Martin Tyler produces the worst five seconds of commentary of all time during Manchester derby


You know it was a bad game when a piece of awful commentary turns out to be the most talked about moment of the match.

The derby between Manchester United and Manchester City was such a drab goalless draw that legendary commentator Martin Tyler opted to make horrible puns during a moment in the game.

Man City have now gone over five hours without scoring a goal against Man United as both the sides employed a caution-first approach towards the game at Old Trafford.

The Sky Sports commentator relentlessly tried to blame the performance on the fact that there were no fans in the ground but that was not the most awful bit from the veteran tonight.

As Kevin De Bruyne lined up to take a City free kick on the 79th minute, Tyler made the most brutalest of puns as he said – “De Bruyne, De Gea, De Rby”.

Gary Neville’s awkward laugh sums it up quite nicely, check out the ultimate da patter from Martin Tyler below –


By Surjit Patowary

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