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About Thick Accent

I’ve been to Russia twice, invited by President Yeltsin . . . In Italy, I saw Pope John Paul II three times. When I go to Saudi Arabia, King Fahd welcomes me in splendid fashion.

Do you think a head of state will spare that much time for just anyone? That’s respect. They’ve got their power, and I’ve got mine — THE POWER OF FOOTBALL, WHICH IS THE GREATEST POWER THERE IS.

Former FIFA President João Havelange


The sole purpose of Thick Accent is to get football fans closer to the game one article at a time.

Our aim is to break open the knowledge surrounding this beautiful game and make it into an accessible, easy-to-read experience.

We do this by providing the latest news on the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, some major tournaments, and world football.

What Do We Do

Thick Accent is a website for lovers of everything and anything about football: From clubs to national teams, footy chants to footballers drip, from beautiful tifos to rants about referees who had made yet another baffling decision.

We have our pulse on the latest developments in the world of football.

We pride ourselves on curating the most essential football stories every day.

We like to keep things honest and all-encompassing!


For all commercial and editorial inquiries, please contact us here. We are also available socially via Twitter and Facebook.


Surjit Patowary – Founder

Aryan Singh – Main Writer

Uttiyo Sarkar – Main Writer