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The Hairstyle Evolution Of Darwin Nunez Over the Years: From Short Hair to Pigtails

The Hairstyle Evolution Of Darwin Nunez Over the Years: From Short Hair to Pigtails

Darwin Nunez is definitely one of the better-looking players in the Liverpool squad and he can thank his gorgeous hairstyles for making him stand out from the rest.

The Uruguayan is a warrior on the pitch and someone who loves to put his entire energy into matches, having 26 goals contributions (16 goals, 11 assists) so far this season. He also has similar enthusiasm when it comes to keeping himself well endowed and his hair in top shape.

The 24-year-old grew up in a humble background, but it seems that his father Bibiano and his mother Silvia blessed him with valuable genetics. Not only has he become a hard-working figure like his parents, but also gotten the best possible genes in terms of being able to grow out his hair to try out different styles and patterns.

Nunez’s professional football career has only spanned around seven years or so, but he has been able to conjure up a variety of different hairstyles over that period.

Short Hair Darwin Nunez

For those following him since his blockbuster move to Liverpool, it might be surprising to realize that Nunez hasn’t always been pulling off this kind of long hairstyles in his entire career.

In his humble beginnings at Uruguayan club Penarol, Darwin didn’t want the burden of taking care of a longer hairdo and just kept it sweet and short.

Darwin Nunez at Penarol
Darwin Nunez at Penarol

The Uruguayan forward just had a normal short hair look for the first few years of his career with fades around the ear area.

He kept things really simple while focusing on his rise at Penarol and maintained the same design even after joining Almeria in 2019.

Darwin Nunez at Almeria
Darwin Nunez at Almeria

He also had an alternative short hairstyle during his time at Benfica for a while before deciding to change up his looks.

Darwin Nunez at Benfica
Darwin Nunez at Benfica

The Upside Down Bun

It was only after he started to gain some popularity in Spain that Darwin felt that he had enough reason to grow out his hair and try out different things with his appearance.

During his time at Almeria, he started to increase the length of his hair and tie it around when playing matches for the Spanish club.

Fluffy Long Hair Look

Nunez is obviously blessed with enviable genetics when it comes to his hair and is able to grow it out to lengths that can make some girls jealous too.

At a point of period when he played for Benfica, Darwin really decided to test the resolve of his hair in terms of wanting to see just how long it can grow out to be.

It turned out that his hair could really grow, with the right form of conditioning, and Nunez debuted a beautiful fluffy long hairstyle while playing for the Portuguese club.

He mostly kept his hair untied when not playing matches and turned up at a Champions League press conference letting his luscious assets flowing and the photographers just couldn’t get enough of him.

The Headband Look

Following his move to Benfica, Nunez really started diversifying his appearance in an effort to find the best possible one to suit him and also grow his popularity. T

Nunez has started growing out his hair over the last four years because he feels most comfortable with it. Apart from tying up his hair in a bun, the 24-year-old has also pulled off a headband look in the past, mainly during his Benfica and early Liverpool days.

The Divine Ponytail

This is perhaps the most familiar hairstyle that Liverpool fans would know from the Uruguayan forward and one of his favored looks too. Nunez has seemingly fallen in love with his ponytail, which he mostly designs specifically ahead of the matches.

The Uruguayan likes to tie his lengthy hair into a ponytail, which is a go-to hairstyle for many people around the world. But Nunez has managed to really nail this kind of look because of how good the quality of his hair is and because it also fits his sweet appearance.

The Pigtails Era

Earlier in the 2023/24 season, Nunez shocked a lot of fans with a surprising hairdo. He decided to ditch the ponytail for a point of time and instead go with a pigtail design, taking inspiration from high school girls that mostly like to keep this kind of appearance.

Nunez braided his long hair and designed two cute pigtails that hung towards the back of his head. Darwin didn’t really keep this design for a lengthy period, but did look funny and adorable with this unique look.

The 24-year-old might not be a fashion icon exactly, but is definitely giving service to his fans with the different hairstyles. Knowing how experimental he can be with his luscious locks, it won’t be surprising if Nunez keeps changing his hairdo before deciding on which one suits him the best.