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Is Trent Alexander-Arnold Losing his Hairline at 25? Here’s the Truth

Is Trent Alexander-Arnold Losing his Hairline at 25? Here’s the Truth

Recently Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold ruffled a lot of Man City feathers before the top-of-the-table clash between the two sides on Sunday.

He said: “We’re up against a machine that’s built to win – that’s the simplest way to describe City and their organisation. Looking back on this era, although they’ve won more titles than us and have probably been more successful, our trophies will mean more to us and our fanbase because of the situations at both clubs, financially. How both clubs have built their teams and the manner in which we’ve done it, probably means more to our fans.”

Trent later doubled down on his stance as he shared a cover photo of the FourFourTwo magazine on his social media accounts.

FourFourTwo are the magazine with whom he had given the interview where he made those explosive comments against Man City.

The photograph captured his face in full clarity, leading some to question whether the young football star, at just 25, was experiencing premature hair loss.

We have to keep in mind that Trent Alexander-Arnold has had a lot of responsibility at his young shoulders at Liverpool. He was instrumental in helping Liverpool end their 30-year league title drought in 2019/20 season, even being named PFA Young Player of the Year.

The pressures of top-tier football could contribute to changes in appearance including hair density.

However, a closer examination reveals a different story.

While the angle of the cover photo may have given the illusion of a receding hairline, subsequent images from the same interview show no such evidence.