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Moment Anfield got conned into thinking that Aston Villa had made it 3-3

Moment Anfield got conned into thinking that Aston Villa had made it 3-3

Back in 2012, Martin Tyler swore at the top of his lungs and exclaimed that “you’ll never see anything like this ever again”. 

Almost 10 years later, and under equally scintillating circumstances, Tyler’s declaration has fallen apart. 

Football fans from across the world tuned in to yet another unforgettable goal rush, their eyes hurriedly jumping from one game to the other, as Manchester City and Liverpool battled it out on the final day for the Premier League title. 

For the Citizens, the objective was simple, 3 points and the fourth title in 5 years is in the bag. 

As for the Reds, 3 points was the bare minimum, but even so, only a City slip-up could win them the crown. 

Naturally, fans from both factions kept a close eye on the happenings in the other’s game, and so did those in the respective venues. 

An anxious lull took over the Etihad when they went down by 2 against Aston Villa. Whereas, Anfield erupted with joy when news of City falling behind arrived. 

Tasked with cheering their team on, whilst notifying them of the occurring in City’s game, the Reds’ home support did pretty well. 

However, all the agitation caused them to fall for a simple con. 

During the 84th minute, right after Mo Salah put Liverpool in front, a loud cheer took over the venue, and no, it wasn’t for the Egyptian’s goal. A flare went off in the stands, and elation took over, plenty of chatter was audible as well. 

Apparently, a misinformed supporter, or perhaps a mischievous spectator, circulated the false news of a Villa equalizer, which sent Anfield into the rapture.

As seen in this clip, fans genuinely believed the title was Liverpool’s, as they hugged and fist-bumped the air ecstatically. 

Unfortunately, the realization hit, and the noise simmered down.  And eventually, it was City who retained the title. 

Nevertheless, plenty of credit has to go to Liverpool for pushing City all the way once again. The Reds will now look towards the curtain closer to their season, a night in Paris for the ‘Big Ears’, against the resilient Real Madrid.