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Darwin Nunez Sparks Shrimp Comparisons With New Double Pigtail Look

Darwin Nunez Sparks Shrimp Comparisons With New Double Pigtail Look

Darwin Nunez has been instrumental in Liverpool’s success this season. The Uruguayan centre-forward made a name for himself last year by coming off the bench and scoring goals as a super sub. Nunez’s performances impressed manager Jurgen Klopp, who has given him the opportunity to start games in the early months of this campaign.

The Uruguayan recently debuted a new hairstyle ahead of their match against Fulham and the new look has stirred up some conversations on social media.

Nunez now has two rows of plaits, better known as pigtails, on either side of his neck. Fans have immediately weighed in and they all collectively started making jokes and memes on it. Some don’t mind his hairstyle as long as he scores.

Darwin Nunez and his performance have been entertaining fans since last season, whether or not he scores. There was even a trend of compilation videos with Nunez as the face of missing easy open-goal chances. No one can deny that he is a talented striker, but he just gets unlucky.

The new hairstyle didn’t help Nunez as he went goalless against Fulham where the final score was 4-3 win for Liverpool. Nunez even missed scoring on easy chances. Before the game most fans were cheering him on, hoping the new hairstyle might boost his performance. they even complimented his look.

They can only be diehard Nunez fans otherwise no one would try to say he looked good in that braided style. Several memes were made with the new hairstyle with clips from the film Matilda, indicating what Salah will do with Nunez’s hairstyle if he misses another easy opportunity.

There are other memes with GIFs from the show Shameless comparing Nunez’s style with a character known as White Boy Carl. Some others compared the new look to a shrimp sushi and how the back of Nunez’s head looks exactly like a shrimp sushi. The resemblance is shockingly real.

Fans can’t get enough out of Nunez’s new hairstyle until he scores and puts this goalless phase behind him. He has the pace and talent to do it. Considering Liverpool’s next match is against Sheffield United, he may not have to wait too long to score.

Featured Image Source: Twitter