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Man City Fans Unveil Erling Haaland Chant Based on Eurodisco Anthem Mosaku

Man City Fans Unveil Erling Haaland Chant Based on Eurodisco Anthem Mosaku

The wry smile on Erling Haaland’s face after missing an open net during the Community Shield final was quite telling. Much like the millions who tuned in, Haaland too was bemused, after all, he’s used to being extremely clinical. 

Perhaps due to a bit of contemplation or maybe due to the intense one-on-one with Pep Guardiola, the Norwegian placed all that aside and played like a man on a mission during his Premier League debut.

In just his first appearance in the Prem, Haaland showed off exactly what he’s all about, as he notched up 2 goals, displayed flashes of his strength, and even an early look at the fatal partnership brewing between him and Kevin De Bruyne. Needless to say, Man City fans were left exhilarated. 

Seeing Haaland in Blue was already enough to make them feel giddy, but upon witnessing his opening day domination, Cityzens were simply overjoyed. The 22-year-old is already a fan favourite, and as a result, he now has his very chant

The origins of the lyrics are unclear, but the rhyme has clearly been borrowed from ‘Der Haaland’, a track devised by a fellow fan which gained huge popularity, 

For the uninitiated, ‘Der Haaland’ takes inspiration from an actual song by German Eurodisco group ‘Dschinghis Khan’ titled ‘Moskau’. The rhyme of the chorus was lifted from Moskau for ‘Der Haaland’, and it has now been employed in the Manchester City version of the chant as well. 

The inflexions remain the same, the vibes remain the same, and there’s just a coating of Blue over the lyrics now. 

The chant goes –  ‘Haaland, Haaland’  ‘He’s a Blue just like his dad  Now he’s at the Etihad’ ‘Hahahaha, Haaland hey!’

‘Haaland, Haaland’ ‘Came to us from Germany He’s here to win the Champions League’ ‘Hahahaha, Haaland hey!’ 

You simply can’t go wrong with the Eurodisco hit’s rhyme, and this spin is pretty catchy as well. Suffice to say, you can expect Haaland’s new chant to ring around the Etihad quite a bit.