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How Did Mr. Beast Learn About Liverpool Striker Darwin Nunez?

How Did Mr. Beast Learn About Liverpool Striker Darwin Nunez?

Darwin Nunez is coming off a strange 2023/24 season with Liverpool. Even though he scored 18 goals and provided 13 assists in all competitions, the Uruguayan fizzled out towards the final stretch of the campaign.

He only scored one goal in the last 11 Premier League games, being part of the collective poor effort from the Liverpool squad which failed to give Jurgen Klopp the Premier League title as a farewell gift.

But Nunez’s performances in the last few months of the season were particularly poor, that caused him to regain his ill-reputation of being a really sloppy, error-prone forward. In fact, a lot of fans quickly forgot about how many goals he scored in the first half of the campaign.

As Nunez aims to bounce back by performing strongly for Uruguay in the Copa America 2024, his name has been besmirched even more by none other than Mr. Beast.

Indeed, the extremely popular American YouTuber – who recently broke the record of having the most subscribers in a single YouTube channel – embarrassed Nunez in a recent video that has gone viral.

MrBeast was actually part of a new challenge in which another popular YouTuber/content creator and Cristiano Ronaldo fan-boy IShowSpeed, took part in.

Speed decided to challenge Mr. Beast to a $100,000 bet in which he could win that amount by successfully completing the ‘wipeout’ obstacle course.

The wipeout course is basically a series of obstacle that Speed needed to go past. A number of tricky objects are placed upon a huge swimming pool – including four pop-up balls that needed to successfully jump over to win the challenge.

Mr. Beast tried his best to motivate Speed by making a reference to his hero Ronaldo during the challenge.

He also managed to ruin Nunez’s reputation in front of millions that have watched the clip. At one moment, Mr. Beast can be heard saying ‘Alright (Speed), let’s see if you are Ronaldo or Nunez’.

To his credit, Speed was actually able to successfully get past the obstacle course and was given his $100,000 by the most successful YouTuber around.

However, the bit of that clip that has gone viral is when Mr. Beast manages to refer to Nunez. Most fans are just confused over how Mr. Beast, who has never really shown any interest in Premier League football, could even be someone like Nunez.

Some Liverpool fans are also shamelessly accepting the fact that Mr Beast knows their player as a ‘win’ and how Nunez is more popular than someone like Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus.

But the actual fact is that Mr Beast didn’t really have a clue on who Nunez was before being told about the Liverpool forward.

Before he egged Speed onto do the challenge, the American YouTuber could be heard asking British YouTuber Niko Omilana to tell him about ‘a football player who is not clutch’.

Someone else around can be heard saying Harry Maguire’s name but Niko, who is an avid Manchester United fan, tells him about Darwin Nunez.

Mr Beast just takes the name into his vocabulary between challenge Speed to prove if he’s as clutch enough as Ronaldo or whether he’ll fail under the pressure like Nunez has in quite a few big games in his career.

Ultimately, the Ronaldo fanboy did his job perfectly and the Liverpool forward managed to unintentionally incur more humiliation. At this point, what Nunez can only do is work even harder to improve himself as a clinical goal-scorer and keep scoring more goals consistently to silent his doubters and ensure that the next time MR Beast  utters his name, it’s in a positive way.