Wholesome: Jurgen Klopp bearhugs Tyler Morton before his Premier League debut

Jurgen Klopp hugs Tyler Morton

Be it storming onto the pitch after a last-gasp winner or an enthusiastic punch in the air after a goal, Jurgen Klopp certainly does not shy away from being emotive during a game of football.

A highly charismatic figure, Klopp is often touted as an excellent man manager. He motivates his players with these displays of emotion and charisma and he lets them know about his disappointment in equal measure too.

One of the ways in which Klopp displays his excellent man-management is at the end of matches. More often than not Klopp can be seen out on the pitch after a game dispensing out bear hugs to each and every member letting them know of his appreciation for them.

Klopp hugs Morton

Liverpool were firmly in the driving seat for the entire game against Arsenal and Klopp saw an opportunity to give a Premier League debut to youth academy product Tyler Morton.

Making your debut in the Premier league can certainly be a nerve-wracking affair but the 19-year-old knew he had the full support of his manager.

As Tyler Morton took some deep breaths of air before heading onto the pitch, Klopp embraced him from behind in good ol’ “bear hug” fashion and helped ease the tension on the shoulders of the whippersnapper.

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