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Jurgen Klopp – “Liverpool fans will jump from the 16th floor if it meant winning the title”

Jurgen Klopp – “Liverpool fans will jump from the 16th floor if it meant winning the title”

In his very first interview since joining Liverpool as manager, Klopp termed himself as “The Normal One”. With exuberant celebrations, his team playing high intensity football, a classic German charisma and a smile that could light up all of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp is far from “normal”.

In that very interview in 2015, Klopp mentioned that if he were to still be manager of the Reds following his initial three year deal, he is confident that Liverpool would have one title in the bag. Having signed on till 2022 at Anfield, Klopp’s prophecy seems to be on the verge of materializing.

Jurgen Klopp’s quotes in a German interview resonates with Liverpool fans’ desire to win the league

With Liverpool playing some mesmerizing football under Klopp, especially this season, it has got the fans believing that they can push on and win the league as they battle it out, toe-to-toe with Manchester City for top spot.

Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson took charge at Manchester United, Liverpool’s love affair with the league diminished. Having watched their rivals overtake them with regard to the number of league titles won and with the league title eluding the Reds since the inception of the Premier League, it is understandable why Liverpool fans are over the moon this season, with their team fighting till the death for the top prize.

This season they look like genuine title contenders, displaying all the qualities characteristic of champions.

So when Jurgen Klopp gave an exclusive interview to German newspaper Die Welt, he was not exaggerating (well, he was actually) when he said that Liverpool fans would be ready to jump off the 16th floor if they won the league.

As crazy as that sounds, Klopp does have a point.

Although fans wouldn’t sacrifice themselves, he wanted to bring out the idea that Liverpool fans have been waiting for such a moment for a very long time now.

He wanted to highlight what it would mean to the fans if the Reds won the league this term. Fueled by the frustration of no league title in the modern PL era, arch rivals Man Utd leading the way with 20 titles and just the utter desire end the barren run, Liverpool fans are behind their team to see them give the fans what they have been longing for.

Will the fans’ wishes be granted? Will Liverpool’s long hunt for a league title come to an end with them being crowned as champions, or will City seal the deal with their second successive title?