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Trent Alexander-Arnold overcomes doubts in intense new Under Armour ad

Trent Alexander-Arnold overcomes doubts in intense new Under Armour ad

Liverpool full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold, at the mere age of 23, has already been through his fair share of trials and tribulations. Emerging from the youth system of one of the biggest clubs in the world is in itself challenging enough, and Arnold has even been the subject of constant doubting regarding his defensive capabilities. 

Despite all this, the fullback has gone above and beyond expectations and currently stands as one of, if not the best, fullback in the Premier League. An advert featuring the youngster showcases the incredible mentality that got him this far. 

Made in collaboration with his sponsor, sportswear brand Under Armour, the ad features a voice-over by the young Englishman, a motivating one and one which almost sounds like a statement of intent. 

He begins by talking about his regrets or rather his missteps. Notably, he references his controversial Euros omission, one that would’ve impacted any young player. He continues with an almost Walter White-esque declaration – “I don’t wanna dwell on the problem, I wanna be the problem”.

After this statement, the training montage which accompanies his narration intensifies, delivering a sense of urgency and determination. The youngster flexes his muscles and puts himself through strenuous exercises as the advert continues. 

He then states how the big stage and the pressure in tough situations help him in learning about himself. The background score escalates and Trent lays out his present mindset. 

One which is fearless and competitive, and most importantly, is determined to win.