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Fans Puzzled Over Faces John Stones Has Got Tattooed on His Thigh

Fans Puzzled Over Faces John Stones Has Got Tattooed on His Thigh

John Stones has become Pep Guardiola’s secret weapon at Manchester City, discreetly playing an influential role in the Cityzens’ system and being hailed as “incredible” by his manager.

The Englishman is a classy ball-playing centre-back who likes to stay away from flashy things on the pitch, but one of his personal hobbies includes a range of tattoos.

The centre-back might not like to show off that much, but the numerous tattoos on his body hold a special place.

‘I wouldn’t say any are secrets but all of my tattoos are personal to me,’ revealed Stones last year.

However, one tattoo that has intrigued many is the portrayal of three faces on his left thigh.

In fact, the tattoo has been the butt of many jokes as fans make hilarious speculations – naming personalities like Piers Morgan and even fictional character Harold Bishop from the Australian soap opera ‘Neighbours’.

There has also been widespread speculation by media outlets that the face on Stones’ thigh is actually that of the late Barnsley legend Norman Rimmington – who passed away in 2016.

He had been a goalkeeper for Barnsley in the post-World War II period and after his retirement, he even had the role of a coach, kitman and physio at the club.

Stones actually came through Barnsley youth academy and was a childhood Barnsley fan, which is why some speculated that his tattoo was a tribute to the late club legend.

Whose Faces are Actually Inked on John Stones’ Thigh?

However, in an interview with the English FA, Stones decided to rubbish the mistaken speculation about the significance of the thigh tattoo and who these persons really are.

It turns out that the one of faces on his left thigh is that of his granddad which he got done after he passed.

Stones has admitted to have initially had the tattoo done on his arm, but then opting to shift to another part of his body where there is more open space and room for a broader design.

The one’s on my leg are all my grandparents. I’ve lost them, they’re not with us now and that was kind of a big one for me.

John Stones opened up on his thigh tattoo

On a broader look, apart from that one tattoo design of his grandfather wearing sunglasses, there are also portraits of what appears to be his grandmother and other granddad inked into parts of his left thigh as well.

As a result, it would be foolish and offensive to mock the thigh tattoos that the Manchester City defender has decided to ink onto his body because it’s a deeply personal one as a remembrance and ode to his grandparents who helped raise him to the humble footballer that he is right now.