This Photo Of Pep Guardiola and Trent Alexander-Arnold At Full-Time Will Make You Smile

Liverpool vs Manchester City truly is a one of a kind matchup. 

Not only do you have two of the best managers in the world at the helm of each side, but also some of the best players in the world. Liverpool are perhaps the only side in world football that can match up to the talent City have, and the same goes for the Cityzens. 

The two managers have been publicly appreciative of each other, and so have the players. Despite being an intense rivalry, the vibes usually are wholesome, an example of which occurred after the game. 

Cameras caught this lovely moment between Liverpool fullback Trent Alexander Arnold and City gaffer Pep Guardiola.

As seen in the images, the pair looked to have had a fun exchange after the full-time whistle. Trent, ball in hand, appears to be saying something, while Guardiola, hands folded, nods on. Eventually, the two erupt into laughter before heading their separate ways.

Needless to say, the images got fans talking online, and many are eager to learn the topic of discussion. Perhaps Pep was praising the young English international, or maybe it was a cheeky attempt at signing him. 

Nevertheless, it just goes to show you can have a competitive rivalry without boiling distaste for each other. 

As for the title race, the draw makes it even more intense.

A slip up from either side will be enough for the other to steer ahead.  The tail end of the season promises to be exciting.