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Jose Mourinho is now a social media influencer in news you weren’t expecting to read today

Jose Mourinho is now a social media influencer in news you weren’t expecting to read today

Jose Mourinho quite easily makes the shortlist for the best managers of all time in the game of football. He is a league title winner in multiple countries, a two-time winner of the UEFA Champions League, a footballing mastermind and tactician extraordinaire: and another thing which can now be added to his extraordinary resumé is that he is now a social media influencer.

The Tottenham Hotspur head coach has been fairly active on Instagram ever since he joined the club, and likes to keep his followers entertained: something he always has done with his intimidating aura and his record of making charismatic comments in press conferences.

The Special One’s Instagram activity of late has been hilarious to say the least, providing followers with an insight into the humorous side of his personality.

Mourinho has been providing regular updates on some of his pre-game and post-game activity: for instance, pictures of him watching a movie while flying to one of Spurs’ Europa League encounters away from home.

The Portuguese is not a sore loser on social media either, take for example, the time when he posted an unhappy picture of himself sitting on the bus back from the stadium after losing against Royal Antwerp.

As demanding a manager as he can be, Mourinho keeps his word: as can be seen from the upload where he bought left back Sergio Reguilon ham worth £500 after he was successful in stopping Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez from going past him even once in their game.

His most recent upload consists of him flaunting his flashy armchair in his office of head coach, consisting of Batman and Game of Thrones graphics: captioned as “important office time and planning for the next game in my @secretlab chairs”.

Mourinho could well impersonate the majority of influencers on Instagram trying to promote a particular brand they use, with his promotion of the brand Secret Lab with the concerned post.

Mourinho does not look like he is too far behind from catching up with the times either as his Instagram account suggests, and fans will be hoping to get more hilarious behind-the-scenes content from one of the most charismatic football personalities of all time.