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Cheers Geoff: Rafa Benitez Roasted For Awkward Tweet On Man City v Liverpool

Cheers Geoff: Rafa Benitez Roasted For Awkward Tweet On Man City v Liverpool

When it’s time for Liverpool vs Manchester City, all the amateur tacticians rear their heads. Watching two masterminds engaged in a fascinating game of chess can bring the analyst in all of us, after all, we all just want to feel involved.

There is sure to be a heaping helping of phrases such as ‘high line, numerical superiority, inverted fullbacks’ etc smeared all across your Twitter feed. 

And while every Football enthusiast almost certainly got into the action, an actual expert participated as well, one who has very close ties with the Reds. 

The man in question is none other than former Liverpool manager, Rafa Benitez

The Spaniard who led the Reds to European Glory back in 2005, tuned in for the blockbuster clash and offered his invaluable insight via his official Twitter account. 

Instead of pointing out a key detail oblivious to the rest, Rafa plainly started perhaps the most obvious aspect of the two teams. 

He tweeted, “The two teams have high defensive lines, giving chances for counterattacks.” 

He’s not wrong mind you, but rest assured, anyone who’s seen this fixture before could tell you that. Comparisons to Michael Owen were made, and so were many jokes at the Spaniard’s expense. Cheers, Geoff.

 ‘Agent Rafa’s’ previous managerial venture at Everton didn’t help his case either, considering he basically led them to potential relegation.

In all fairness, every pundit or analyst has their botches from time to time. We certainly hope Rafa pops out with more intriguing insight next time.