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Meet the TikToker parodying Martin Tyler’s lazy Liverpool commentary

Meet the TikToker  parodying Martin Tyler’s lazy Liverpool commentary

If there is one thing that all Liverpool supporters despise at the moment apart from Sadio Mane’s departure to Bayern Munich, is Martin Tyler’s awful commentary on every Reds game. 

Make no exception, Tyler’s name is synonymous with a legend in the realms of English commentary, but his recent descent into a mere parrot-y tone of commentating has irritated Liverpool and football fans alike. 

In the previous season which saw Liverpool go toe to toe with Manchester City for the Premier League title, Tyler’s lack of enthusiasm at Liverpool games was often pointed out, especially against the side that Tyler is fond of, Manchester United.  

Be it the 5-0 thrashing at Old Trafford or 4-0 humiliation at Anfield, Tyler’s half-heartedness to praise Liverpool’s wins against the Red Devils was purely spiteful. Many fans have pointed to his old age and defended him, but the overall consensus is that Tyler has lost all steam.

But while coming to the finish line of his commentating career, Tyler has given a lifeline to an up-and-coming podcaster named Andy Cantwell who till now has been running an almost dormant TikTok account. 

Over just past one month, Andy’s TikTok has garnered 10 million views and the source of that significant rise is none other than Tyler. An avid football fan himself, Andy started football commentary parodies on his social media, especially TikTok and Twitter, and rose to fame for parodying Tyler’s voice on Liverpool games. 

His previous videos included a commentary imitation of Wales’ game where they sealed their place for the World Cup in Qatar. Another video that gained traction was when Andy chose to parody the commentary on Porto’s last-minute winner against Benfica to win the title.  

But the sole reason for Andy going viral is because Tyler’s unenthusiastic commentary on Liverpool’s goals/games is hard to pardon. With his gritty teeth and unimpressed facial expressions, while parodying Tyler, Andy has left the football fans in splits. 

The fans are praising Andy in unison for bringing out the truth in a more satirical way and summing up Tyler as briefly as possible.

A movie buff, Andy also runs a podcast titled, ‘What so great about,’ where he reviews movies and television shows now and then. But for now, everyone is hooked to his TikTok where his developing niche to parody Martin Tyler might make him a bigger name in the future.