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The “soft factor” attracting CEOs around the world to invest money in Liverpool

The “soft factor” attracting CEOs around the world to invest money in Liverpool

Liverpool are getting new sponsors because CEOs want to meet Jurgen Klopp

The AXA Group CEO, Thomas Buberl flocked to the Merseyside when he heard about the chance to meet Jurgen Klopp, which eventually resulted in AXA signing a sponsorship deal with the Liverpool football club.

I was very happy to meet with Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool Football Club’s manager. In life insurance & football, the results come from goal setting, preparation, confidence & being supported by the right partners! We at AXA want to be an encouraging partner

Thomas Buberl tweeted on 8th April 2019

Recent deals

Last year the Reds announced Levi’s, as their official partner and renewed their partnership with Standard Chartered with a whopping amount of 160 million pounds.

All these huge deals have been because of the monumental campaigns both in the Premier League and Europe under Klopp.

Now they just need a trophy to show for it.

For Liverpool Football Club, Mr Klopp is a huge asset, because big corporations, global companies, are approaching Liverpool because they want to become sponsors. Why? Because if you are a sponsor the chances of your CEO meeting Mr Klopp increase dramatically.

Quote from Christoph Nesshoever on Manager Magazin (via The Times)

The normal one

An excellent man manager and tactician, Klopp also has significant influence over the club’s commercial aspects.

The passion and charisma that the German genius wields, makes him a man with whom everybody want to associate and work with.

Boy, this guy is really charming. He is going to do wonderfully at press conferences and as a representative of a club.’ Very quickly, what came across was his immense talent: not just on the personal side, but the level of intelligence, the kind of analytical thinking, the logic, the clarity and honesty, his ability to communicate so effectively even though English was not his first language.

Michael Gordon, one of the directors at Liverpool FC, when he saw Jurgen Klopp personally

Rise in value

According to Brand Finance in June last year, Liverpool’s brand value had increased by 33 per cent in the last 12 months – the largest growth by any club in that period.

I’m not saying these CEOs are signing these deals just to meet Mr Klopp but it’s a soft factor. His charisma attracts people to the club.

Quote from Christoph Nesshoever on Manager Magazin (via The Times)