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Nike Faces Backlash as Chelsea Fans Express Disgust Over 24/25 Home Kit Design

Nike Faces Backlash as Chelsea Fans Express Disgust Over 24/25 Home Kit Design

An early look at what is likely to be Chelsea’a home kit for the 2024/25 season was leaked online.

The patterns really stand out. On the blue shirt, they have added a white wavy design that makes it similar to an effect of the ocean waves.

These ‘wave’ patterns are designed all over the front of the attire, while there have also been modifications made on the front logos.

The Nike logo is of a white color but with an orange outline on the edges of it. Similarly, the Chelsea logo also has an orange pattern on the edges – with the symbols inside being of a blue and white mixture.

What makes this stand out is that this will mark the first time the color orange has been used in any form in a Chelsea home kit, with the color having been mostly used in away or third kits in the past.

There are no sponsor logo on these leaks because Chelsea are yet to finalize a front-of-shirt sponsor for the upcoming campaign.

It appears that this ambitious experiment has blown in Nike’s faces. That is because the majority of Chelsea fans or football kit enthusiasts in general appear to be appalled by the weird design.

The American brand could face serious issues with the kit’s sales if the online reaction is to be considered.

Chelsea’s 2023/24 home kit is currently being sold at under £56, but the launch price of the 24/25 attire will not be this cheap. It’s likely to be sold at over £100 and it doesn’t appear that the majority of Chelsea fans will spend that much money for this design.

Nike are unlikely to be able to make changes to this kit because the 2024/25 season is under two months away.

They’ll have to nail their advertising campaign and hope that this weird kit looks good enough on the bodies of the fan-favorite players and convinces the majority of supporters to buy them once its launched.