Jose Mourinho gives classy response when asked about Frank Lampard in new Spurs documentary

Jose Mourinho is the most decorated manager in Chelsea history. Few have been able to replicate what ‘the special one’ brought to the club and that is why Chelsea fans find it hard to hate the Portuguese tactician even when he is currently managing one of their fiercest rivals in Tottenham Hotspur.

During Mourinho’s first spell at Chelsea, starting in 2004, he developed a close bond with Frank Lampard, and together they won the Premier League title twice in succession in the 04/05 & 05/06 seasons.

Mourinho also managed to deliver the FA Cup and the League Cup on multiple occasions achieving a League Double in the 06/07 campaign.

To this day, Mourinho maintains the same respect for Frank Lampard as he reveals in episode three of the Amazon documentary, “All or Nothing” which captures the happenings at Spurs last season.

In a conversation with Christian Eriksen, he tells the Dane that Lampard was one of the best players that he had ever seen, and was also one of the most professional players to play the game as well.

Towards the end of the scene, Mourinho throws up the “tunnel vision” sign to Eriksen indicating that the current Chelsea manager, Lampard was also one of the most focused players in the team and that he cared about little other than the game.

The student got the better of the master on both occasions, as Frank Lampard’s Chelsea managed to do the double over their North London rivals.

The respect which Mourinho has for his former player is reciprocated by the apprentice, as Frank Lampard has publicly stated on multiple occasions that he believes Mourinho is a brilliant manager.

Check out the clip from the Amazon documentary below –