances from the England players in the 2023/24 season, there is anticipation that this year could be one that the Three Lions finally end their trophy drought.

England have never won the European Championship and are still looking for an international crown since their 1966 FIFA World Cup win.

A large number of English fans are expected to travel to Germany for their matches in the hopes that the trophy does come home this time around.

However, not everyone is well to do enough to actually buy the £100+ authentic England jerseys to wear to the stadiums when watching their national team in action.

Nike have created some impressive attires for England to wear in Euro 2024, including their original white home kit and a unique dark grey away kit.

But for those who are unable or unwilling to pay large amounts of money for football kits, there is a possible steal going on right now at DHGate.

For those unknowing, this is an online retail store that sells football jerseys all over the world and ships to England for very little added charges.

DHGate is allowing fans to buy their favorite kits for a crazy discounted rate right now. This includes both the England Euro 2024 kits for as low as £13.55.

They have a large variety of size options, meaning that anyone can buy it without any issues. DHGate is selling the men’s, women’s, and kids versions for that dirt cheap rate and one can also get a player’s name and number imprinted on the back if needed.

There are both the player’s versions of the kits and the fans’ version available, along with the necessary fit – be it a slim fit or normal fit. An added shipping charge of just over £2 is required for any buyers in the UK for per piece.

The added advantage of DHGate is their admirable return policy, so that if one wants to return or replace a defected or undesirable piece, they can do so by only having to pay the shipping costs for it. That means the entire money of the kit will be refunded to a person if they so want that.

The only downside to these kits is that they are not authentic Nike kits, but replica versions of the ‘original kits’ that the players wear or those you can buy for nearly ten times the amount on official Nike stores.

But going by some of the reviews for those fans who have already bought items from DHGate, it appears that the kits’ conditions and feel is as good as anyone you can buy from Nike.

A lot of England fans have voiced their admiration for being able to buy their beloved team’s kits for close to £13-a-piece.

The online store is earning a lot of praise to how they’ve been able to maintain the quality despite selling these kits for cheap, and how swiftly they’re able to ship and deliver these items all over England.

However, if some clever England supporters try to buy these kits on the cheap from DHGate and then sell them outside stadiums in Germany during Euro 2024, that could lead them in trouble.

That is because any person found selling replica or counterfeit jerseys in Germany during Euro 2024 could be fined close to £4,000!

With that being said, fans who just wear these kits to the stadiums are unlikely to get into any trouble. This is an ideal deal for many of the supporters who will make the trip from England to Germany for the games.

They can save a lot of money buying these replica kits over the original ones and use that amount for other expenses, as the Three Lions faithful hope that their boys are finally able to bring the European Championship back home during the summer.